What are Tinctures

To put it in simple terms, tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts. They are made by soaking the berries, bark, leaves and roots of one or more plants in vinegar or alcohol.

Some people term tinctures as alcohol infused with medication. Tinctures are a simple and smokeless way to dose and they are also prevalent as they are easy to produce, store, use, and transport.


Tinctures are some of the oldest methods of infusing concentrated plant compounds in medicine. They have historically been used to extract the benefits of a variety of plants.

Tinctures are made to be ingested orally, making them convenient and easy to use. Taken under the tongue, they enter the bloodstream quickly and directly as compared to taking the same using any other means. This means they act in the body a lot quicker, and can help with body issues such as chronic back pain.

CBD Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are alcohol-based hemp or cannabis extracts. They are essentially cannabis-infused alcohol extracts. Traditionally, tinctures were the primary form of cannabis medicine in the U.S until the government enacted cannabis regulations. tinctures are a great form of medical consumers and those looking to make it in easy smokeless consumption methods.

Of the numerous different ways to consume cannabis, tinctures are one of the best. It is user friendly and safer than others. It is also suitable for new and experienced medical or recreational marijuana users.

tinctures are made using high percentage alcohol then packed in glass bottles with small droppers. The result is a tincture that is easy to consume, safer and more comfortable.

How to Make Tincture From Cannabis?

Cannabis tinctures, anti inflammatory, are a great DIY project for a person who wants to start the cannabis journey. You don’t have to be in a full kitchen or make a mess when preparing tinctures. The most basic and simplest way of making them is using a jar, strainer, alcohol, and cannabis. Make sure the cannabis plant you chose is fresh and organically grown. This produces the best quality tinctures.

Make Cannabis Tinctures

Though making tinctures isn’t as hard, it requires patience as it is a process that can take even weeks to get the best quality tincture.

Alcohol Vs. Glycerin for Tinctures

Alcohol makes cannabis tinctures faster since it bonds better to THC as compared to glycerin. However, you have to get the best, high quality and high-proof alcohol which is not as easy to get. Glycerin on the other hand is easy to get as you can get it in most of the craft stores today. If you want to make the best high-quality tinctures, use a high-quality type of alcohol such as Bacardi 151 which is easier to find in all states.

Glycerin is a plant-based solution that is an amazing alternative for making tinctures especially if you don’t want the intoxicating effects of alcohol. Glycerin is a great tincture ingredient but it doesn’t bond well with THC as compared to alcohol. You can make tincture cannabis with alcohol and add glycerin afterward. Some people love stronger glycerin tinctures which are also easy to make. You make the tincture with alcohol, then evaporate the alcohol and add glycerin instead.

Alcohol is much better than glycerin when making tinctures. This is because it bonds well to THC as compared to glycerin.

Choosing The Best Type of Alcohol to Make Tinctures

When making CBD tinctures, cannabis is a primary ingredient. Alcohol is also a critical ingredient and you should use the best. Here, the aim is to find the best, high proof alcohol safe for consumption. When choosing the right type of alcohol, go for the brand with high alcohol content. This dissolves the cannabis resin better. The best and most used alcohol type when making tinctures is Everclear. It is highly potent and is also safe to consume.

Like we have stated before, you can use Bacardi 151 but it isn’t as good as Everclear. Another option is the super-strong Polish alcohol known as Spirytus. This one isn’t lying around on the shelves of your local store but you can order it and have it delivered to you. It is stronger than Bacardi rum and a good substitute for people who can’t access Everclear.

Caution! Never use isopropyl alcohol product to make tinctures. These aren’t intended to be consumed and should never be considered when making tinctures. They are however great for cleaning your pipes.

How to Make a Cannabis Tincture?

Making tinctures isn’t challenging. However, the quality of the final product depends on the quantity and quality of the cannabis and alcohol used.

What You Need to Make at Home

Below is a list of the minimum ingredients and equipment you need to make a cannabis tincture:

  • A half-ounce of cannabis trim or flowers
  • Grinder
  • High-Proof Alcohol
  • Mason Jar
  • Dropper bottles


Before you get started, you need decarboxylated CBD concentrates. This is usually easy to find in the United States. If you are using the cannabis flowers, make sure you decarboxylate them. The optimal decarboxylation temperature according to research is 230 degrees Fahrenheit for 110 minutes.

Use the grinder and break down the flowers or trim into small pieces and put them in an oven-safe pan. Use an aluminum foil to cover the pan such that the CBD doesn’t vaporize or burn. Bake in a preheated oven for the decarboxylation process to complete.

Making the Cannabis Tincture

Step 1: pour the decarboxylated cannabis in the mason jar and fill it up with high percentage alcohol such as Everclear. Make sure the cannabis is well submerged.

Step 2: Some people freeze the jar full of alcohol and the CBD for several days. During this time, it is taken out and shaken once in a day. The cold helps in separating the less desirable components of the plant such as chlorophyll.

Step 3: Use a strainer or a cheesecloth to strain the material into a measuring cup. Use gloves to squeeze out the remaining liquid from the cannabis into the cup. This is usually the more concentrated liquid help in the cannabis plant. Use another cheesecloth and clean the materials again before filling your glass droppers with the liquid.

Step 4: This is the final and very important step. Storing your tincture. The tincture is already made and well concentrated. For easy dosing, transfer the tincture in glass droppers which is also excellent for storage. For long term storage, the mason jar is an excellent choice. However you choose to store it, make sure the storage environment is cool and dark. The quality of tinctures is easily affected by air, heat and light so make sure to avoid these coming into contact with the tincture.

Using Cannabis Tinctures

Once the cannabis tinctures are ready, you can opt to use it in one of these three ways. You can add it to any dish, ingest it sublingually or drop it in your mouth directly.

If you want to feel the effects faster and stronger, the sublingual method is the best. Take the dropper and drop the right dosage under your tongue, wait for 30 seconds then swallow. Doing this allows the medicine into your bloodstream fast and for a much faster effect.

Studies have also shown that the easiest and most convenient way to use tincture cannabis is to drop a few drops in your mouth and swallow. The effects might not come as quickly as compared to using the sublingual technique but it is as effective. The effects take the same time as edibles take to hit.

Cannabis Tinctures

The last method of consumption is very simple. Take the cannabis tincture and drop the right dosage in your food or beverage. The effects set in after some time (same time as edibles) but not so long.

Why Try Cannabis Tinctures?

Tinctures are a great way to consume cannabis. It is safe and discreet making it comfortable to use. Below are other benefits:

  • Few Calories: instead of taking sweet, brownies, and gummies, you can get the right edibles experience from the meals you are already planning to eat.
  • Discretion: With tinctures, you say goodbye to the smell of cannabis and in a glass dropper bottle, it looks like any other medication.
  • Fast onset: Unlike smoking, tinctures give faster and longer-lasting effects.
  • Accurate dosing: With smoking, edibles, concentrates and flowers, it is easy to take a higher dose accidentally. With tinctures, you get to take a few drops until you feel the effects.
  • Easier and simpler than smoking: Cannabis users can do anything to get rid of the smell after using. For those who dislike vaping or smoking cannabis, tinctures are a great alternative.

How much cannabis tincture you ingest depends on the time it takes for you to feel the effects. If you are a first time user, try tinctures during your free time when you don’t have anything else to do afterward. You don’t want to risk taking the tincture only to find they set faster than you expected or stronger than you hoped.

Conclusion & Takeaway

In the United States and in Canada, Cannabis tinctures offer a discreet and simple way to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis without being labeled a smoker. Tinctures are easier to make and only takes a few ingredients. Please take caution when using high percentage alcohol at home as it is flammable. Tinctures are a fun and safe way to enjoy cannabis.