The OG Mug Bong Makes You the Real OG

Are you an OG? Then there is nothing better than waking up and baking with the OG mug bong every day. Using the mug bong will make you a responsible adult who benefits from mental and physical advantages that drinks such as coffee bring to your body. In fact, using the bong to smoke THC-rich herbs would complement these advantages, but we’ll expound on that soon.

The OG mug you use for your coffee is not only awe-looking but also reveals a lot about your personality. So, it would undoubtedly make the best choice if you enjoy smoking while drinking coffee.

Key Takeaways

  • A mug bong is made from a coffee mug and designed to let you smoke your products.
  • Common mug bongs include telescoping coffee mug bongs, woke and toke, OG mug bongs, and 420 coffee mugs.
  • The mug bong allows you to use other liquids instead of water to filter and cool the smoke.

What is a Mug Bong

Simply put, a mug bong is made from a mug and designed to let you smoke your products. Common mug bongs include telescoping coffee mug bongs, woke and toke, OG mug bongs, and 420 coffee mugs.

Drinks such as coffee or orange juice are essential for most of us who need something to get our thoughts to function properly. With that in mind, mug designers have developed a bong that lets you smoke products while still having a place to drink something unique.

The mug for your morning coffee sits at the top of the bong; under it, there’s a hole to place your herbs. Several mug bong variations come with trumpet-like smoke trails wrapped around the mug rim.

Moreover, the mug bongs also have the bowl and carb hole in different locations. For example, the OG mug bong has its bowl next to its handle or under the logo. Also, the carb hole is located on the other side of the cup, while the mouthpiece is close to the mug’s handle.

Benefits of a Mug Bong

The products you smoke, such as tobacco or marijuana, increase self-esteem and relaxation, especially in the morning; so, with a mug bong, you know you have more than waking up your thoughts; you can conceive fresh ideas. The genius side created by the mug bong may be crucial when coping with your health, workplace stress, etc. However, you should consult a medical professional before finding solace in the mug bong.

If, for instance, you’re taking THC with a coffee mug bong, you hit two birds with one stone. The herb counteracts any negative thoughts your may have while the coffee sensation keeps you alert. We’ve heard anecdotes of people having brilliant ideas after a smoking session. So, you may need to carry a pen and paper as you go for that mug bong experience as you may discover mesmerizing things during the sesh.

Key things to consider for the best mug bong experience are the material and the ease of maintenance. The cleaning process depends on the material used to make the bong and the design. High-quality and portable mug bongs like the OG mug bong are long-lasting and easy to use. No one wants to smoke from a dirty bong leave alone drink coffee from it.

How To Use a Mug Bong

Mug bongs are so simple to use. Follow the steps below.

  1. Prepare your coffee hot or cold.
  2. Pour it into the mug.
  3. Grind a medium-coarse powder of your herbs. If you prefer tearing the herbs with your hands, maintain a small size, as large pieces could burn unevenly and go to waste.
  4. Pack the bowl lightly but firmly. Getting the bowl too tight would make it hard for you to remove it after the session.
  5. Put only a limited number of herbs to avoid wastage. Also, prevent the herbs from falling off the bowl by tapping them a little.
  6. Ensure that the bowl faces way when you want to take a dab.
  7. Light up the bowl and inhale through the mouthpiece like in other bongs or pipes.

Can I Clean the OG Mug Bong with My Dishwasher?

If you have a dishwasher at home, you’ve probably thought of using it to clean your dirty bong. But you’ll surely be hesitant to carry on, especially if you’ve previously had a big bong rip. Your bong could break into pieces when put under the dishwasher’s pressure.

Also, you don’t want to spoil your dishwasher if the bong breaks. What about the foul smell from the dirty bong water remaining in the dishwasher? You won’t enjoy any bit of getting rid of the stains and the odor.

Washing The Mug Bong with A Dishwasher Could Be Risky

Dishwashers can perfectly wash your bong and save you much time and energy. However, you should only consider using the dishwasher if your mug bong is of simple but high-quality design. Even if you had a strong bong, we wouldn’t recommend using the dishwasher every time.

It’s worth noting that a dishwasher is only effective in cleaning a beaker bong/straight tube. Anything other than that will look clean on the outside, but the interior will look wanting.

Instead of relying on a dishwasher to clean your bong, upgrade the cleaning solution to a professionally formulated one, and the cleanup process will be a breeze. Remember to handle some cleaning products carefully and wear gloves to avoid injuries or burns.

How To Wash Your Mug Bong in The Dishwasher

You can use your dishwasher once in a while for a quick mug bong cleanup. Also, let the bong be the only piece you’re washing in the dishwater, as other kitchenware increases risks. So, if you ever need a dishwasher, follow the steps below.

  1. Dismember any removable parts like the bowl.
  2. Secure the parts in the silverware section.
  3. Invert the bong.
  4. Add cleaning solutions
  5. Start the dishwasher and let it complete the cycle.
  6. Once the cycle is complete, remove the mug bong and check if it’s clean.
  7. If not, consider cleaning it with traditional methods.

Make Your Mug A Bong

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