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Thai Landrace Cannabis Strain: How To Enjoy Pure Weed Quality

Thai landrace cannabis strain is a statement of quality, joining the likes of Afghani and the Durban Poison landrace strains. As a 100% Sativa, Thai has become a real OG for creating hybrid strains with similar potency and hyperactivity. While finding a pure Thai landrace at your favorite store today may be challenging, you're sure to find clones or hybrids with close percentages. Nonetheless, no replacement can take the nativity and authenticity that smokers experienced when the strain was first smuggled. This guide reflects on Thai landrace cannabis and the prevalent phenotypes that may convey somewhat similar properties. What is Thai Landrace Cannabis Strain? Thai landrace cannabis As [...]

Mendocino Purps Cannabis: The OG In The Purple Cannabis Family

Mendocino Purps cannabis strain emerged from the coastal community in northern California known for its natural beauty and serenity. Mendocino is Spanish for Mendoza, which means "cold mountains" and is reminiscent of the origin's topography. The iconic Mendocino Purps cannabis stains reportedly originate from this tranquil landscape and became a true Cali-classic and cannabis connoisseur favorite. Today, the Mendo weed strain has dominated awards and become a backbone of many American weed genetics, especially those related to the Purple family. This guide explores the genetic formulation and effects of the Mendocino weed strain and highlights some notable phenotypes. What is the Experience after Mendocino Purps Cannabis Consumption? Indica Cannabis [...]

What Makes Tangie Cannabis Strain So sweet and Unique?

Tangie cannabis strain gets its name from the delicious tangerine and citrus taste that you get every time you exhale. Connoisseurs revere this strain for its intensely orange-smelling weed with gobs of flavor and an approachable daytime effect. Tangie offers something different than the typical old-school Sativas, which make you uncomfortable high. Besides, it doesn’t knock you down like an Indica. It’s unmistakable. While this weed strain has been around for several decades now, it was not until it won its first Cannabis Cup in 2011 that it became a buzzword. What is Tangie Cannabis Strain Origin?  Tangie cannabis strain is a progeny of the Cali-O and Skunk strains. [...]

Super Silver Haze Cannabis: Why it’s Ideal For An Occasion

Super Silver Haze cannabis is a Sativa dominant strain known for an energetic and long-lasting body high. Its 20% THC average can cause arousal and giggly feelings, suitable for holidays, especially if you like casual games or family movies and comedy. This strain deserves the Super title as it has clinched the High Times Cannabis Cup three years in a row. If you want to correctly categorize the SSH strain, you can put it next to potent strains like Jack Herer, Skunk, Northern Lights, and OG Kush. While THC and other properties may vary with your dispensary, you need to approach this strain with caution, especially if you're a beginner. [...]

Northern Lights Cannabis: 95% Indica and About 20% THC

The Northern Lights cannabis strain (NL) is an Indica powerhouse that has become a pillar in weed breeding notable strains like Super Silver Haze, White Widow, and Shiva Skunk. The strong Indica potency makes this strain ideal when you want perfect relaxation and easing of mind. NL inherits its properties from the cross of Afghani and Thai landrace strains, known not only for their potency but also somewhat earthy and poney undertones. Luckily, the less than 20% average THC in NL gives you a serene embrace, especially if you have attained the intermediate smoker level. Read on to discover more about the NL cannabis strain and why you’re likely to [...]

Enjoy The Sweet and Relaxing Sunset Sherbet Cannabis

If you’re looking for an excellent chill strain, Sunset Sherbet cannabis should be your go-to choice. This strain falls in the lineage of the potent OG Kush and is a direct descendent of the yummy Girl Scout Cookies cannabis and the relaxing Pink Panties. The “Sherbet” moniker perfectly fits this strain, thanks to its beautiful colors and sweet, citrus-meets-berry flavors. However, while beginners would prefer a sweet cannabis strain, they should approach this wit caution as the 18-21% THC average could be too much. Nonetheless, with the proper dosage and understanding of your tolerance, you will surely experience powerful, full-body effects accompanied by a jolt of cerebral energy and a [...]

Strawberry Cough Cannabis: Sweet, Spicy, And Berry-Kissed

Strawberry Cough cannabis strain is popular for its therapeutic effects especially on anxiety and depression. Its unusually sweet berry-like flavor and aroma also comes as a surprise for many. With a significant Sativa dominance, the strain enhances productivity without causing drowsiness. These properties makes the Strawberry Cough weed strain ideal when faced with a complex task ahead. Moreover, it may be ideal for beginners since the THC ranges at 19-20%, but that depends on variety and your tolerance. What is the Origin of Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain? Kyle Kushman is an internationally-renowned cannabis cultivation expert who created the Strawberry Cough cannabis strain Strawberry Cough weed is thought to [...]

Purple Urkle Cannabis: Another Purple Legend

The Purple Urkle cannabis strain, a.k.a. the Urkle, emanates from the Purple cannabis family, so expect some sweet aroma and a visual appeal. The strain is also Indica-dominant, making it ideal for nighttime, especially for people struggling with insomnia. The Urkle is one of the strains hard to ignore in your dispensary not only due to the appealing sight but also the balanced potency, thanks to THC levels averaging 18%. This guide explores the Purple Urkle cannabis strain’s genetic formation, uniqueness, and expected effects. The Purple Urkle Cannabis: Origin and Genetic Makeup Purple Urkle Cannabis Strain The Purple Urkle’s assumed parentage is connected to the award-winning Mendocino Purps [...]

Banana Kush: Tastes Like Banana But Feels Like Kush

Banana Kush cannabis strain tastes like a bushel of fresh bananas, leaving you with a creamy flavor and a somewhat sedative effect. The Kush moniker proves this strain inherits genetics from the potent OG Kush. Some Banana Kush cannabis strains are bred directly from OG Kush, while others comprise the Ghost OG and Skunk Haze genetics. Nonetheless, the result is an Indicia potent strain with THC levels that could surpass 30%. Below is a detailed exploration of the Banana Kush cannabis strain, including its therapeutic and psychoactive effects. Genetic Makeup of The Banana Kush Cannabis Strain OG Kush Weed Strain Banana Kush Cannabis strain results from crossing OG [...]

Grapefruit Cannabis Strain: A Darling For Beginners And Veterans

As the name suggests, the Grapefruit cannabis strain is not only sweet but can also have you reenergized for the day. The mysterious origin of this strain adds to its uniqueness, but you're sure to reap the benefits of the Cinderella 99 parentage. Grapefruit weed is known for its euphoric effects and extreme energy thanks to the notable THC levels and Sativa dominance.  It is also revered for its easy cultivation, hence its wide availability in reliable cannabis dispensaries. This guide explores the genetic formation, characteristics, effects, and best consumption method of the Grapefruit cannabis strain. What is the Origin of Grapefruit Cannabis Strain? Grapefruit cannabis strain The [...]