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Clam The Bing Bong Song Lyrics

Clam The Bing Bong Song Lyrics If you've had a good time on TikTok for the past two years, you've probably seen the "fuck ya life, bing bong" video clip. Different people have adopted the "bing bong, fuck ya life" anthem and made videos of themselves emulating the original soundbite. The TikTok soundbite starts with a man shouting, "fuck ya life, bing bong," and has so far garnered millions of views. While in the first week, people wondered about the source of the inescapable trend, it was clear that the accent in the clip was from New York. To get the whole story, we conducted thorough research and discovered some [...]

Can I Get a Spiderman Bong?

Can I Get a Spiderman Bong? Are you a Spiderman fan? We have fine-looking bongs incorporating spiderman and other Marvel superheroes. Now you can smoke under the guard of the supernatural spiderman squatting or hanging on your bong and let your friends know your affection for the character. This is the best smoking item to carry when you want to catch the latest thriller with your friends or family. Besides, a good-looking spiderman bong can be a perfect conversation starter when you place it on your table. Key Takeaways Spiderman is a fictional character in Marvel films, including the popular Spiderman sequel. A spiderman bong must have a clear depiction [...]

Buy An Iridescent Bong and See It Change Color Like a Chameleon!

Buy An Iridescent Bong and See It Change Color Like a Chameleon! Unless you've been living out of this world, you've undoubtedly seen buddies smoking from a bong that seems to change colors. Iridescent bongs transform like a chameleon when in action. Key Takeaways Iridescent bongs are made of color-changing glass, a.k.a fuming glass, which provides the best visually impressive sesh. The legendary Bob Snodgrass created the fumed glass, but it was more of a case of accident rather than discovery. Commonly used metals and colors in iridescent bongs include copper and gold. What is An Iridescent Bong? Typically, iridescent bongs are made of color-changing glass, a.k.a fuming glass, which [...]

Become The Yoda Ripping a Bong

Become The Yoda Ripping a Bong If you’re a Star Wars fan who likes to party, check out the Yoda bong. The cute Yoda face and resilient materials make the bong the fun and talk of any party. This smoking bong features the adorable, powerful, and wise Star Wars character Yoda ripping a bong. Key Takeaways The Yoga bong is named after the Jedi Order's enigmatic leader, popular in the entire Star Wars universe. Notable Yoda bong features include durable silicone material, detachable parts, and a built-in glass bowl screen. Buy the Yoda bong at Vortex Gravity Bong and emulate the powerful Yoda ripping a bong. Yoda Bong Features When [...]

5 Cactus Bongs You Need to Try Out

5 Cactus Bongs You Need to Try Out Ever smoked cactus? The trend in bong design inventions offers you a chance to smoke from a cactus at home, work, or a party. Admittedly, the bong industry has seen some of the most erratic design innovations, from the Mario to the assault rifle bongs. Now we have bongs looking exactly like a cactus plant, from the sharp spines and the green color to the relief after smoke inhalation. Below we look at different cactus bong designs to help you choose the best for you. But first, let's understand what a cactus bong entails. Key Takeaways A cactus bong looks like a [...]

3 Cat Bong Designs to Buy This Season

3 Cat Bong Designs to Buy This Season If you're a darling for the feline family, the cat is one pet you'll surely keep as a companion at home and away. By looking at the cat, you develop positive aspects like healing, richness, fertility, and spiritual instinct. Every smoker wants these feelings before, during, and after a smoking sesh. One sure way to achieve this is to acquire a cat bong, and your smoking life will change for the better. Key Takeaways Any smoking bong designed to look like a cat or decorated with cat drawings and images is a cat bong. Note that exposing your cat to bong smoke, [...]

Amazon Percolator Bongs – Everything You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About Percolator Bongs Whether you are a newbie smoker or a regular stoner, a bong is something you should have by your side. Today, bongs have evolved, and visiting any headshop will leave you confused about the best smoking bong for you. A percolator bong is one recommendable item that provides an amazing and smooth experience. Below we take an in-depth look at this type of bong to help you make informed purchases. Key Takeaways A percolator bong comes with a porous accessory for extra cooling and filtration. Popular percolator bong types include honeycomb, tree perc, and showerhead percolators. Your choice of percolator bong material, [...]

What is a Chiba Bong

What is a Chiba Bong? Imagine watching your smoking bong sprouting plants and becoming a hilarious garden! This is the big draw for a chiba bong, and you can get it in any shape and size, including celebrities and Star Wars depictions. If you want a bong that blends in your nature-themed room, we have a few great options for you, but first, we need to get to the nitty-gritty. Key Takeaways A chiba bong is a smoking item that lets you grow the chiba plant. Having a chiba bong is foolproof that your life is not solely focused on smoking but also on nature and art. Although chiba seeds [...]

What is a Unicorn Bong

What is a Unicorn Bong? Unicorns are seen as the emblem of inclusivity, uniqueness, and diversity. This makes them iconic creatures to involve in your smoking sesh. Moreover, a bunch of unicorns is called a blessing, which you'd probably receive when you buy several unicorn bongs. Before we indulge in top unicorn bong designs and materials, let's understand the unicorn better. Key Takeaways A unicorn is simply an animation of a goat-like or hoars-like resemblance with a distinctive horn on its forehead. If a bong looks like a unicorn or has a unicorn decal, it is definitely a unicorn bong. Design unicorn bongs come with ice catchers and extra percolators [...]

What is the Best Purple Bong

What is the Best Purple Bong? If you want a bong to match your purple herbs and decorate your room, the purple bong might be right up your alley. Any smoking purple-colored item enhances the tranquility, ambition, luxury, calmness, and royalty associated with the color. However, the complex blowing process involved in adding the color on glass is probably the main reason purple bongs are limited in supply and coveted among smokers. Below we explore other vital considerations you're supposed to make when buying that cute purple bong. We've also worked hard for you and highlighted some of the best purple bong selections. Key Takeaways A purple bong is an [...]