Enjoy The Sweet and Relaxing Sunset Sherbet Cannabis

If you’re looking for an excellent chill strain, Sunset Sherbet cannabis should be your go-to choice. This strain falls in the lineage of the potent OG Kush and is a direct descendent of the yummy Girl Scout Cookies cannabis and the relaxing Pink Panties.

The “Sherbet” moniker perfectly fits this strain, thanks to its beautiful colors and sweet, citrus-meets-berry flavors. However, while beginners would prefer a sweet cannabis strain, they should approach this wit caution as the 18-21% THC average could be too much.

Nonetheless, with the proper dosage and understanding of your tolerance, you will surely experience powerful, full-body effects accompanied by a jolt of cerebral energy and a carefree state of mind.

Below, we look at the Sunset Sherbet cannabis strain’s genetic formation, its effects, and some of the close cannabis alternatives.

What is the Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Strain?

Sherbet Queen cannabis

Sherbet Queen cannabis

Sherbet is a descendant of the Indica–dominant Pink Panties and the euphoric Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) cannabis strains. Breeders sought to infuse Pink’s euphoria and spicy flavors with GSC’s relaxation and earthy undertones.

Both the Panties and the GSC cannabis strain are from the OG kush lineage, hence the earthy and pine undertones in Sherbet. OG Kush was crossed to make Burmese Kush, of which Pink Panties is a progeny. Similarly, Sherbet OG’s parent strain, GSC, is a Progeny of OG kush.

Girl Scout Cookies parent strains

Sherbet variation, GSC, descends from OG Kush and Durban Poison

However, the GSC cannabis strain brings its Durban Poison genetics, while Pink Panties conveys some Florida Kush to make the Sunset Sherbet cannabis. Both parent strains are Indica dominant and contribute to the Sherbet’s Indica dominance.

Despite the pungent aroma the landrace strains like Durban Poison strains produce, the incorporation of fruity elements from the Panties makes Sherbet a sweeter strain than other strains in the lineage.

Potential Effects of Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Strain

Sunset Sherbet cannabis can stimulate appetite

Cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in cannabis can trigger the munchies effect

Typical of Indica strains, the Sunset Sherbet cannabis strain is more calming than energizing. It is the kind of Strain you want to address insomnia or when looking to wind down on a long day.

The relatively high THC levels (About 20%) can trigger notable euphoria and psychoactivity, so beginners should tread carefully. The most notable impact after Sherbet OG weed consumption is relaxation. Users have reported feeling uplifted and happier after a few hits and generally calming after feeling.

Sherbet’s calming sensation is also terrific when you want to focus deeply. If your task requires some creativity, Sherbet is your favorite strain, but be sure not to go overboard. Tranquility comes in handy when you want to get your mind off of stress, anxiety, and pain.

Another common effect that users are likely to experience with Sunset Sherbet cannabis strain is appetite stimulation. While THC has the upper hand in stimulating appetite, the fruity and citrusy flavors make everything in front of you seem delicious and edible.

Individual responses to Sunset Sherbet cannabis may vary due to factors like dosage, tolerance, and personal physiology. Most importantly, using cannabis as a therapy can be risky without guidance from a professional healthcare provider.

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Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Comparison With Other Strains

Sherbet alternatives with similar attributes include Gelato, Wedding Cake, and Blue Dream strains. However, those offering contrasting experiences include Granddaddy Purple and Sour Diesel.

Let’s look at the uniqueness offered by these top alternatives.

1.      Sherbet vs. Gelato

Three buds of Gelato cannabis strain

Gelato #42 is a parent to Royal Runtz

Gelato cannabis strain is a progeny of the Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. For this reason, it conveys properties identical to the Sherbet OG strain, only that it is a more balanced hybrid strain than Sherbet.

Both Sherbet and Gelato cannabis strains are Indica-dominant, so they offer more tranquil effects than energizing. Additionally, the two strains are classified as fruity or sweet cannabis strains despite belonging to a lineage with landrace strains like Durban Poison weed.

One difference between Sherbet weed and Gelato cannabis is that the latter has more balanced effects of hyperactivity and focus while the former is more aligned to sedation. Another difference between the two strains lies in the flavor. Gelato tastes more like its velvety namesake, while Sherbet tastes like a desert.

2.      Sherbet Vs. Wedding Cake

Sunset Sherbet cannabis compares with the Wedding cake cannabis for socializing

Wedding Cake Strain

The sweet Wedding Cake cannabis also makes a perfect alternative to the Sunset Sherbet weed. It is a cross between GSC weed and Cherry Pie. Other variations may also be crossed with the tangerine-like Tangie weed.

Like the Sherbet cannabis strain, the Wedding Cake is an Indica-dominant strain with similar THC levels, about 20%. Therefore, both strains may cause high headedness while boosting your relaxation and focus. Similarly, both strains fall under the sweet cannabis strains category, thanks to their fruity aroma.

The Cherry Pie cannabis crossed to create the Wedding Cake is a progeny of the Granddaddy Purple and the legendary landrace strain, Durban Poison cannabis. For this reason, some varieties of the Wedding Cake cannabis convey touches of earth and pine.

3.      Sherbet OG Vs. Blue Dream Cannabis

A mature Blue Dream Cannabis plant

Blue Dream cannabis strain

Blue Dream cannabis strain and the Sherbet strain may have similar THC levels and aromas, but one is sedative and the other energizing. Blue Dream inherits its Sativa dominance from its Haze parentage, but the colorful hues and the sweet berry taste come from the Blueberry cannabis parentage.

The Haze used to make Blue Dream weed is a cross of about four landrace strains, with the majority being Sativa dominant. Haze is also backcrossed with Northern Lights and Skunk’s #1 cannabis strain to create the Super Silver Haze, a legend in the Royal Haze Brothers.

Generally, Sherbet and Blue Dream cannabis strains have at least one parent strain directly bred from the landrace strain. However, as a Sativa dominant weed, Blue Dream is a perfect wake-and-bake cannabis strain as opposed to the blaze and daze Indica Sherbet.

4.      Sherbet Vs. Granddaddy Purple

Purple hue on the Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Strain

Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Strain

GDP significantly helps enhance Cherry Pie strain as its fruity aroma override the potent landrace genetics of the Durban Poison. Another of GDP’s biggest draws among enthusiasts is its sheer beauty and visual allure. Its attractive purple pigmentation sets it apart from the crowd, thanks to anthocyanins- the chemical responsible for the purple and blue hues on different vegetation types.

GDP cannabis strain is a progeny of the Big Bud and the legendary Purple Urkle cannabis strains. Like Sherbet, this strain is Indica dominant, promising a quiet rest after a tedious day. It is the type of weed you want to ingest to quell some thoughts or pain.

The THC levels are similar for both strains, but GDP’s sweet grape flavor makes all the difference.

5.      Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Vs. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain is ideal for socializing

Sour Diesel Cannabis

Sour Diesel cannabis strain’s THC level can reach over 25%, making it way more psychedelic than Sunset Sherbet weed. Adding its sour fuel taste and Sativa dominance into the mix, you get an outright antagonist of the Sherbet OG strain.

Nonetheless, breeders have sought to merge the best from these two strains to create the phenomenal Sour Sunset Sherbet strain. The progeny is an Indica dominant hybrid with a THC level averaging 20%. It perfectly blends sweet fruit notes and pungent gas in flavor and aroma.

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Smoke the Fizzy, Sweet Sherbet On A Bong

Sunset Sherbet cannabis is the go-to strain when you want to relax and have your thoughts fade away. A few hits also leave you smelling like a baker, thanks to the cookie-like tastes the strain inherits from its sweet parents.

How about pairing that with a sleek smoking accessory like the massive 18-inch bong? Visit for stylish accessories and, tricks and trips to enhance your cannabis experience.

All said, cannabis is a highly restricted substance due to its potential effects and abuse. Therefore, you should not substitute information in this guide for medical advice or an endorsement of any product.