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Introducing the world’s most advanced Gravity Bong
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The Vortex Gravity Bong

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The Vortex Bong provides more smoke, less mess and best of all, there’s no clean-up!
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About Our Gravity Bong

The Gravity Vortex Bong is a unique and clean solution to the modern bong

gravity bong

Harness the Power of Gravity

The Gravity Vortex Bong uses gravity to fill the chamber full of thick, smooth smoke. Up to 10X the smoke of a traditional water pipe in a single hit!

filtered water bong

Clean & Filtered Smoke

The Vortex Bong hits are just as smooth as a cooled water pipe, except there is 10X the smoke with no splash-back!

easy to clean bong

No Mess – No Clean-Up!

Unlike traditional bongs, our bong traps the water within the piece, so you don’t have to worry about spilling dirty water all over your floor or counter.

portable water bong

Portable & Easy to Use!

Take your bong with you on the go and be the life of the party! Its easy to fill and empty, and since its plastic you don’t have to worry!

See It In Action!
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gravity vortex bong
vortex bong for sale
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I’m a big smoker and collect a lot of pieces. The gravity vortex bong is a nice travel piece. It becomes the topic of conversation. The vapor / bong hit you get is amazing. Made sturdy to my surprise. I recommend this to any smoker that wants the gravity sensation without the harshness. Very cool.
Joe - New York, NY
These things are awesome. Giant clouds and not too rough on the throat. Its my go-to piece from here on out!
David - Arvada, CO
Wow. I was so surprised when I got my Vortex. For under $100 I didn’t think this piece would be a big deal, but it has been a fantastic smoking piece. People love it mostly because not many people have them and it produces the biggest and cleanest hits of all of my pieces.
Georga - Santa Monica, CA

Why a Gravity Bong is Effective

Our bong has numerous advantages over the other bongs.

More Smoke

Firstly, the vortex bong generates a lot of smoke over other bongs, which enables the user to have a maximum effect. It also means that the user can take in a large amount of smoke in each pleasurable puff.


Unlike other bong types, the gravity vortex bong offers a vass variety of options; you can buy one online, or you can make one yourself. As you can imagine, making a bong, can save you money but the time and convenience can be saved by purchasing a vortex bong online.

No Maintenance

If you choose to purchase a bong online, then our vortex gravity bong requires no maintenance at all, making it a very cheap option. Any damaged part can also be easily replaced.

Save Your Stash

When it comes to economizing on your stash, our vortex gravity bong is the way to go as just a little stash will go a long way without compromising on your effects.

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Our bong makes a great addition to any smoking collection. Water pipes, smoking accessories, and the unique vortex gravity bong. Learn why veteran smokers trust their weekends with a vortex bong!

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