Granddaddy Purple Cannabis: Is It Too Strong for New Tokers?

Granddaddy Purple Cannabis strain boasts a remarkable blend of recreational and medicinal effects. Cannabis enthusiasts affectionately recognize it as “GDP.”

The granddaddy moniker is telling enough that you’ll deal with an OG strain here.

However, this strain’s striking purplish appearance is the most intriguing aspect. It’s easy to distinguish from other cannabis strains as the buds come with deep purple hues, orange pistils, and an elegant layer of trichomes.

What’s More? The strain has been around for over two decades, so the reviews and testaments are plenty, making it easier to compare with other formidable cannabis strains and predict the experience for novice and seasoned users.

This guide explores the strain’s aesthetics and helps you understand the likely effects of GDP consumption.

Key Takeaways

  • GDP cannabis emerged from crossing the Big Bud and the Purple Urkle strains.
  • Users and cultivators identify the GDP through its sheer beauty and visual allure of purple and blue hues.
  • One of the most effective, stylish, and healthy way to smoke your strain is with a bong.

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GDP Cannabis: Origin and Genetic Make Up

Granddaddy Purple Cannabis plant

Granddaddy Purple Cannabis

Records trace the first development of the Granddaddy Purp in the early 2000s by Ken Estes. During this time, Ken was recuperating at home from an accident when he thought of making a strain to alleviate his pains. Eventually, he meticulously crossed the Big Bud and the Purple Urkle strains to craft the GDP.

The Purple Urkle strain is popular with purple hues and a grape-like aroma. It has been used widely in Northern California and is revered for its distinctive appearance and profound relaxing effects.

Similarly, the Big Bud strain contributes genetic and structural properties to the GDP. It is a classic Indica strain that contributes to the GDP’s Indica dominance and the dense and sugary nugs.

Today, you can find numerous GDP cultivators and breeders near you now that genetics have been shared worldwide. Besides, advancements in breeding and cloning techniques have made the strain accessible over the generations.

Granddaddy Purple Cannabis: What Makes It So Unique?

Cannabis extracts

Granddaddy Purple

GDP’s biggest draw among enthusiasts is the sheer beauty and visual allure. Its attractive purple pigmentation sets it apart from the crowd, thanks to Anthocyanins-the chemical responsible for the purple and blue hues on different vegetation types.

In fact, Anthocyanins are the same compound responsible for the captivating blue and purple colorings you see in grapes and blueberries. It becomes more pronounced during the flowering period when the temperatures fall.

So, a plant with dense shades of purple indicates an accumulation of Anthocyanins. It also shows the plant’s ability and resilience to adapt to new environments.

While the allure of Anthocyanins could be a scientific reality, cannabis enthusiasts like GDP for what it is-a strain with a distinct appearance. So, as you add the concentrates on a bong and watch the color interplay, you appreciate both the effects and the artistry.

What Is the Flavor of Granddaddy Purple Cannabis?

A man smoking with a Gravity Bong

Smoking on a gravity bong

GDP buds offer a complex bouquet of fruity, floral, and earthy flavors. Just imagine the flavor from freshly picked ripe berries and the earthy undertones of rich soil.

As the purplish appearance shows GDP’s uniqueness, its fragrance leaves an indelible mark on the users’ senses. Fruity delight and floral elegance also create a refreshing and comforting aroma.

If you choose to smoke GDP cannabis strain on a bong, it takes you through a journey of tastes. Once you take a hit, you enjoy a sweet-berry-like embrace that reflects GDP’s aromatic profile.

Similarly, the strain’s earthiness grounds the overall experience and brings continuity to the aromatic effect. Above all, the symbiotic relationship between GDP’s flavor and aroma shows its intricate chemistry.

A smoking sesh lets you immerse yourself in an experience that engages your spirit and senses. Also, the strain’s rich aroma and flavors contribute to its appeal and allure hence the lasting legacy over the decades.

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Why Users Need to Be Careful with GDP Cannabis Strain?

Bucket Gravity Bong

Smoking on a Bong

Novice users may find the strain’s potency particularly impactful. However, this depends on individual tolerance, dosage, and the preferred consumption method.

Much of GDP’s potency lies in its THC content, which ranges between 17% and 27%, contributing to the notable calming and euphoria-inducing effects.

Nonetheless, experienced cannabis enthusiasts may appreciate GDP’s strong effects, especially when seeking therapeutic relief, deep relaxation, and a sense of harmony.

Here are the effects users report after consuming the strain.

Dualistic Effect

GDP’s Indica dominance plays a significant role in the celebrated physical relaxation and mental tranquility. Within a few hits, euphoria gently envelopes your mind replacing any worries or stress you may have. When you reach the correct dosage, you’ll have attained a contemplative and calm headspace for an evening rest or weekend chill.

Therapeutic Comfort

Besides the recreational effects, everyone expects within a few sessions, users also seek this strain for its therapeutic benefits. GDP may alleviate symptoms of muscle spasms, chronic pain, and insomnia.

A Natural Analgesic

The soothing effects associated with the GDP make it a promising option for people seeking respite from psychological and physical ailments. The relaxing and sedating effects offer users a chance to unwind and temporarily escape chains of anxiety, depression, stress, etc.

However, as with any medical decision, you must consult a professional healthcare provider before incorporating cannabis products, such as GDP, into your health routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the side effects of Granddaddy Purp strain?The main side effects of the Granddaddy Purple cannabis strain include dry eyes, dry mouth, and sedation. Therefore, users should avoid attentive activities like driving when using this strain.
  2. Can I grow Granddaddy Purple at home?Yes, you can grow GDP cannabis strain at home, provided you set proper humidity levels, well-drained soil, adequate lighting, and a temperate climate.
  3. How does Granddaddy Purple compare to other popular Indica-dominant strains?GDP cannabis strain has a distinctive purplish appearance. Other top Indica dominant strains like the Ice Cream Cake cannabis and the Zkittles cannabis strain also offer a combination of relaxation and euphoria. Still, GDP’s parent strains contribute to its distinctive genetics.
  4. What is the best way to consume Granddaddy Purple Cannabis?Smoking the Granddaddy Purple cannabis with a bong is the most effective, stylish, and healthy way to smoke your strain. Bongs come in different shapes, designs, and materials, allowing you to enjoy your concentrates while cooling the smoke and protecting your lungs.
  5. Where can I find Granddaddy Purple products?Buy the Granddaddy Purple pre-rolls, extracts, flowers, etc., from trustworthy online platforms and licensed dispensaries near you. Other smoking accessories are found at

Embrace the Elegance of Granddaddy Purple

Whether you’re drawn to Granddaddy Purple’s elegant aesthetics or intrigued by its potent effects and aroma, remember to explore it responsibly.

Also, as you embark on this journey of discovery, be sure to enjoy the company of stylish and reliable smoking accessories.

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