Gravity Water Pipe Instructions and Tips

Our gravity water pipe utilizes the power of gravity to pull your smoke through water, providing a clean, filtered result. Because the Vortex is self-contained, smoking is quick, easy and mess-free. Learn how to use it below:

Step 1

Fill the portable vortex gravity bong with fresh water from the top opening, making sure that the valve is in an up/down position. Once completed, all water should be below in the second chamber, about an inch below the Carb sticker.

Note: New water is recommended after each smoking session.

Step 2

The term: upside down bong – meaning turn the bong upside-down such that the water can drain into the top chamber. Be sure to be mindful of the carb leaking water while you do this. (We suggest keeping the carb facing up, and tilting it at an angle)

While you’ve still upside down bong, turn the valve closed so it is completely horizontal. Once done, the water will be trapped in the top chamber, preventing it from falling below. Is in important step and you want to make sure you get the term right – upside down bong.

Step 3

Insert the glass bowl in the top of the Vortex and fill with your tobacco.

Step 4

Turn the valve vertically while lighting the tobacco. As you do this, water will begin to fall to the second chamber, while also drawing the flame and smoke within.

Once the water has completely fallen to the second chamber, the top chamber should now be full of thick, filtered smoke.

Step 5

Remove the bowl from the top of the portable vortex gravity bong and inhale. Close the valve and repeat!

Once your done, reverse the process by opening the valve, turning the bong upside down, and allowing the water to flow back to the top chamber.

Smoker’s Tip

If you are looking for the most massive smoke possible, use the carb hole to slow down the water flow.This is how you “milk the chamber” and get a monster hit.

Smoker’s Tip

You will know you are hitting the gravity bong perfectly when you hear a whistling sound come from the carb hole. Make sure the water has completely drained before you inhale from the mouth piece. Premature use could result in drinking Vortex water. We do not advise this.

Smoker’s Tip

Our portable vortex gravity bong is an ideal size for you to enjoy not only at home but also on your trips to see your friends, parties, parks, beach, etc. The upside down bong is light weight but made with durable materials.