Mendocino Purps Cannabis: The OG In The Purple Cannabis Family

Mendocino Purps cannabis strain emerged from the coastal community in northern California known for its natural beauty and serenity. Mendocino is Spanish for Mendoza, which means “cold mountains” and is reminiscent of the origin’s topography.

The iconic Mendocino Purps cannabis stains reportedly originate from this tranquil landscape and became a true Cali-classic and cannabis connoisseur favorite. Today, the Mendo weed strain has dominated awards and become a backbone of many American weed genetics, especially those related to the Purple family.

This guide explores the genetic formulation and effects of the Mendocino weed strain and highlights some notable phenotypes.

What is the Experience after Mendocino Purps Cannabis Consumption?

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Indica Cannabis can lead to sedation

Mendocino Purps is slightly Indica dominant, about 60%, with an average of 18% THC. Therefore, it gives you some high headedness but keeps you focused and calm, thanks to the hybrid balance.

However, much of the result after ingesting this strain type will mainly depend on your tolerance level and the consumption method. For example, about 18% THC may be too much for beginner cannabis consumers, while veterans will enjoy every bit of it.

Similarly, some consumption methods like edibles and tinctures have a slower onset than smoking and vaping. For this reason, the impact that the strain is likely to have on you is something to leave on the table. Nonetheless, you should feel some degree of hunger, sedation, and euphoria within about five hits on a standard bong or a joint.

What Is The Mendocino Purps Cannabis Flavor?

The flavor and smell of a cannabis strain are other factors that could impact your overall experience. Luckily, Mendo’s dessert-like berry sweetness has been a big draw among beginners and veterans as it enhances the atmosphere and leaves you wanting more.

Blueberry Kush cannabis has a nice aroma

Smoking cannabis

However, Mendo Purps weed is also known to leave an earthy tone, especially at the very end of your exhale, akin to what you’d get from the Afghani landrace puff. Much of this flavor is as a result of the presence of myrcene terpene, known to regulate flavor and enhance therapeutic effects.

What Are Mendocino Purps Cannabis Phenotypes?

Mendocino Purps cannabis is the OG of the purple cannabis family, including the Purple Urkle, Purple Punch, Granddaddy Purple, and Old Family Purple cannabis strains. This family of strains has a visual allure and notable Indica alignment that makes them perfect weed for blaze and daze.

The purple color in the purple cannabis family is a result of the anthocyanin-water soluble pigmentations found in other plants and contribute to their purple, red, and blue hues. Besides enhancing the visual appeal, anthocyanin is also highly anti-oxidant with neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Below is a detailed look at notable Mendocino Purps cannabis phenotype with anthocyanin as part of its flavonoid profile:

1. The Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain

Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain

Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain

Purple Urkle cannabis has gained popularity, especially after Steve Urkle from the Family Matters TV show created a line of this strain in collaboration with 710 Labs. The Urkle is believed to be a direct progeny of the Mendocino Purps weed, hence the stark similarity.

Purple Urkle weed is about 80% Indica and has about 18% THC, so you should expect a higher sedation than in Mendo but with somewhat similar psychedelic effects. Unlike Mendo cannabis, the Urkle has higher Indica properties and has become a pillar in creating notable strains in the Purple cannabis family.

2. Old Family Purple Cannabis

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Old Family Purple Cannabis is a progeny of the Purple Urkle and the Triangle OG strains. The strain is revered for its Indica dominance and notable THC levels that could reach 25% for some varieties. Besides, this Old Purple strain has about 1% CBD, which, although minute, can help counter some of the high THC’s psychoactivity.

Moreover, the Triangle Kush crossed to create the Old Family Purple cannabis gets its name from Florida’s three cannabis-producing capitals, Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa. It’s also a progeny of the pure Indica Hindu Kush indigenous to the Hindu Kush mountains chain that form the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Like the Mendocino Purps and the Purple Urkle cannabis strain, Old family Purple weed has a sweet flavor like fresh-cut berries. However, due to the Hindu Kush landrace genetics passed through the Triangle Kush, Old Family weed also conveys a musky aftertaste.

3. Granddaddy Purple Cannabis (GDP)

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GDP is also an OG in the purple cannabis family, and the moniker says it all. GDP is revered for its potency and strong landrace genetics it inherits from its parentage. As a progeny of the Purple Urkle and the Big Bud cannabis strain, GDP is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that can quickly make you lethargic.

Nonetheless, GDP inherits the Urkle’s lusciously sweet aroma and candy-like taste. However, the strain also has some notes of staunch earthy flavor mainly inherited from the Big Bud cannabis side. Big Bud cannabis is an Indica progeny of Afghani, Northern Lights, and Skunk#1 strains.

Such parentage brings some staunch landrace genetics and conveys a woody and earthy aroma reminiscent of the landscapes where these strains originated. Luckily, the GDP’s Purple Urkle weed parentage balances these effects and overrides the flavor with candy smells.

4. Purple Punch Cannabis Strain

A plantation of Granddaddy Purple cannabis

Purple Punch cannabis is a progeny of the GDP

The Punch cannabis is another Mendocino Purps cannabis phenotype as it descends from the GDP and the Larry OG cannabis strains. The Punch is an Indica dominant strain with THC levels that can reach 25%. Besides, the strain has a glistening trichomes that produce deep purple hues and give the strain a saccharine flavor.

The Larry OG cannabis strain crossed to create Purple Punch weed is a progeny of the dreaded OG Kush and the San Fernando Valley (SFV) OG. This lineage contributes to Larry OG’s Indica dominance and the clean and piney aroma, just like other members of the OG family.

However, with the GDP crossed to make Purple Punch, the resulting aroma becomes grape-like, and the Indica effects become more pronounced. Therefore, Purple Punch is an ideal stain for relaxation and euphoria and may be ideal for people struggling with stress, depression, and insomnia.

5. Grape Ape Cannabis

Afghani cannabis strain in the vegetation stage

Afghani Cannabis

The Grape Ape cannabis strain is also a progeny of the Mendocino Purps cannabis, Skunk#1, and the Afghani landrace strain. As a result, the Grape Ape weed is Indica dominant, with THC levels between 15% and 25%.

The effects are similar to what you’d get in most Purple cannabis strains, characterized by relaxation and sedation, and if abused, can lead to drowsiness. Besides, as the name suggests, smoking the Grape Ape cannabis feels like eating some fresh-cut grapes or berries. However, thanks to the landrace parentage, you should expect some pine or earthy aftertaste.

Breeders crossed Grape Ape cannabis with Grapefruit weed to create the Original Z or Zkittles strains. Similarly, the Silverback Gorilla stain is a progeny of the Grape Ape and the potent Super Silver Haze cannabis.

Smoke Mendocino Purps Cannabis or Its Phenotypes

The list of purple cannabis strains can be longer, but with Mendocino Purps cannabis, you have the OG and the Granddaddy combined. The Indica dominance of these Mendocino cannabis phenotypes may cause some sedation, but the balanced hybrid nature helps keep that in check and keep you focused.

The sweet flavor is the big draw among consumers as it keeps off the funk and boosts the munchies effect. Besides, the anthocyanin and other flavonoids and terpenes found in these strains can be therapeutic, but that is subject to professional nod.

You’re advised to consult a professional healthcare provider before trying cannabis for any reason, medical or recreational, to determine your tolerance and risk factors. Besides, with the strict cannabis regulations, you want to check with local and federal laws before getting your hands on any of these products.