The Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain, a.k.a. GSC/Cookies, has been around for over a decade and has played a vital role in shifting the cannabis landscape.

Besides the legacy, GSC has become breeders’ favorite for developing crosses, paving the way for a surge in gourmet strains like the Mint and Platinum.

What’s most thrilling is the Cookies’ unparalleled popularity and adaptability in the now-flocked weed strain market. The strain is still winning awards, and users can’t get enough when they settle to smoke the flower on a massive bong!

This guide reduces the GSC weed strain to the bare bones, activating your third eye on its genetic makeup, effects, and comparison with others.


Key Takeaways

  • Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain is thought to be a descendant of the Durban Poison and OG Kush strains.
  • Its popular variations include Thin Mint, Forum Cut, and Platinum.
  • GSC’s potential recreational benefits include relaxation, euphoria, creativity, appetite stimulation, and stress alleviation.

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What Makes up the Cookies Strain?

Girl Scout Cookies parent strains

GSC parent strains

Cookies is thought to be a descendant of OG Kush and Durban Poison Cannabis strains. Breeders sought to infuse Durban poison’s euphoria and spicy flavors with OG Kush’s relaxation and earthy undertones.

The name itself is a testament to its sweet dessert-like flavor and aroma profile, likely to invoke memories of classic cookies we all knew and loved in our childhood.

Another proof that Cookies is a favorite in the cannabis world is the number of awards and accolades it has clinched. It has been named Best Hybrid Strain at the High Times Cannabis Cup, The Emerald Cup, and Leafly Hall of Fame, to mention but a few.

Popular Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain Variations

Image of the two variants of Girl Scout Cookie cannabis strain

Thin Mint and Platinum GSC are the most popular GSC variants

Thin Mint and Platinum are the two most popular variations, offering a slightly different experience while staying true to the enduring GSC legacy. Other variants include Forum Cut, Thin Mint Cut, and Platinum Thin Mint.

Thin Mint GSC got its name from the iconic cookies with which it shares an uncanny resemblance. This variant also boasts a chocolatey and minty flavor akin to fresh-baked cookies.

Fans seeking a more relaxing effect go for the Thin Mints, which tend to lean more towards the Indica relaxation side but with a touch of euphoria.

Similarly, the Platinum GSC variant is adored for its balanced hybrid experience characterized by a soothing body buzz and a gentle cerebral uplift. Users prefer this variant because it’s sweeter and has a citrusy aroma that makes the atmosphere a little fresh.

Potential Benefits of Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain

A man relaxing on a beach

GSC Strain offers a feeling of tranquility

In addition to the variations and flavors, Cookies is revered for its potent recreational and medical effects.

Let’s explore the typical effects and potential medical benefits.

  • Relaxation: The 60% Indica amount in the strain contributes to a notable calming sensation throughout your body.
  • Euphoria: Consumers have also reported feeling happier and uplifted after a few hits of the Cookies, thanks to the 40% Sativa.
  • Creativity: The combination of the mood boost that comes with the euphoria and the Indica tranquility helps users focus, especially in brainstorming sessions or creative endeavors.
  • Stress Disorders: GSC’s mood-enhancing euphoria may help people combat symptoms of anxiety and depression, albeit temporarily.
  • Insomnia: It has higher Indica percentages than Sativa, meaning it is more relaxing than energizing. In this case, a few puffs may improve your sleep patterns and alleviate insomnia.
  • Appetite Stimulation: Like many other Mary Jane strains, Cookies is also known to induce the “munchies effect,” which helps individuals struggling with eating disorders like appetite loss.

Individual responses to this strain may differ depending on factors like personal physiology, tolerance, and dosage.

Additionally, you should consult a professional healthcare professional before attempting the strain as a medical intervention.

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Popular GSC Cannabis Strain Alternatives

A garden of alternatives to Girl Scout Cookie Cannabis Strain

Weed Strain Plantation

GSC alternatives with similar attributes include Gelato, Wedding Cake, and Blue Dream strains. However, those offering contrasting experiences include Granddaddy Purple and Sour Diesel.

Let’s look at the uniqueness offered by these top alternatives.

  1. GSC vs. Gelato

Three buds of Gelato cannabis strain

Gelato #42 

Gelato is another tantalizing hybrid strain from Cookie Fam Genetics made from the Thin Mint variant. Breeders added the Sunset Sherbet into the mix and ended up with a 55:45 Sativa-Indica ratio.

Like GSC, Geato#42 offers balanced effects of relaxation and euphoria, as detailed in our comprehensive Gelato Cannabis strain review, but has a slightly different and sweeter flavor profile.

  1. GSC Vs. Wedding Cake

    Wedding cake cannabis

    Wedding Cake Strain

If you can’t find the right Cookies strain near you, consider the Wedding cake strain. It is a product of the Girl Scout Cookies and the tangy and aromatic Cherry Pie. Therefore, GSC and the Wedding Cake share sweet flavor notes and a balanced effect of euphoria and relaxation.

While you expect the results to be somewhat similar, our review of the Wedding Cake cannabis shows better results in stress relief, mood enhancement, and tension alleviation.

  1. Cookies Vs. Blue Dream Cannabis

Blue Dream weed strain originates from Haze and DJ Short Blueberry and has a Sativa dominance of about 70%, making it more versatile.

Besides, the Blueberry factor in Blue Dream gives it a fruitier flavor than the GSC, and the effects are less likely to lead to sedation. Nonetheless, both strains have identical characteristics, and this guide on how to grow the Blue Dream ganja at home also works for the Cookies.

  1. GSC Vs. Granddaddy Purple


    Purple hue on the Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Strain

    Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Strain

Granddaddy Purple is a strain from Big Bud and the Purple Urkle strains. It has a 70:30 Indica-Sativa ratio, meaning that it’s deeply sedative. According to the Granddaddy’s Purple Cannabis strain review, the strain has a unique color pigmentation, which is a big draw among users and growers.

Therefore, Granddaddy Purple emerges as the best alternative for restorative sleep and profound relaxation. It is a comforting choice for those struggling with stress, chronic pain, and insomnia.

  1. GSC Vs. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel’s Sativa -dominance significantly differentiates it from the Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain. The over 90% Sativa concentration in Sour Diesel provides a surge of euphoria, mental clarity, and energy, unlike the balance in Cookies.

So, if you’re seeking a boost of productivity, focus, or motivation, Sour Diesel cannabis may be the ideal option. Sure, GSC has a significant portion of the energy, but it is inhibited by a calm and restful experience.

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Let Smoking Smell Like Cooking

Whether you’re seeking a delightful taste experience, pain relief, creativity, or relaxation, GSC and its variants have something to offer.

For further exploration of cannabis strains, visit and learn tips, tricks, and steps to cultivate cannabis. You will also find a curated selection of stylish smoking bongs and other cannabis accessories.