Purple Punch cannabis strain has gained popularity over the years for different reasons. First, the strain has an exceptional flavor and aroma enough to turn heads.

To give you the picture, combine blueberry muffins with grape candy, and you’ll understand the sensory journey you expect from the strain.

However, the delightful taste and fragrance are just part of the admiration for the Punch.

This guide unravels the strain’s unique features, genetic makeup, and therapeutic appeal to help you distinguish it from other strains.

So, let’s get to the nitty gritty.


Key Takeaways

  • Purple Punch genetic is a crossbreed of Granddaddy Purple (GDP) and Larry OG cannabis strains.
  • It depicts Larry OG’s euphoric effects and GDP’s striking appearance of purple and blue hues.
  • Common Punch effects include creativity, euphoria, and pain alleviation.

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Genetic Makeup Of The Purple Punch Cannabis Strain

Granddaddy Purple Cannabis plant

Granddaddy Purple Cannabis

Punch’s genetic makeup is influenced by the potent parent strains, Granddaddy Purple (GDP) and Larry OG. GDP has a striking appearance of purple and blue hues and deeply calming effects. On the contrary, the Larry OG brings its euphoric and uplifting effects suitable for combating stress and depression.

Another standout feature of this crossbreed is the terpene profile responsible for flavor and aroma.  Here are the dominant terpenes in this cannabis strain.

  • Linalool: This terpene is commonly found in lavender and is famous for its soothing floral scent. It also contributes to the strain’s relaxing effects.
  • Caryophyllene: Caryophyllene is known to contribute anti-inflammatory properties, which is good news for people suffering from inflammatory conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. It also adds spicy and peppery notes to the Punch’s flavor.
  • Myrcene: This terpene is common in Indica dominant strains and contributes to their calming effects.

These are the major terpenes responsible for the irresistible sweet and fruity palate.


The average THC level in the Punch is 20%, while CBD levels are less than 1%. As a result, it tends to induce physical relaxation and cerebral euphoria. Despite the low CBD levels, Punch’s combination of THC and terpenes can offer relaxation and stress alleviation.

Awards and Recognitions

The Punch has consistently impressed connoisseurs and users, clinching notable awards and recognitions in various cannabis events. Some prestigious accolades include the 2016 HempCon Cup, the 2020 High 95 Cup, and the 2021 ERRL Cup.

Aroma and Flavor Profiles

The Punch’s most popular characteristic is the mouthwatering and captivating aroma that greets you when you prepare to light up the concentrates. Let’s look at the three enticing scents combined in the strain to form a delightful profile.

  • Grape: The dominant aroma in the strain is likened to grape candy or spicey ripe grapes. If you’ve ever smelled a freshly opened bottle of grape juice, you know what we’re talking about here. The fruity note has been a major draw in the Purple Punch.
  • Berry: After the grapes’ scent, the next aroma you’re likely to detect has hints of mixed berries, contributing to the berry-like sweetness.
  • Earthy: In the very background of the grape and berry flavor, there is a subtle earthiness that grounds the overall aroma and gives the scent some depth. It also serves as a balance between the berry-like sweetness and a touch of natural richness.

Popular flavor descriptions for enthusiasts include fruity, delicious, sweet, and smooth taste.

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Potential Effects Of The Purple Punch Cannabis Strain

A man relaxing on a beach

Purple Punch Strain is known to offer a feeling of utmost tranquility

Punch has an array of recreational and medicinal benefits. The strain is celebrated for balancing euphoria and relaxation, providing a sense of tranquility.

Let’s look at the effects you’ll likely experience after consumption.

  • Relaxation: Since Punch is an Indica-dominant strain, you expect it to induce a deep, full-body relaxation perfect after a long, tedious day.
  • Euphoria: Besides relaxation, users experience a euphoric burst contributing to a sense of general well-being.
  • Sensory Enhancement: Punch is known to heighten users’ sensory perception and create a feeling like enjoying cool music or a delicious meal.
  • Creativity: Users also report enhanced creative and imaginative thinking after consumption. This effect may suit artists or anyone looking for new ideas to overcome a challenge.
  • Mild Sedation: Taking higher doses of the strain adds to the relaxation effects, leading to mild sedation that may lead to sleep. However, this effect may only occur to some users.

Potential Medical Benefits

The Purple Punch cannabis strain may also offer the following therapeutic benefits.

  • Sleep Quality: Punch’s soothing qualities can lead to sleep and benefit individuals struggling with sleep disorders.
  • Pain Alleviation: Punch’s anti-inflammatory properties and relaxing effects can help alleviate headaches, muscle tension, and chronic pain.
  • Appetite Stimulation: The euphoric burst from the strain is usually accompanied by the “munchies effect,” which may benefit people struggling with appetite loss.
  • Stress and Anxiety Management: Punch’s calming effects promote a sense of mental tranquility, offering respite for people with anxiety and stress disorders.

It’s worth noting that individual experiences may vary, hence the need to tread cautiously specially for beginners.

Above all, don’t substitute information in this guide for medical advice. Instead, talk to a professional health provider about the best remedy for your condition.

Comparison With Other Strains

The strain has a unique aroma profile and a distinctive purplish appearance. The best way to understand variance with other strains is to compare it with top Indica-dominant strains like Ice Cream Cake and Zkittles.

  1. Purple Punch Vs. Zkittles Cannabis

    Zkittles cannabis strain

    Original Z Cannabis Strain

    Skittles, a.k.a. Original Z, is also an Indica-dominant strain, so you expect identical soothing qualities from both. Both strains also have a fruity flavor and are preferred for their pain and stress-alleviating properties.

    The main difference between Original Z and the Punch cannabis strains is in the THC levels and the effects. While the THC content in Punch ranges at 20%, Original Z averages about 15%. As a result, its effects may lean more towards sedation than in Original Z.

  2. Purple Punch Vs. Ice Cream Cake

    Ice Cream Cake Cannabis Genetic Information

    Ice Cream Cake

    Like Purple Punch, the Ice Cream Cake (ICC) delivers tranquil effects, and both are often revered by those seeking sleep assistance. Besides, both cannabis strains have a sweet and creamy flavor and aroma although Punch leans towards the berry and grape notes, while the ICC flavor is vanilla-like and creamier.

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Explore Cannabis Responsibly

This guide will help you approach the Punch with mindfulness and moderation. The most important thing is to abide by local laws and regulations on possession or consumption.

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Savor the strain’s delightful flavors and soothing effects in style.