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A great advantage of our bong over other bongs is simply because of the convenience. Making a gravity bong from scratch at home can be a challenge and customers know that. Many times customers just know that not only are they wasting time by making their bong but also that their stash is being over used. With a vortex bong only a small amount of stash is required. Making it more profitable for the customer. Let them know that they can save half of their stash by just switching to our water pipe bong.

Making a Gravity Bong

We wrote an article about how to make a gravity bong. Have a read through and you’ll notice that it requires plenty of trial and errors to make a bong at home.

We receive plenty of questions regarding which color to stock. We have to be honest and tell you that it is different for all locations. On the west coast we more of the blue bong being sold while on the east coast we sell more of the green bong. Hum, why is this? We have absolutely no clue on why this discrepancy but we recommend, if this is the first time you are ordering, you order the mixed box. You will quickly learn after the first box which color is more popular in your area. When you place you restocking order you can just order the color that sold the best.

If there large unit size of 16 units is too large for your budget then you can contact us to get special rates. But please be warned you will not receive the same highly discounted price that you are seeing above. However, ordering a smaller amount allows you to test your market to see if there is small or large interest in the vortex gravity bong.

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