Northern Lights Cannabis: 95% Indica and About 20% THC

The Northern Lights cannabis strain (NL) is an Indica powerhouse that has become a pillar in weed breeding notable strains like Super Silver Haze, White Widow, and Shiva Skunk. The strong Indica potency makes this strain ideal when you want perfect relaxation and easing of mind.

NL inherits its properties from the cross of Afghani and Thai landrace strains, known not only for their potency but also somewhat earthy and poney undertones. Luckily, the less than 20% average THC in NL gives you a serene embrace, especially if you have attained the intermediate smoker level.

Read on to discover more about the NL cannabis strain and why you’re likely to experience an illusion of the namesake light common in the Arctic sky.

Afghani Cannabis Strain: Get The Best Of It

What Is the Origin of Northern Lights Cannabis Strain?

Northern Lights cannabis comes from Afghani Cannabis strain from Afghanistan

NL cannabis has some Afghanistan Indica parentage

The Northern Lights cannabis strain is a progeny of the Thai and Afghani landrace strains. These parent strains possess the names of their origin and grew naturally in the jungle, mountains, and bushes. A man of Indian heritage who migrated to the US in the 70s bred the first NL weed and gave it the name.

Many early religions and spiritual beliefs have interpreted the Northern Lights, the aurora borealis effect in the Arctic, in their religious texts and teachings. It could also represent the illusion you’re likely to experience a few hits into the NL weed.

Afghani and Thai landrace strains used to breed Northern Lights weed are not only OG but also prehistoric. They fall in the category of Durban Poison and Hindu Kush. They offer a potent effect and a rather intense aroma, like the soils in the rugged mountains where they originate.

Unlike the Cookies strains and other fruity strains, Landrace strains maintain a strong funk that requires time to adapt. Besides, landrace strains tend to be incredibly resinous and have very dense buds.

What Is the Genetic Make-Up of Northern Lights Cannabis?

Cannabis categorization determines the best for beginners

Cannabis strains are mainly categorized by Sativa, Indica, THC, or CBD percentages

Thai landrace strain is a pure Sativa with about 20% average THC and less than 1% CBD. It’s, therefore, expected to offer energizing effects as a Sativa and notable psychedelic effects due to the THC levels. CBD is known to counter THC’s psychoactivity, but levels as low as 1% prove ineffective in this case.

Other notable progenies from Afghani landrace weed include AK-47 and Haze cannabis.

On the other hand, the Afghani cannabis strain is a pure Indica with similar or close THC and CBD levels as the Thai strain. As a pure Indica, Afghani offers calming effects associated with Indica properties.

Apparently, the 95% Indica in Northern Lights cannabis strain, as well as its signature earthy flavor, comes from the Afghani strain. The result is an Indica powerhouse that can easily lead to drowsiness.

What Is the Aroma and Flavor of Northern Lights Cannabis?

Blueberry Kush cannabis has a nice aroma

Smoking cannabis

With the emergence of numerous fruity and aromatic cannabis strains, the funky Northern Light may be too much, especially for beginners. However, you don’t have to worry over the smell or taste if you incorporate advanced consumption methods like filtration and percolation.

Northern Lights weed strain offers a perfect blend of landrace strains, and a few tweaks here and there could make it feel like smoking oranges. For example, you may fill your smoking bong with citrusy or banana bong water.

Besides, a quality smoking accessory like a clean glass bong with several percolators and ice catchers ensures a clean, smooth, and cool inhale, enhancing the weed experience. Pungent strains like NL also need a slow inhalation and exhalation to experience all the flavor layers.

Another way to enhance the aroma is to incorporate edibles like nuts, chocolate, cheese, and cookies, whose aromas would complement the woody notes. Discover premium gravity bongs for sale and elevate your smoking experience with Vortex Gravity Bongs.

Northern Lights’ Potential Psychedelic and Therapeutic Effects

Northern Lights cannabis can lead to sedation

Northern Lights cannabis can lead to sedation

Northern Lights cannabis effects may vary with your dispensary, your tolerance level, or the consumption method. However, NL will likely keep you locked in the couch for some time as a Landrace progeny and probably get to sleep quickly.

Much of the psychedelic effects from NL cannabis will emanate from the THC, as no other cannabinoid in the strain can effectively counter about 20%. So, within a few hits on the joint or bong, you should feel like having enough and a sour aftertaste.

The strain has proven so potent that breeders have made it now a mainstay in breeding programs. Popular Northern Lights cannabis strain progenies include the CBD-rich Nordle and the Super Silver Haze cannabis strains.

Together with the progenies, NL strain is among the recommended when struggling with insomnia. The calming effects Indica-strains offer can help take the mind off of chronic pain, anxiety, and stress.

However, cannabis may be harmful to your health, and you must consult your health provider before using any strain for any treatment.

What Are the Best Northern Lights Alternatives?

The best Northern Light alternatives must offer as much potency and close averages when it comes to THC. Luckily, most readily available NL alternatives have a sweeter flavor than the landrace strains, which many prefer.

Below are popular Northern Lights Cannabis alternatives:

  1. Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain

Purple Urkle is also called the Urkle cannabis strain and emerges as one of the best Northern Lights cannabis due to its Indica dominance and moderate THC levels. The Urkle is a progeny of the Hindu Kush landrace strains, and Purple Afghan, another Afghani progeny.

Both NL and Urkle cannabis strains are highly sedative due to their Indica alignment. However, the Purple Urkle is sweeter than the NL strain as it has some Purple Punch genetics with fruity terpenes.

  1. Cannabis Strain

Blueberry, a.k.a. Berry Blue, promises a berry-like aroma on top of the potency of Northern Lights cannabis. This strain is a progeny of the Afghani landrace and the delicious Fruity Juice cannabis strains.

A similar strain also emanated from a cross between the Thai landrace and purple Thai. The result is an Indica dominant strain that matches NL properties and replaces the woody skunk smell with a citrusy fragrance.

  1. Bubba Kush Cannabis Strain

This Indica-dominant strain also has some bubble Gum aroma thanks to its genetics from the Bubble Gum cannabis strain, revered for its flavor. Bubba weed is a progeny of the Bubble Gu and the Kush weed strain, making it a perfect Northern Lights alternative that beginners should dread.

How To Enhance Your Cannabis Experience

How To Maximize Your Cannabis Experience

Smoking with A Gravity Bong cn enhance your cannabis experience

Smoking with A Gravity Bong

With a classic landrace like the NL strain, you need to set everything right to get the best out of it. Your sesh will mainly depend on your reason for the strain. Whether smoking the NL strain or any of its alternatives, you need to know the accurate THC content and the hybrid ratio.

Beginners must tread cautiously, as a few hits can send you to bed immediately. Besides, you need to know whether you’ll handle the funk associated with NL. That would be less of a concern with the alternatives.

Besides observing the law and your physician’s advice, you must use advanced bongs of the best quality. At Vortex Gravity Bongs, we have a variety of top-quality bongs, some of which would make smoking weed enjoyable.