Super Silver Haze Cannabis: Why it’s Ideal For An Occasion

Super Silver Haze cannabis is a Sativa dominant strain known for an energetic and long-lasting body high. Its 20% THC average can cause arousal and giggly feelings, suitable for holidays, especially if you like casual games or family movies and comedy.

This strain deserves the Super title as it has clinched the High Times Cannabis Cup three years in a row. If you want to correctly categorize the SSH strain, you can put it next to potent strains like Jack Herer, Skunk, Northern Lights, and OG Kush.

While THC and other properties may vary with your dispensary, you need to approach this strain with caution, especially if you’re a beginner. The over 80% Sativa dominance may keep you restless, while the THC will likely emit a robust psychedelic high. Most importantly, when you exhale, you should expect a somewhat unique smell with lemon notes.

This guide delves into the SSH strain, exploring its genetics and comparisons in the industry.

Origin And Genetics of The Super Silver Haze Sativa Strain

The Super Silver Haze strain, a.k.a. “SSH,” is crossed from the Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights cannabis. Crossing THREE trains makes the SSH a poly hybrid strain and adds to its potency and, more particularly, its sweet and spicy flavor.

Nothern Lights Cannabis is among the best for beginners

Northern Lights Cannabis Strain is one of the SSH parent strains

1. The Northern Lights (NL) strain

The Northern Lights (NL) strain used to make SSH is a progeny of the Thai and Afghani landrace strains, hence its pure Indica status. It contributes to the 20% Indica we see in the SSH and the poney and earthy undertones you’re likely to smell at the very end of the exhale.

Northern Lights cannabis also shares similar THC levels with SSH, making them ideal for an intermediate smoker. However, the Indica Sativa alignments distinguish Northern Lights and its progeny SSH. While you feel calm in the former, the latter makes you energetic.

2. Skunk #1 Cannabis Strain

Close Northern Lights comparison includes the Shiva Skunk and the White Widow cannabis strains. Shiva Skunk is a progeny of Northern Lights and Skunk #1 cannabis strain, the other parent strain to our Super Silver Haze cannabis strain.

Skunk#1, a.k.a. Super Skunk, is another poly hybrid with 60% Sativa properties inherited from a cross between Colombian Gold, Acapulco Gold, and Thai landrace cannabis strains. It contributes a fruity flavor to the SSH by conveying large quantities of the sedative and anti-inflammatory Myrcene terpene.

Skunk’s mild THC levels (18%) is a perfect combination with Northern Lights and Haze to make the SSH. It has also helped breeders make legendary strains like the Tangie cannabis strains when crossed with Cali-O weed.

3. Haze Cannabis Strain

Skunk#1 shares Colombian Gold cannabis with the third SHH parent strain, the Haze. Getting into the Haze Brothers cannabis, you expect some high THC levels and Sativa dominance. Haze also has Thai landrace properties whose earthy undertones are overridden by Haze’s citrusy and Skunk sweetness.

Such a combination of Trio cannabis strains with landrace properties and some balanced THC makes the Super Silver Haze the Royal Haze. The Sativa dominance assures enthusiasts of uplifting effects and a balanced high—no wonder the SSH weed has clinched so many awards at Cannabis tournaments.

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What Are The Effects of Super Silver Haze Cannabis Sativa?

According to the SSH strain genetic formation, consumption may lead to a cerebral high with improved activity and a degree of euphoria. Much of this observation relates to the Sativa alignment as well as modern THC levels.

However, the Super Silver Haze effects may vary with individuals mainly due to tolerance levels or consumption methods. For a beginner, 18% THC can cause heavy headedness, and the Sativa leads to uncontrollable hyperactivity.

Super Silver Haze cannabis can boost energy and euphoria

Super Silver Haze cannabis can boost energy and euphoria

On the contrary, a veteran cannabis consumer may still want more to hit the climax from the exact dosage and weed strain. Generally, the SSH strain falls in between. Beginners will need to approach with caution, while experienced smokers should need to take several hits on a bong.

SSH cannabis THC levels and minimal Indica properties assure you of no couch-lock effect. Instead, you should expect clear-headedness, happiness, and the feeling of socializing and having fun.

Notably, the less than 1% CBD levels in SSH weed leave the THC effects unchecked so that the strain will be more psychedelic than therapeutic; that is not to say that SSH may not enhance your mood and wellness.

Super Silver Haze Cannabis Potential Therapeutic Effects

cannabis strains for weight loss

Cannabis can be therapeutic with the guide of your physician

Super Silver Haze cannabis may offer relief for various health conditions, according to anecdotal and science,

In states where cannabis is legal, professional healthcare providers have prescribed products containing THC and CBD to alleviate certain conditions. Besides, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved prescriptions similar to THC to help people undergoing chemotherapy.

The presence of cannabinoids informs the effectiveness of cannabis in alleviating pain, stress, and inflammation, but this must only happen with the green light from a health professional. Using cannabis products outside of their prescribed use or using cannabis from unlicensed distributors can carry great risk.

Cannabis has been shown to reduce neuropathic pain, while a 2017 review noted a reliable link between weed and pain alleviation.

Best cannabis strains for sleep image

Cannabis for can lead to sedation

The Super Silver Haze is one strain known to alleviate stress and pain and cause the munchies effect. Besides, the euphoria caused by the Sativa dominance can help temporarily alleviate symptoms of anxiety, mood disorders, and depression.

Even while using SHH cannabis for therapeutic reasons, you’re still exposed to side effects. Potential side effects will mainly depend on your type of strain, its genetic makeup, and your tolerance levels.

For example, beginners are more likely to have dry eyes and mouth and overstimulation. Going overboard on the proper dosage for your level could heighten your anxiety and paranoia, not to mention the likelihood of dizziness. It is also advisable to understand your THC tolerance level to avoid issues of sensitivity, which could lead to dire consequences.

Super Silver Haze Cannabis Comparison With Other Strains

Being a Sativa-dominant strain, SSH has its unique characteristics and effects. Therefore, you will need to understand the difference between the three main cannabis types, Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, to make informed choices.

Below is a comparison of the SSH cannabis with Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains.

1.      Super Silver Haze Vs. Ice Cream Cake Strain

Ice Cream Cake Cannabis Genetic Information

Ice Cream Cake THC-CBD ratio

As the name suggests, ICC cannabis tastes like an ice cream thanks to the tasty terpenes it inherits from its parent strains, Wedding Cake, and the Gelato cannabis stains. Both the Weeding Cake parent strain of the ICC conveys Girl Scout properties. However, the former adds Cherry Pie’s citrusy while the latter brings the Sherbet’s delicacy.

However, while the SSH strain Sativa nature boosts activity, ICC’s Indica dominance will be more calming. Moreover, the ICC might be the perfect fruity strain here, as SSH has pine undertones emanating from its landrace lineage.

2.      Super Silver Haze Vs. Durban Poison

The Durban Poison Cannabis Strain for socializing

Durban Poison

Durban Poison (DP) is a landrace strain originating in South Africa and has no Indica properties. The name proves that overconsumption might lead to unwanted results, and you should expect a headier experience than in Haze.

The only similarity between the two strains is that they’re both Sativa powerhouses and have landrace genetics. However, more is needed to cover the space between the two regarding effects. The flavor is, however, different, with SSH being sweeter than the earthy DP.

3. SSH Vs. GG4 Cannabis Strain

A cross-section of overgrown GG4 cannabis strain which is Bruce Banner alternative

GG4 Cannabis

GG4, a.k.a Original Glue #4 is a poly hybrid strain with potent and long-lasting effects. It’s a progeny of the aromatic Sour Dubb, the potent Chem Sis, and the earthy Chocolate Diesel cannabis strains.

However, unlike SSH, GG4 is more Indica than Sativa, so, the effects may be more sedating than uplifting. Besides, the SSH may feel sweeter than the diesel GG4, which inherits much fun from its parents’ sourness and fuel-like aroma.

Best Consumption Methods for the SSH Cannabis Strain

A man smoking Super Silver Haze cannabis with a Gravity Bong

Smoking on a gravity bong

The best cannabis consumption method depends on your preferences, experience level, effects, and more. For example, a bong might give you a quicker onset than edibles, which must go through the digestive system.

Nonetheless, methods like the use of tinctures and edibles may be discreet and non-interruptive, but they cannot measure with what you get with smoking. Sure, smoking may be riskier, but with advanced artistry, it is now possible to smoke healthy.

Whatever your chosen SSH cannabis consumption method, we’ve got the most reliable and genuine cannabis products, from percolated bongs to gravity bongs.

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Where To Buy Authentic Super Silver Haze Products

Buy SSH Sativa products from licensed dispensaries, established brands, and reputable online seed banks. Be sure to seek recommendations from the cannabis community, read customer reviews, and do your research to shop for reliable and genuine cannabis products.

All said, cannabis is a highly restricted substance due to its potential effects and abuse. Therefore, you should not substitute information in this guide for medical advice or an endorsement of any product.