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Description: The Vortex Bong is the most advanced gravity bong on the market! Using the power of gravity, the Vortex provides an easy, clean and fun smoking experience while also providing a dense, filtered smoke.

Look familiar? That’s because this gravity bong has been a hit across the nation! Appearances have been made at the High Times Cannabis Cup, as well as seen on FX TV’s popular show Wilfred and Showtime’s ever-famous Weeds.

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Buying a Gravity Bong

If your considering to buy a bong, then our Vortex Gravity Bong is highly popular among smokers who want a large hard hit. It is an unwise choice for a faint heart or the uninitiated. Choosing a gravity bong for sale is important, so find bongs on amazon and experience greater result than other types of pipes and bongs and users love that. Who doesn’t like to use an appealing geeb piece such as the tornado, graffix, or the invertible gravity bong that will help you save more of your stash and help you keep your money for other things. Notably, most of the vortex bongs are cheap and and can be found on amazon. Besides, they are DIY projects so its easy to fix that bowl or vortex pipe while still obtaining the result of pleasure-full feeling.

vortex bong for sale

Buy a gravity bong so you smoke and share it with your friends’ while conserving the bulk of the substance. Our gravity bong brings out the best of the experience with a just a few hits. You’ll notice it and so will your friends. While being strong enough for home use, it’s also portable enough for you to with you to the park or where-ever you’re meeting your friends. You can also incorporate some water bottle and girly bongs made of glass as they are easy to clean.

What is a Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong is a special device with water-powered funnel releasing highly concentrated smoke. It is made using two empty funnels which push up smoke through the water into the exit passage. Technically, it is a combination of increasing water pressure and gravity. Unlike regular bongs, it pushes smoke into your lungs. The bong delivers a powerful hit in one push.

Advantages of Using Gravity Bongs

Here are some common advantages of using a gravity bong:

  • It makes you high fast
  • it conserves your product as it burns less
  • It is inexpensive
  • It is a great sharing tool

Regular smokers rely on intense consumption tool to achieve the result they desire thus they usually turn to a gravity bong. Even for beginners, after constant use, you will start to enjoy consuming the way. Over time, the method elicits more excitement and leaves you wanting more of the group consumption feeling. Go ahead and share with others.

Remember you have the choice to take the best bong that suits your needs and preferences. You may like the invertible gravity bongs or the infinity waterfall bong depending on your level of smoking and budget.

Other types such as the tornado a.k.a cyclone and the graffix offer the best experience with intense hits that guarantee satisfaction.

Where to Buy a Gravity Bong?

In the past, if you were looking to buy a gravity bong, it was difficult to locate a gravity bong in regular shop near me. Actually, it was hell finding a shop with cheap bongs for sale. Resist the attempt to make your own using plastic bottles because of the harmful chemicals that you can consume in the process. Simple use the convenience of our website and order our award winning, as seen on TV, amazing gravity bong.

It is common knowledge that you can order yours online and get the delivery and join the fun like the rest. Medical cannabis is legal in some countries. Therefore, medical users can benefit from the potent doses the bong administers. Remember, the bong is not just a party device.

Buying one is better as you get a quality device. Just click the gravity bongs for sale in the navigation above, and you will get waterfall bong for sale. Here, you can also choose the best gravity pipe or the girly bong for the lady smokers. Professionally designed bongs are better and safer than home versions. The devices are inexpensive and easy to use. Therefore, you can buy gravity bong and re-use it next time. Make a purchase and start enjoying all the fun smoking at your convenience or with your friends.