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Buy a Invertible Gravity Bong in Canada and USA

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American’s already have been experiences our gravity bong for years, but now Canadians can rejoice as they can now buy a invertible gravity bong in Canada. Yes! Our awesome gravity bong is now available in Canada. Same great product with the amazing smooth feeling. Go ahead and browse our site and order with confidence as your product will be sent to you without delays, duties, or any additional charges.

Join the thousands of people who are already enjoying this amazing product.

Why You Should Consider Buying a Gravity Bong

Hey Canadians, you can buy our vortex gravity bong for sale right here. But first, you need to know what you are purchasing. Our vortex gravity bong is one of a kind and an award-winning product and it gives you a new smoking experience that you never thought existed.

The gravity bong is a smooth hitting fun for any smoker. It gives you the best herbal experience that leaves you healthily intoxicated without the harmful toxins common to smoking using conventional methods.

Buy a Invertible Gravity Bong

Buy It For Its Uniqueness

Gravity water pipe is a clean solution to modern bongs. Plus, it comes in a variety of colours that suit your taste or preference. Beginner smokers can safely use it without any worries as the device allows you to experience greater smoking satisfaction. Veteran smokers love the clever design and the way it fills their lungs with healthy smoke.

The bong is highly popular owing to the huge TV hit show Weeds. Even now, customers through our online store looking to buy a invertible gravity bong just to join the fun experience everyone is having. You will be surprised that people have at least two collections of the bong.

There are other types of gravity bongs on the market, such as a bucket bong or waterfall bong. All types use water and air pressure to produce smoke from your stash but only the vortex gravity bong is a single container that produces the maximum effect. The days of using buckets in Canada are gone. You need to add the gravity vortex bong to your collection.

Smoking Using a Vortex Bong

With our vortex bong, allow the smoke to rise and use little effort to inhale it as it gets to your mouth. Pressure is vital in the process as it dictates the numerous benefits you enjoy when smoking your stash.

The gravity vortex bong is a clever instrument, and that is why it is very popular. The rich and smooth texture it generates is amazing to smokers, and it makes customers want to use it over and over. Gone are those days when you could make yours in the garage or home basement.

Just buy a invertible gravity bong online as the gravity bong is not available in retail stores yet in Canada. Buy it online today and start enjoying an amazing smoking experience.

Portable and Durable

When you buy a invertible gravity bong you will notice it is portable and easy to pack. You can plan a bash with your friends and chill-out smoking your stashes. The device is easy to clean, and it is made of strong material. The polycarbonate material is high quality and virtually indestructible. Components of the bong are readily available, and you can get one to replace a faulty part.

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Smoking Revolution

The bong is a revolutionary device that harnesses the naturally occurring power of gravity. The water is displaced from one chamber to the next and in the process produces a thick cloud of smoke from your stash of choice. The smoke filters through the water which removes the harmful toxins. The smoke you inhale on top of the mouthpiece easily mixes with fresh air to create an indescribable smoking experience.

How Good is Gravity Water Pipe

Gravity bongs are a great way to smoke your herb. The bong pulls smoke into the device in a smooth way. It is considered a revolution in weed smoking as it is efficient and you get high quickly. You can use your breath to suck the smoke directly from the bong. There are other advantages you enjoy as well.

Benefits of Buying a Gravity Bong

The smoke gets your back within a short time. When you suck in, the smoked goes directly into your lungs giving you an amazing experience.

Easy to take large amounts of smoke

All the smoke are heavily concentrated in the bottle. If you use it properly, it goes down smoothly into your lungs.

Saves your weed

The bong uses a less stash of weed to gives you a full experience as all the smoke goes into your lungs. It is efficient as you use less stash than you normally use in a conventional cig rolling. Expect the smoke to shoot deep into your lungs in one suck.

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How Efficient is Gravity Water Pipe?

Many people are using gravity water pipe, some for the first time while others are already seasoned smokers. The device gets you high fast. It allows smoke into your lungs much more efficiently than sucking on a blunt rolling cig. Buying a gravity bong in Canada was never possible before, until now. Optimize your experience and buy a invertible gravity bong online.

Take care of your inhaling or go slow to feel the effects deep into your brain. The water pipe filters out the harmful toxins from the stash. It means what you inhale is smooth and clean. Medical marijuana can be smoked this way, and you get the full effects of the herb.

When it comes to consuming herb, there are different options you can consider. The most efficient one is consuming the vaporized form. However, smoking is still common. Studies prove that bongs filter toxins more efficiently. Therefore using gravity water pipe is healthier than using pipes or joints.

Unlike cannabis herb, you can buy gravity water pipe legally in most countries. In some countries, it is sold in dispensaries, online and in novelty gift shops. The most reliable place to purchase one is online.

The portable vortex gravity bong filters the smoke lightly through the water and in the process removes some pollutants. The resulting smoke is cooler, smoother and less irritating. An upside down bong consists of a tube, bowl, and base. It has a down-stem that leads into the water.

Using the upside down bong is easy, just light your stash in the bowl and place your mouth on the top of the pipe and inhale the smoke. However, make sure you cover the carburetor when inhaling the hit to allow fresh air to fill the chamber.

Canada, you can now purchase the portable vortex gravity bong online here and not in your local store. It is the best method to smoke your medical marijuana. Choose a bong that matches your style and colour.