How To Use A Gravity Bong Compared To Other Weed Consumption Methods

The use of gravity bongs has increased significantly. It is one of the many ways you can enjoy cannabis as a veteran or intermediate smoker. Using a bong is beneficial, and most smokers wonder how they can use it safely at home. Most smokers are concerned about a large amount of smoke inhaled when you take a bong hit. The question most of them ask is, can bongs make you sick? When you draw smoke with a bong, it is no different from the puffs taken when enjoying marijuana in a joint. The difference is in the large amount and more CBD content.

Gravity Bong Usage Guidelines

As a smoker, you will feel that the gravity bong hits are powerful, especially for beginners. The hits are nice and smooth but not for inexperienced smokers. However, it is easy to operate and it doesn’t take a lot of practice, if any. When enjoying marijuana from a homemade gravity bong, most smokers ask, do these bongs hurt your lungs? The smoke it produces might be a lot more concentrated, but it is no different from the what you get from a joint. The puff from the joint is served in bits, but the smoke from the gravity bong is administered in large amounts. That is the most significant difference.

Using a gravity bong is easy. To make a device, you can refer to our guide and understand the materials you are supposed to use and how to make it. If you know how to make a gravity bong, you are sure to find smoking more comfortable. Start by lighting the cannabis on the top bottle cap. Slowly remove the smaller bottle from the water to create space. Once you fill the bottle with smoke, remove the lid with the burning cannabis and place your mouth on the bottle top. Slowly submerge the bottle in the water to push the smoke into your lungs via the small hole. Lightly place the mouth above the smoke chamber to avoid inhaling large amounts with the first puff.

Caution When operating a Bong

Gravity Bong Get You Higher

You need to be sure how to operate the device right from making a gravity bong. These bongs are easy to make by readily available at home. This makes it can be risky and convenient at the same time. Popular materials include a bucket of water, bottle back and a bowl. Make sure follow the steps in the guide to make an effective small device. For the bucket with water and large plastic bottles, you have to cut the bottom to push a smaller bottle with ease. You could check various designs to pick the most convenient with you. When you make a gravity bong, test it with a little amount of weed to determine its usefulness. Most users find it hard to use bongs with two parts such as a bucket of water and a bottle.

Today, different companies have come up with designs that are savvy and of high quality. These are made from glass and have zero risks of igniting when you light the cannabis. The same can’t be said about the homemade bongs. The first thing to be cautious about is using plastic materials to make a DIY bong. These are the readily available materials, but you should only use them cautiously. If the plastic bottle ignites when smoking, you may end up inhaling lots of toxic chemicals from the burning plastic bottle material. This begs the question; can bongs kill you? This depends on the materials you use to make the bong, how much smoke you inhale, and if you are using combustible materials if they produce toxic chemicals if they ignite accidentally.

Aluminum foil and plastic bottles weren’t meant for smoking. This means the standard two-liter plastic bottle coupled with the aluminum foil isn’t heat safe. When they are exposed to extreme temperature when the cannabis is ignited, some off-gassing may occur. This means that you are most probably inhaling some synthetic chemicals. While this might be the case, the risk can be avoided by going for quality glass gravity bong available for sale today.

The other thing to watch with gravity bongs is the harshness of the smoke produced. If you aren’t a seasoned user, go easy with the bong. It can be too harsh and strong enough to make a veteran smoker cough. Imagine what it would feel like using a gravity bong for the first time. It is enough to make you cough hard and create a tingling taste in your mouth. Be careful. You could make a larger hole or remove the bottle slowly if using water.

Other Smoking Methods

Gravity bongs with aluminum foil are one of many ways to enjoy weed. You can choose to use a bubble, pipe, or simply smoke a joint. But what is the difference between this and the gravity bong? When using a pipe or a bubbler such as in the case of a bucket bong, the smoke is passed from the burning cannabis, filtered through water, then into your lungs. This means the water filters the smoke you inhale through the bucket bong, and some chemicals are reduced. The smoke isn’t harsh on your lungs compared to the smoke inhaled through the bong without a bucket bong. Bongs deliver unfiltered smoke that contains all the harsh chemicals and all the THC content in the cannabis. A bucket bong with water is a perfect cannabis filter unlike aluminium foil and similar materials.

However, the aluminium foil is the most available filter. That is why most people put at the bottle cap. This brings in another difference between a gravity bong and other methods. Effectiveness. The smoke you inhale via the gravity bong is unfiltered. We can call it raw smoke direct from the cannabis to your lungs. It contains all the THC and other contents found in the cannabis plant. This means a bong hit can deliver a high that the average joint or pipe can’t deliver. That is why most veteran smokers prefer it to other smoking devices. But do gravity bongs save weed? This is the ultimate question that most stoners ask.

The more effective the bucket bong or a waterfall bong, the less weed used. The amount of weed used before achieving the desired high when smoking with a gravity bong is less than other methods. You don’t get any filtered content with bongs. You get all the contents of the weed unfiltered direct into your lungs and into your bloodstream. For beginners, one device hit can get you high more than an entire joint. Make sure to change your aluminum foil to keep everything fresh.

Gravity Bong Materials

Plastic Bottle

This is more prevalent, especially in homemade gravity bongs. They are safe but should be used with caution. It is durable and readily available, making it a good material for a bong. When enjoying marijuana via the gravity bong, if the smoke is too much for you and you end up coughing, you can drop the plastic bong and the only damage you get is the water stains on your carpet. The plastic bongs are also cheaper as compared to ones made from other materials. They are also suitable for travelling since they are lighter and don’t crack or shatter on transit. However, a plastic gravity bong smoking devices might alter the taste of your smoke.


This is the most popular material used to make gravity bongs. It provides a pure and clean taste because the glass isn’t affected by heat; therefore, it doesn’t affect your smoke’s flavor. It is easy to clean and easier to monitor the buildup of resin because it is transparent. These bongs are more expensive than plastic bongs because of these and other factors. Most stoners go for borosilicate glass gravity bongs as they have low thermal expansion, and therefore, less likely to break with regular operation. Each time you push the bottle, the plastic material gets weaker and may break.


Ceramic bongs are a bit heavier and robust when compared to all these other materials. This makes them so fragile and they don’t travel well. The only thing we can say is that they are easier to clean and easier to work with. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. As compared to plastic bongs, these are more expensive because of the effort required to make them. They might not be for the daily smoker but they are quite attractive for a collection and great for special occasions.


This might be a shocker to some stoners, but gravity bongs can be made from bamboo. The bamboo bong ranges from pretty basic to fancy. It is a durable material meaning the bamboo bong might last for a while if you treat it right. However, you have to use wholly dried bamboo to avoid having the bong alter the taste of your smoke.


It might not be as common as plastic, but it’s also used to make bongs. It’s also cheap but it affects the taste of your smoke. On the same note, you may not know when it’s time to clean the bong. Using a gravity bong is easier and more effective compared to other methods. But is it the best to draw smoke weed? The answer is not an ultimate yes, but it is an excellent method. If you want to experience a more potent and fast hit, go for a bong hit. You might cough a bit during the first time and maybe even when you get used to it. However, the coughing is an excellent way to get a distraction as the weed takes you to another dimension.

The bottom line with gravity bongs is that they are fun to use and great for people who want to explore different consuming weed methods. Gravity bongs depending on the materials used, can be used anywhere, even during special occasions. This makes it efficient and effective for all stoners. Remember, the consumption of cannabis is all about enjoying yourself. Smoking marijuana doesn’t have to be complicated. It only has to be fun and get you high.

Gravity Vaporizer

The gravity vaporizer is the ideal bong for people who want to smoke weed on the go. They are sleek, pen-like vaporizers that you can carry with you at all times. Most models are built like the conventional vaporizer with a temperature-controlled battery, a chamber, and coils. A few brands also come with a glossy mouthpiece. High-end models come with titanium coils, a chamber with a capacity of at least 0.5 grams, and a lifetime warranty on the battery. Vaporizer bongs are more expensive than most glass and plastic bottles. However, they are worth the investment.

How to Choose a Gravity Bong

If you do not go for a DIY gravity bong, you will be considering purchasing one. There are various models in the market, making it hard for one to pick the ideal bong. Consider the following when making a choice.

How regularly do you smoke?

If you are a regular stoner, go for materials such as glass, bamboo, metal, or a vaporizer. These materials can withstand frequent use and misuse and serve you for an extended period.

Do you travel often?

If you like smoking during your trips, go for a bong that you can carry with ease. Some models come with a storage package to keep them safe and clean when moving about. You can disassemble or collapse others when not in use. Whatever you pick, ensure that you can keep it clean and safe from damage when on a trip.

 What is your style?

Gravity bongs come in various designs, with the most popular ones being carburetor, straight tube, round base and waterfall bong. While they all use the same working principle, some smokers prefer one design to the other. Research various designs in terms of ease of use and aesthetics before making your selection. Some designs such as a waterfall bong are complex and often larger. However, some such the straight is simple and you can make one with a bottle.