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Understanding The Meth Bong

Understanding The Meth Bong Meth pipes have been the commonly used paraphernalia to smoke methamphetamine. However, the deep hits provided by emerging smoking bongs design has seen almost every meth smoker turning to bongs. Unlike pipes, bongs are larger, taller, and cheaply made out of bottles. Silicone is probably the trendiest meth bong material due to its folding ability and durability. Key Takeaways A meth bong is simply a smoking bong used to smoke methamphetamine. Meth bongs have the same parts as any other bong, including the bowl, downstem, and mouthpiece. Drinking or keeping bong water is highly discouraged as it can lead to fatalities or litigation. What is a [...]

The 2013 Bong Thriller and Other Films

The 2013 Bong Thriller and Other Films The first-time director Bong Joon Ho caught many audiences' attention was probably when his film "Parasite" won the Best Picture Academy Award in 2019. However, if you had seen some of the other works, including Snowpiercer, popularly known as the 2013 bong thriller, before the awards, you may have felt this recognition was on the way coming. The South Korean auteur has led several films spanning sci-fi, action-adventure, detective thriller, monster thriller, dark comedy, and more. Below, we explore popular Bong Joon Ho films that stand out to date, but first, let's unearth the filmmaker's background. Key Takeaways Bong Joon-Ho is a South [...]

Smoke The Juice Box Bong

Smoke Like You’re Drinking Juice from The Juice Box Bong For the longest time, smokers have used juice boxes as rough-and-ready bongs. In a homemade juice box bong, the juice carton serves as the base, the downstem as the straw, while the bowl is twisted from a metal nut and sometimes a pen to hold your herb. Today, however, you can skip the painstaking process of devising your juice box bong at home to enjoy your favorite herbs. These bongs now come in various materials, such as glass and silicone, but maintain the functionality of homemade bubblers. Key Takeaways Juice box bong works with the same principle as other types [...]

Is a Vortex Bong Right for Me

Is a Vortex Bong Right for Me? Whether you are a newbie smoker or a regular stoner, a bong is something you should have by your side. Today, bongs have evolved, and visiting any headshop will leave you confused about the best smoking bong for you. A vortex bong is one recommendable item to provide an amazing experience. Key Takeaways A vortex bong uses air pressure to suck smoke and direct it to the outlet. A vortex bong is one example proven to provide a hard hit to make you high quickly. The water in a bong cool and smoothens the smoke. What is a Vortex Bong? A vortex bong [...]

Try the Swiss Perc Bong – You’re Missing a Lot in Your Sesh

If You Haven’t Tried the Swiss Perc Bong, You’re Missing a Lot in Your Sesh The Swiss perc bong gets its name from its cheese-like look. The numerous holes dividing the water chamber into a super filter deliver the smoothest hits. The perc is one of the most adored smoking collectibles for concentrate and flower smokers. Essentially, the numerous holes in a Swiss perc bong act as a barrier forcing the water and smoke to circle the water chamber. The entire process is thrilling to watch, not to mention the extreme cooling felt at the mouthpiece. Moreover, you can add percolators if you want an even silky-smooth smoking sesh. Key [...]

Grab A Miley Cyrus Sucking Bong

Grab A Miley Cyrus Sucking Bong Watching the infamous video showing Miley Cyrus smoking a bong is enough to laugh your head off. It was the first time the singer was seen in public taking a resounding hit from a bong. The more than 10-year-old video leakage led to a wave of a mixed reactions from different sectors. Today, the image of Miley Cyrus smoking a bong has become a trending logo on almost any smoker's collectible. Below we reflect on Miley Cyrus, her smoking culture, and the impact the leaked smoking videos have on the bong, entertainment, and fashion industries. Key Takeaway Miley Cyrus is a 30-year-old musician and [...]

Get Yourself a Pickle Rick Bong

Get Yourself a Pickle Rick Bong If you are an Adult Swim fan and a smoker, an animated bong is something you must have. Luckily, most of the characters are also featured in games, meaning you have more control over your favorite characters' lives. The pickle rick bong is one item that has been featured most in the smoking industry, the animation series, and games. So, even when you're not playing the game, you can proudly smoke your dry herbs with the Pickle Rick bong and display the character in your room. Key Takeaways The Adult Swim TV show features eponymous series and characters entangled in family drama and epic [...]

Bong Water Drinks Are Tastier Than They Appear

Bong Water Drinks Are Tastier Than They Appear The beverage industry is getting more creative in incorporating smokers' and alcoholics' fantasies. One of the latest inventions that has caught our eyes is the bong water drink. Yes, you read that right. We have drinks named after the disgusting liquid from a used smoking bong. However, the name should not discourage you from trying the drinks. Sure, the drinks have no odor or taste close to their namesake, but they taste like fruit Roll-Ups or the Long Island Iced Teas. What makes drinkers suspicious at first is the weird looks of this cocktails, prompting the question of whether someone put some [...]

Best Materials for Cartoon Bongs

Best Materials for Cartoon Bongs Lately, the world has experienced a bong craze like never before. Smokers have even coined uncountable names for it - the list is endless: bubbler, straight shooter, calabash, hookah, hubble-bubble, and corn cob. The list of bong ideas is also longer than an arm. Designers can customize your favorite cartoon character in the form of a cartoon bong as opposed to just stickers. Key Takeaways Cartoon bongs depict different cartoon animations to incorporate the fantasy into your smoking sesh. Silicon is a more versatile and flexible material for making cartoon bongs While silicon bongs are more durable than glass bongs, they suffer under direct sunlight [...]

Get High with a Mario Bong

As Mario Gets High from Mushrooms, You Too Can Get High with Mario Bong If you're a Nintendo lover, you wouldn't need a better companion than the Super Mario bong. It's a perfect piece to have at home and share with friends as you battle for a win on your favorite console game. Read on to discover different Mario bong designs and materials to demonstrate your love for the popular plumber. Key Takeaways Mario is a mascot of Nintendo, the Japanese video game company. Mario bong resembles Mario himself from the contrasting colors to the M-labeled cap. Common Mario Bong designs include glass, silicone, and ceramic. Who is Mario? Mario [...]