Strawberry Cough Cannabis: Sweet, Spicy, And Berry-Kissed

Strawberry Cough cannabis strain is popular for its therapeutic effects especially on anxiety and depression. Its unusually sweet berry-like flavor and aroma also comes as a surprise for many. With a significant Sativa dominance, the strain enhances productivity without causing drowsiness.

These properties makes the Strawberry Cough weed strain ideal when faced with a complex task ahead. Moreover, it may be ideal for beginners since the THC ranges at 19-20%, but that depends on variety and your tolerance.

What is the Origin of Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain?

Kyle Kushman helped create the Strawberry Cough cannabis

Kyle Kushman is an internationally-renowned cannabis cultivation expert who created the Strawberry Cough cannabis strain

Strawberry Cough weed is thought to have originated from a cross of Haze and Strawberry Fields strains. Haze is a genetic pillar of many of today’s cannabis trains and is known to pass down its Sativa dominance and high THC levels. It is also revered for its long-lasting effects that keep users invigorated.

Haze weed is Sativa dominant thanks to the Sativa landrace parentage that includes Columbia Gold, Thai, and Acapulco Gold. Thai weed is the only Indica Landrace crossed to make the Haze brothers. Haze THC levels can hit 27%, which, teamed with its Sativa dominance, makes it a no–go zone for beginners.

Similarly, the Strawberry Field parent strain crossed with Haze is a backcross of the Strawberry Cough with an undisclosed Indica. It is reported that the Strawberry Fields cannabis strain was intercropped with strawberry plants to mask the aroma. It brings about 20% of Indica in Strawberry Cough, offering mild physical relaxation to help with aches and pains.

Kyle Kushman, the award-winning breeder who developed Strawberry Cough, sought to merge the landrace Sativa potency from the Haze with an Indica from the New York Bred Strawberry Fields. The result was a Sativa dominant Cough with a sweet and fresh aroma and an aurora of euphoria.

What is the Potential Effect of Strawberry Cough Cannabis?

Super Silver Haze cannabis can boost energy and euphoria

Sativa strains like Strawberry Cough can lead to hyperactivity

With over 20% THC content, Strawberry Cough perfectly fits the T20 category, meaning that beginner cannabis consumers should tread with caution. THC is the psychedelic cannabinoid found in cannabis, and the higher it gets, the more psychoactive the effects are likely to be.

Although THC is generally the dominant cannabinoid in many cannabis strains, its effects may be inhibited by the presence of CBD, the common runners-up. Besides calming most of THC’s psychedelic effects, CBD has also been shown to provide therapeutic benefits like pain alleviation.

Another crucial factor in determining a strain’s potency and effects is the Indica-Sativa ratio. Indica cannabis strains like the Strawberry Cough weed are more calming and sedative as opposed to Sativas, which are typically energizing and uplifting.

Strawberry Cough has about 20% THC, 1%CBD and about 70% Sativa dominance. Therefore, despite most Sativa properties, the strain still has about 30% Indica. Consequently, consumers may experience an uplifting mood, making it ideal when faced with a demanding task.

Similarly, you should expect degrees of calmness and focus from the Indica properties, although they may be less pronounced. In other words, Strawberry Cough can rarely cause body buzz if taken in moderation. Moreover, the 1% CBD content is enough to counter most of the 30% THC content, not to mention the potential to put your mind off of stress, depression, pain, and anxiety.

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What is Strawberry Cough Cannabis Flavor?

Blueberry Kush cannabis has a nice aroma

Smoking cannabis

As you can guess, Strawberry Cough puffs smell like freshly cut strawberries with some hints of pine and wood. Much of the aroma and flavor depend on the parent strains and the terpenes inherited from them.

The Haze strain crossed to create Cough weed emits some citrus odor with touches of earth at the end of your exhale. Note that Haze is directly bred from landrace strains known to convey the earthy aromas that smell like the soils of the jungles and mountains from which they were discovered.

Luckily, Haze’s cross with Strawberry Fields enhances the sweet-tasting aroma and duplicates the sweet Cough flavor. The fresh and sweet flavor you get when smoking Strawberry Cough can also contribute to its impacts and the overall cannabis experience.

What Other Cannabis Strains Are Related To Strawberry Cough Strain?

The list of cannabis strains related to the Strawberry Cough strain is endless, but some notable ones include Super Silver Haze, Strawberry Banana, and the Golden Boy cannabis strains. Either these strains have a coommon THC level, flavor, or lineage.

Here is a detailed look at popular cannabis strains related to Strawberry Cough weed:

  1. Super Silver Haze Cannabis

Nothern Lights Cannabis is among the best for beginners

Northern Lights Cannabis Strain is one of the SSH parent strains

The Super Silver Haze cannabis strain (SSH) descends from a cross of the legendary Northern Lights weed, Skunk #1, and the Haze strains. Therefore, both the Strawberry Cough and the SSH share genetics from the Haze and are both Sativa dominant.

However, the SSH may have more landrace genetics as its three parent strains are progenies of landrace cross-breeding. For example, Northern Lights is a progeny of Thai and Afghani landrace strains, while Skunk descends from Columbia and Acapulco Gold cannabis strains.

Like Strawberry Cough weed, SSH has some citrusy flavor and offers uplifting and creative effects. Besides, both have about 75% Sativa properties, making them perfect for wake and baking.

  1. White Widow Cannabis

White Widow cannabis

White Widow cannabis

The White Widow cannabis strain emerged after a Dutch breeder called Shantibaba visited South India while working for the Greenhouse Seed Company. Shantibaba brought some South Indian Indica seeds back to Amsterdam and crossed them with Brazilian Sativa strains.

The result was a strain that produced an extraordinary amount of resin. The plant is fully covered in white trichomes during flowering. Shantibaba and his company named this new strain the White Widow due to the crystal-covered buds.

It’s worth noting that the White Widow strain is also called the Black Widow. The latest name emerged after Shantibaba moved from The Greenhouse Seed Company to Mr. Nice Seedbank. While his former company let him carry the White Widow genetics, he was denied the rights to the name, so he opted for Black Widow.

Both Strawberry Cough and White Widow cannabis strains are Sativa dominant, but the latter is a more balanced hybrid. Similarly, both strains enjoy a high THC level surpassing 20%, so the experience would be identical were it not for the Black Widow’s musky and pungent flavor.

  1. Cali Dream Cannabis

Strawberry Cough cannabis seeds

Strawberry Cough cannabis seeds

Cali Dream cannabis strain is a progeny of SSH and the sweet Blueberry weed. The train is Sativa dominant, with THC levels averaging 20%, just like Strawberry Cough. Similarly, Cali Dream offers the landrace genetics expressed through its Haze lineage.

Moreover, the Cali Dream cannabis strain’s parent, Blueberry, is a progeny of a Thai landrace strain also used to create the Haze. The berry-kissed flavor is also passed to the Cali Dream, putting it and Strawberry Cough in the same sweet strains basket.

  1. Golden Boy Cannabis strain

Northern Lights cannabis comes from Afghani Cannabis strain from Afghanistan

NY Diesel, crossed to create Golden Boy weed has some Afghani genetics

Unlike Strawberry Cough, the Golden Boy cannabis strain is Indica dominant, so it’s more calming than uplifting. Golden Boy is a progeny of the Strawberry Fields and the Sativa-dominant NYC Diesel cannabis strains.

With the Strawberry Fields conveying all the Cough’s genetics, the NYC Diesel has some Mexican and Afghani heritage, hence the pine undertones. The Mexican strain used to create NYC Diesel is a progeny of the Acapulco Gold landrace strain.

As a result, the Golden Boy cannabis becomes the perfect alternative for the Strawberry Cough weed when you want relaxation instead of hyperactivity. Besides, the Golden Boy may be sourer than Cough due to the Diesel genetics it inherits from landrace trains.

  1. Strawberry Durban Diesel Cannabis

The Durban Poison Cannabis Strain for socializing

Durban Poison

Strawberry Durban Diesel cannabis strain combines genetics from Strawberry Cough and the South African Durban Poison landrace. It is about 80% Sativa and an average of 25% THC. So the uplifting effects will not only be creative but also psychedelic.

Durban Poison is a pure Sativa and has nothing to its flavor that is close to sweet. Most, if not all, landrace strains have a powerful, earthy flavor reminiscent of the natural landscapes where they were first discovered. For this reason, the Strawberry Durban Diesel weed will have a notable sour aftertaste despite the strawberry moniker.

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Skunk Sweeter!

Strawberry Cough cannabis strain adds to the long list of the strawberry cannabis family that has made it possible to feel high without the funk. Its Sativa dominance makes it ideal for energy and euphoria. Besides, the T20 categorization makes it a favorite for intermediate and veteran cannabis consumers.

Above all, the Strawberry Cough strain has many alternatives that can keep you creative and make you feel like smoking the cough. All you need is a classic accessory like our classic Vortex Bong to make your session a memory and an art.

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All said, cannabis is a highly restricted substance due to its potential effects and abuse. Therefore, you should not substitute information in this guide for medical advice or an endorsement of any product.