When you enhance your cannabis experience, you get the right set and setting to unlock the full potential of cannabis and have a more positive and enjoyable experience. So, whether you consume cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes, there’s still a way to do it better.

This guide explores the enhanced cannabis experiences that most cannabis users do not yet grasp. It also highlights the main factors determining how cannabis influences your body.

Most importantly, this guide has 5 crucial steps to provide the ultimate cannabis experience.


Key Takeaways

  • The best cannabis experience refers to the optimal way of enjoying cannabis’s benefits and effects.
  • Common aspects of defining an enhanced cannabis strain experience include potency, therapeutic effects, consumption methods, flavors, and side effects.
  • Some ways to enhance your cannabis experience include choosing the right cannabis strain, setting, and consumption method.

What Defines the Best Cannabis Experience?

enhance cannabis train for holiday and socializing

Enhance your cannabis experience

The best experience refers to the optimal way of enjoying cannabis’s benefits and effects. For those taking cannabis for its potential therapeutic properties, enhanced experience means experiencing inflammation, stress relief, and even better overall well-being.

Below are the common aspects of defining an enhanced cannabis strain experience.

  • Potency: Cannabis strains with high levels of compounds are suitable for enhancing your cannabis experience as they bring in the full potential and please even those with high tolerance.
  • Therapeutic Effects: Certain cannabis strains, especially those with high CBD levels, may help relieve pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, and more. Similarly, Indica strains may aid in relaxation, while Sativa strains may provide energy and focus.
  • Consumption Methods: A satisfactory sesh depends on the chosen consumption method. For example, sharing weed with your friends with a massive bong would be livelier than using edibles.
  • Flavors: An unpleasant cannabis smell can be a major setback in a cannabis experience. As a result, breeders have increasingly incorporated sweet, spicy terpenes in strains to make the flavors more appealing and enhance the experience.
  • Side Effects: A cannabis experience can also be defined by the side effects users get after consuming a particular strain. Understanding the likely side effects of that strain and opting for a milder strain would significantly improve the experience.

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How To Enhance Your Cannabis Experience

Ways to enhance your cannabis experience include choosing the right cannabis strain, the right setting, and the consumption method.

Let’s look at how each practice contributes to the best cannabis experience.

  1. Grow High-Quality Cannabis

Enhanced cannabis experience starts from growth

Top quality cannabis growth can contribute to an enhanced cannabis experience

An enhanced cannabis experience requires high-quality cannabis, which can only be assured by how it is grown. So, if you grow your cannabis at home, you must apply the best germination and storage practices.

Start with the proper cannabis lineage when you buy your seed, and ensure the budtender explains the expected effects or benefits. Use fertilized soil and provide the right temperature and humidity throughout germination if you want the best from your cannabis.

  1. Dry, Cure, and Decarb your Cannabis

Cannabis strain placed on a surface

Handle cannabis with care for the best results

If you’re growing cannabis at home, be sure to conduct crucial practices before consuming your cannabis. The first thing is to know the right harvest time for your cannabis strain. The timing of your harvesting can significantly impact effects, potency, and flavor.

The same applies to drying and curing the harvested cannabis strain. Remain keen on the dates and requirements on when to dry and how to cure your cannabis to maintain its quality.

If you’re not growing cannabis but buy from dispensaries and retail stores, you may still need to grind and decarboxylate it before consumption. Grinding exposes the trichomes and increases the weed’s surface area. At the same time, decarbing enhances the use of tinctures, edibles, oils, and other products that do not involve heating before consumption.

  1. Smoke With a Bong

A man smoking with a Gravity Bong

Smoking on a gravity bong

You don’t have to go to these extents if you have unique reasons for your cannabis other than spicing up the sesh. But what’s for sure is that your cannabis consumption method can impact the effects, onset times, and durations.

Topical cannabis applications involving lotions, balms, and creams do not offer psychedelic effects but offer localized pain relief. Similarly, oral methods such as edibles, tinctures, and capsules must pass through the digestive system and have a longer onset time. Nonetheless, their effects could be long-lasting.

Suppose you want a rather quick onset of effects. In that case, you can go the sublingual way, which involves placing stripes and tinctures under the tongue, bypassing the lengthy digestive and smoking processes.

The most common cannabis method is through inhalation by vaping or smoking. Vaping is a cleaner way to consume cannabis than smoking as it doesn’t completely burn the cannabis products, lowering exposure risks.

Nonetheless, cleaner smoking methods have emerged, such as using smoking bongs fitted with water, percolators, and ice catchers to smoothen the hits and reduce intake of harmful substances.

  1. Consider the Compounds in Your Preferred Cannabis Strain

Packed Harlequin cannabis strain can enhance the experience

Harlequin cannabis strain pack showing some of the ingredients and quantity

Cannabis is made of chemical compounds that determine how it impacts your body. The THC, CBD, and terpenes you may have heard about can take your weed experience to another level. So, if you want more therapeutic effects than psychedelic ones, choose high CBD cannabis strains like Ringo’s Gift and ACDC cannabis strains.

Alternatively, if you want more of the psychedelic effects, then you should go the high-THC cannabis strains way.

Besides the cannabinoids, terpenes determine the aroma and flavor of your cannabis strains. Some provide a sweet and spicy sensation, and others are more earthy. When you combine these properties with the Indica-Sativa ratio of that cannabis strain, you’re sure to get an entourage effect that best serves your purpose.

  1. Work on Your Timing

Cannabis Strains for weight loss

Cannabis can complement your runner’s high

A good Mary-Jane moment is one done at the right time. It would be counterproductive to take a strongly sedative cannabis strain in the morning when you want energy to face the day. Similarly, an appetite-suppressing strain would be the last thing you want when struggling with loss of appetite.

The same applies to all the activities you plan to undertake during your day or week. For instance, taking weed after your workouts complements your runner’s high, which is a feeling of euphoria, relaxation, and reduced anxiety during or after any aerobic exercise.

In the same way, incorporating cannabis strains for appetite boost means looking for strains with the perfect aroma that will trigger the munchies effect.

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Enhance Your Cannabis Experience

Any practices highlighted in this guide can significantly enhance your cannabis experience. So, if you need to up your game and take your sesh to another level, look for the changes you need to make to your routine and see your experience glow.

While these practices work for many, they all depend on individual preference and tolerance level.

As a disclaimer, this information is neither intended to be medical advice nor an endorsement of any product. You should always consult a doctor before using cannabis for any purpose.