What Makes Tangie Cannabis Strain So sweet and Unique?

Tangie cannabis strain gets its name from the delicious tangerine and citrus taste that you get every time you exhale. Connoisseurs revere this strain for its intensely orange-smelling weed with gobs of flavor and an approachable daytime effect.

Tangie offers something different than the typical old-school Sativas, which make you uncomfortable high. Besides, it doesn’t knock you down like an Indica. It’s unmistakable.

While this weed strain has been around for several decades now, it was not until it won its first Cannabis Cup in 2011 that it became a buzzword.

What is Tangie Cannabis Strain Origin? 

Tangie cannabis strain is a progeny of the Cali-O weed.

Tangie cannabis strain is a progeny of the Cali-O and Skunk strains.

Tangie cannabis strain development is associated with Crockett Family Farms, also known for developing other deliciously fruity varieties like strawberry banana and clementine.

The breeder dates Tangie’s production back to the 80s and saw it withstand the OGs, Sours, and Purples boom of the early 2000s. Tangie was also left steady after the medical marijuana trend that took off in California in 2006-2008.

Tangie cannabis strain parent strains, California Orange (Cali-O) and Skunk hybrid contribute to the strain’s hybrid nature (70% Sativa), mild THC levels, and a rich terpene profile. Cali-O is a classic Sativa that, despite having a mysterious origin, contributes Sativa properties and, most importantly, the fruity tangerine-like flavor.

Similarly, the 80% Indica Skunk hybrid cannabis strain brings not only the body buzz but also the musky, pungent flavor that differentiates Tangie from other fruity or sweet cannabis strains. Breeders have used this Skunk hybrid strain to make the legendary Grape Ape and Super Silver Haze strains.

Tangie won its first Cannabis Cup in 2011 and caught the attention of the globe’s leading seed distributors including DNA Genetics, based out of Amsterdam, where drug law loopholes nurtured a massive weed seed scene.

Shortly after, Tangie was added to DNA Genetics’ legendary sales catalog.

What Makes Tangie Cannabis Strain Special?

Blueberry Kush cannabis has a nice aroma

Smoking cannabis

Tangie’s uniqueness emanates from its strong orange smell even before you light it up. Besides, Tangie’s musky undertones embedded in the citrus aroma differentiates it from other citrusy strains.

If you put a lot of strains on a table that were equally well-grown, Tangie will dominate the room with smell. Enthusiasts also refer to it as the friendly Sativa that won’t give that heavy-headedness, thanks to the mild THC (around 20%).

It’s this in-between, delicious, enjoyable high that is a big draw among beginners and anyone who is tired of the same old.

Another uniqueness of the Tangie cannabis strain is its light green buds that are compact and small, covered in frosty trichomes, and have orange hairs.

Tangie is probably on the menu in each Amsterdam coffee shop. It gained entry into grow tents all over the world by enticing both locals and tourists. Tangie went on to earn a top position in the 2014 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup’s Best Sativa division.

This strain has also won numerous awards, including first place at the Cannabis Cup a few years ago. Also, over eight months, the strain participated in ten competitions and won every one of them.

Also, its low, almost nonexistent CBD content makes it a delightful strain for those looking for a balanced, euphoric, yet relaxing effect. Tangie may be especially useful for managing anxiety, depression, and stress.

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What Is The Experience of Tangie Cannabis Strain?

Super Silver Haze cannabis can boost energy and euphoria

Cannabis can boost energy and euphoria

Tangie cannabis is well-known for providing a sensual experience and elevating feelings. Its effects begin with a cerebral rush that leaves you feeling joyful, euphoric, motivated, and focused because of the moderate THC and low CBD levels.

Smokers report better mood, more energy, feeling alert and task-focused.

This strain is also perfect for people who like the creative outlet that cannabis may offer. However, Tangie also contains several terpenes, like myrcene and linalool, which are typically more calming. This aspect inform the many reports of a more balanced cerebral body is high.

This makes the Tangie strain a better recreational strain for daytime and more appropriate for people who wish to avoid the “couch lock” effect in Indica dominant strains.

Tangie cannabis has Myrcene terpene, also present in mangoes

Tangie cannabis has Myrcene terpene, also present in mangoes

Common side effects may include headaches, vertigo, and anxiety. Beginners have reports of dry mouth and bloodshot eyes, especially those with low THC tolerance.

However, the impact of any of these properties dramatically varies with an individual, hence the need to consult your physician before trying any cannabis to address any health condition.

What Terpenes Are Common in Tangie Cannabis Strain?

Primary terpenes found in the Tangie strain include:

  1. Myrcene: 42.2%

Myrcene accounts for a sizeable portion of the entire terpene profile. Most strains with this terpen have a fruity scent and an earthy, musky tone. Myrcene is also present in mango and hops, hence the fruity taste in the Tangie cannabis strain.

  1. Beta-Caryophyllene: 22.3%

Tangie strain also has beta-caryophyllene, known for its antibacterial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effects. It’s associated with a spicy and peppery flavor, so strains like Tangie unsurprisingly smell spicy and musky.

  1. Terpinolene: 0.03%

Terpinolene is a woodsy terpene abundant in the Tangie cannabis strain but rare in many other strains. This terpene may contribute to the pungent aroma in Tangie, albeit in a very minimal way.

Best Consumption Methods for the Tangie Cannabis Strain

A man relaxing on a beach

cannabis strain can be calming and relaxing

The most suitable consumption method for the Tangie cannabis strain users depends on desired effects, experience level, and preferences.

Here are some recommendations on the smoking methods.

  • Smoking: The most traditional and straightforward method of consumption is smoking the dried flower of the strain in a smoking bong, pipe, or joint. This method is preferable for smokers as it provides a rapid onset of effects, enabling them to make dosage adjustments promptly.
  • Vaping: Vaping involves heating the concentrates at lower temperatures and inhaling the vapor. This method also offers a faster onset, like smoking, but provides a more discreet experience.
  • Edibles: This consumption method involves ingesting and metabolizing cannabis-infused products, such as chocolates and gummies, in the digestive system. Typically, edibles have a slower onset, although the effects last longer than inhalation.
  • Dabbing: Dabbing uses high temperatures to vaporize cannabis concentrates such as shatter or wax using a dab rig. The high concentration of cannabinoids combined with the high temperatures offer a rapid and potent effect. This is a no-go method for beginners and is only recommended for experienced users tolerant to high THC concentrates.
  • Tinctures and Oils: These extracts can be added to food and beverages or administered sublingually. Although the onset may take longer than inhalation, the method is discreet, convenient, and ensures a more precise dosage.

Where To Buy Authentic Tangie Products

Buy Tangie cannabis products from licensed dispensaries, established brands, and reputable online seed banks. Be sure to seek recommendations from the cannabis community, read customer reviews, and do your research to shop for reliable and genuine cannabis products.

All said, cannabis is a highly restricted substance due to its potential effects and abuse. Therefore, you should not substitute information in this guide for medical advice or an endorsement of any product.