Thai Landrace Cannabis Strain: How To Enjoy Pure Weed Quality

Thai landrace cannabis strain is a statement of quality, joining the likes of Afghani and the Durban Poison landrace strains. As a 100% Sativa, Thai has become a real OG for creating hybrid strains with similar potency and hyperactivity.

While finding a pure Thai landrace at your favorite store today may be challenging, you’re sure to find clones or hybrids with close percentages. Nonetheless, no replacement can take the nativity and authenticity that smokers experienced when the strain was first smuggled.

This guide reflects on Thai landrace cannabis and the prevalent phenotypes that may convey somewhat similar properties.

What is Thai Landrace Cannabis Strain?

Thai landrace cannabis

Thai landrace cannabis

As you can guess, the Thai landrace strain gets its name from its country of origin, Thailand. However, the name is also used to describe similar strains native to South Eastern Asia. Soldiers carried some of these seeds from the region in the ’70s and ’80s during and after the Vietnamese War.

As a landrace, Thai is purely Sativa, so it may not offer sedative or relaxing effects. Instead, landrace strains are known to give the best of their classification, and their high may be more extreme than hybrids. Moreover, expect some staunch earthy flavor reminiscent of the soil in the bushes, jungles, and mountains where the strain first emerged.

The THC content in Thai landrace strain is estimated to be between 18-24% and a CBD not exceeding 1%. For this reason, you can expect some high-headedness if you are a veteran consumer. For beginner cannabis consumers, these THC levels are a no-go zone, especially from a landrace.

Popular Cannabis Strain with Thai Landrace Genetics

Popular strains with Thai genetics include the Haze, Ak-47, and Blueberry. Thai landrace parentage contributes not only to Sativa potency but also to a sweet and chocolate–like flavor.

1. Voodoo Cannabis Strain

Voodoo cannabis strain is a phenotype of the Thai landrace strain

Voodoo cannabis strain

Voodoo is a refined backcross of the Thai landrace weed, so it’s a pure Sativa with some nutty and earthy flavor. Just like the Thai Landrace, the Voodoo cannabis strain can lead to an extreme mood boost that leaves you exhilarated and laughing out loud.

Voodoo weed also has an average of 20% THC, so you should expect somewhat similar psychedelic effects as in Thai. Despite the Thai-like earthy flavor, this strain has some spicy and fruity aftertaste that enhances the experience.

However, the Voodoo cannabis should not be confused with the Purple Voodoo weed, which is a progeny of the Purple Urkle, Double Purple Doja, and the Purple Diesel strains. Although the Voodoo and the Purple Voodoo may have landrace genetics, the former has more pronounced Thai-like properties.

2. Juicy Fruit Cannabis Strain

A mature Afghani cannabis strain plant

Juicy Fruit is cross between Thai and Afghani Cannabis Strain, seen here

Juicy Fruit, a.k.a. Fruity Juicy OG, is a progeny of the Thai and the Afghani landrace strains. Afghani strain is a pure Indica, so it brings all the calming properties, not to mention its relatively high THC content, averaging 21%.

However, the Juicy Fruity OG weed strain balances both Afghani’s Indica and Thai’s Sativa to make a perfect hybrid with effects from both worlds. Users report a cerebral buzz followed by a deep relaxation after smoking the Juicy Fruit.

One of the reasons you may find the Juicy Fruit cannabis strain using different names is probably to avoid copyright complications with Wrigley’s product of the same name. However, the strain deserves the name as it conveys intense tropical fruit flavors, making it ideal for any setting or time of the day.

The Afghani has also helped create other popular strains like the Sour Diesel, Grape Ape, and the hard-hitting Romulan weed. It is a testament to the potency it contributes and how far genetics can go.

3. Haze Cannabis Strain

Nothern Lights Cannabis is among the best for beginners

Haze Cannabis Strain

The popular Haze cannabis strain is a progeny of the Thai, Columbian Gold, and the Mexico Gold weed. The three parent strains are considered landrace and are all pure Sativas. The Columbian Gold is also the parent to popular strains like the Romulan and AK-47.

Other popular strains from the Mexican Gold parentage include the Train Wreck and the Diesel.

The combination of the three landrace strains makes a Sativa dominant Haze cannabis with THC averaging 18%-25%, hence the Haze OG moniker. Therefore, smoking Haze will likely leave you hyperactive, friendly, euphoric, and uplifted.

Luckily, Haze cannabis’ flavor is not as woody as you’d expect in a strain with such a concentrated landrace parentage. Instead, it has a spicy scent with hints of citrus and sweetness. However, you should expect some earthy undertones at the very end of your exhale.

The Haze cannabis strains have proven so potent that breeders have used them to make the Haze Brothers cannabis strains that include other potent strains like the Super Silver Haze cannabis strain.

4. Blueberry Cannabis Strain

Blueberry Kush Cannabis

Blueberry Kush Cannabis

Blueberry cannabis strain was among the first bred strains on the West Coast by the famous breeder DJ Short. DJ Short crossed Purple Thai, Thai, and Afghani landrace strains. The Purple Thai parent strain is also called the Oregon Purple That (OPT) and is a progeny of the Highland Oaxacan Gold and the Chocolate Thai.

Blueberry cannabis strain gets its name from the blue pigmentation a grown cannabis plant produces, as well as the berry-like flavor you get within a few puffs. It’s 80% Indica dominant and has around 19-24% THC. These properties make Berry Blue cannabis perfect for relaxation and calming stress, pain, anxiety, depression, etc.

Unlike Sativas, Indica dominant strains are sedative and recommended when you want to wind down after a long day or to get a smooth sleep.

Breeders have crossed Blueberry weed with White Widow cannabis to make the sweet and sour Blue Widow weed. Similarly, Berry Blue’s cross with Super Silver Haze has resulted in the berry-tasting Cali-Dream cannabis.

5. AK-47 Cannabis Strain

AK 47 cannabis strain is a progeny of Thai landrace cannabis

AK 47 cannabis strain

AK-47, or the Royal AK, is not as brutal as the name suggests, but you should expect some mellow feelings with a burst of euphoria. AK-47 is over 70% Sativa, and THC levels can reach 23%. This genetic formation makes it a perfect wake-and-bake strain and perfect when you want to regain energy or focus.

Royal AK is a progeny of Thai, Mexican, Columbian, and Afghani landrace strains. Such parentage contributes not only the potency but also a landrace-like flavor characterized by some woodiness and sour undertones.

So, even if the AK-47 proves crucial for activity, it is a strain to approach with caution as the psychoactivity from the THC could easily get overboard. Besides, the minimal CBD concentration in this train may not be enough to counter any of the psychedelic effects.

However, it may be enough to provide therapeutic solutions like pain alleviation and anti-inflammation.

AK-47 is a parent of several strains, including the dreaded Kalashnikov weed.

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Thai cannabis strains have helped create numerous hybrid strains, and their contribution is still evident today. The few examples in this guide are just the icing on the cake, and you can ask for more varieties in your favorite cannabis dispensary.

While much of the benefits you’re likely to reap from Thai cannabis genetics are psychedelic, it also has proven to pass down therapeutic effects. However, the effects of each strain mainly depend on your tolerance levels.

Most importantly, you should not use this guide as medical advice or promotion of any product. Check out your local and federal laws to avoid falling into the hands of law enforcement on cannabis–related offenses.