ChemDawg Cannabis Strain: Why You Need To Be Cautious

ChemDawg Cannabis strain has become a staple in the cannabis market for its strong-headed-rush sensation and unique flavor. As a result, breeders have found a favorite for crossbreeding and creating even more potent and mesmerizing cannabis strains.

As one of the readily available high-strain cannabis strains, ChemDawg, a.k.a. Chemdog, can cause dizziness and disorientation to beginners. However, veterans like you and I can effortlessly handle the potency and enjoy the relaxing effects and a whiff of diesel-like aroma.

This guide explores the Chemdawg cannabis strain’s characteristics and genotype that makes it the OG it is.

Key Takeaways

  • Chemdawh cannabis strain is revered for its origin and a myriad of recreational and therapeutic effects.
  • This strain is slightly Sativa dominant hybrid and has THC levels averaging 23% and about 1% CBD.
  • The high THC, combined with Sativa dominance and the presence of crucial terpenes, results in an enhanced cannabis experience of cerebral high and euphoria.

What is ChemDawg Cannabis Strain?

Chemdawg Cannabis Strain

Chemdawg cannabis strain

Chemdog is reported to have originated from California. It is highly believed that the strain descended from the Thai and Nepalese sativa landraces.

While the claims remain unverified, the experience of growing and smoking ChemDawg points towards Sativa origin. Besides, her towering colas, stimulating high, and somewhat gassy bouquet resemble the presumed parent strains.

Most users report an earthy flavor and a pungent -sharp smell with hints of chocolate and citrus. Much of the flavor and aroma is contributed by the immense presence of the Limonene (0.22%) and Beta Caryophyllene (0.29%) terpenes.

What Is the Chemdawg Cannabis Experience?

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Chemdawg strain is ideal for relaxation and tranquility

A few hits of the Chemdog weed strain on a bong are enough to trigger an onset of effects characterized by a soothing and cerebral high. The level of potency is mainly determined by the balance of cannabinoids like THC, flavonoids, terpenes, and external factors.

For a novice smoker, using a massive smoking bong itself requires practice, let alone attempting a potent strain like Chem. Instead, it would be best to learn the ropes gradually, starting with less-potent strains or a few doses.

Since the Chem is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain, you should expect more relaxing effects than energizing. Despite having 45% Indica levels, the stimulating effects that this can cause are countered by the 55% Sativa dominance.

Moreover, its relaxing nature makes it ideal for the afternoon or the weekends when you want to wind down. In fact, the Chemdawg cannabis strain is known to cause a heavy-bodied effect and a couch-lock effect when taken in access. A moderate consumption should leave you with a calming and tranquil experience.

It’s worth noting that the THC levels averaging 23% contribute immensely to the Chemdog’s potency. Besides, the less than 1% CBD levels leave the THC unchecked and dominate most of your psychoactivities and side effects.

In addition to feeling heavy-bodied, Chemdawg’s other side effects include dry mouth, dry eyes, and paranoia.

How To Enhance Your Cannabis Experience

Popular Progenies of Chemdawg Cannabis Strain

ChemDawg is a real OG when it comes to breeding and has contributed to several of the best strains to enhance your cannabis experience. Here is a detailed look at five popular cannabis strains that are a result of Chemdog crossbreeding.

  1. Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain

High-THC cannabis strain Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain

Chemdawg cannabis strain was crossed with Super Skunkis to create the Sativa dominant Sour Diesel.  The result has become an icon in the cannabis world, thanks to its potency and contribution to creating many other strains, such as NYC Diesel and Headband. In fact, it has been ranked as one of the most significant strains of all time by High Times magazine.

THC in Sour Diesels ranges from 19-25%, which is relatively high considering that CBD levels are about 0.3%. Such levels, combined with the 90% Sativa dominance, make Sour Diesel a perfect daytime or wake-and-bake cannabis strain, as it can provide a stimulating and motivating effect that can help with productivity, creativity, or physical activity.

  1. Cali Dog Cannabis Strain

Cali dog strain is a descendant of chemdawg cannabis strain

Cali Dog Cannabis Strain

Breeders further crossed the Chemdawg with Sour Diesel to enhance the genotype, resulting in the Cali/Kali weed strain. When you see the “Cali” tag, you’re sure the strain emanates from one of the leading US states in the cannabis movement. Therefore, the quality is internationally renowned.

Cali Dog cannabis strain inherits the Sativa dominance from the parents. It boasts a THC percentage averaging 18% and CBD of about 1%. The cannabinoid formation means that Cali Dog’s psychoactive effects are close to what you’d experience in the parent strains.

However, this strain is less potent, and the high is likely to be clearer-headed and uplifting, making it more ideal for novices than the parent strains. Nonetheless, the Cali weed strain conveys the parent’s lemon fuel flavor.

  1. OG Kush Cannabis Strain

A mature cannabis plant

OG Kush Weed Strain

Seeing the promising results of crossbreeding Chemdawg, breeders incorporated the Pakistani Kush and a progeny of Lemon Thai to create the OG Kush weed strain.

The descendant has been a sought-after cannabis strain for its potency and sedative effects. It is ideal when you want to chill near the fireplace on your vacation or camping. Its Indica dominance and about 26% THC can induce a blissful state as you enjoy the warmth.

OG Kush strain is also popular for its enticing aroma characterized by citrus and a hint of spiciness.

Its 75% Indica dominance complements the high THC levels to cause overwhelming energizing effects with significant psychoactivity.

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  1. Alien Dawg Cannabis Strain

Alien Dawg cannabis strain

Alien Dawg Cannabis Strain

This strain emanated from a cross between the Chemdawg weed and the Alien Technology cannabis strain, an Indica-dominant strain known to originate from Afghanistan. The result is a 60% dominant Sativa strain with a THC average of 19%.

As a result, Alien Dawg offers an energizing high that does not go overboard thanks to the 40% Indica relaxing effects. The strain also combines the Afghani-like earthy taste with Chem’s diesel to give a somewhat herbal or spicy aroma and flavor.

Despite limonene terpene being the most dominant terpene in the Alien Dawg cannabis strain, it doesn’t emit much of a citrusy or lemony scent. However, it contributes to anti-inflammatory effects together with the secondary and tertiary terpenes such as caryophyllene and humulene.

  1. Purple Chemdawg Cannabis Strain

Purple Chemdawg cannabis strain

Purple Chemdawg cannabis strain

The Purple Chemdawg strain is a cross between the Chemdawg and the Granddaddy Purple (GDP) cannabis strain known for its e sheer beauty and visual allure. Breeders sought to fuse GDP’s genotype, including the attractive purple pigmentation and Chemdawg’s uniqueness.

The result was a 75% Indica-dominant cannabis strain with THC levels ranging between 17% and 21%. As a result, the Purple Chemdawg delivers powerfully relaxing effects perfect for an evening before you go to sleep.

Its unique characteristics have made it a favorite among users looking to treat chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. Its sweet grape aroma also makes it a bit sweeter than the pungent sharpness you get from Chem cannabis.

Smoke And Roll Over Like a Dog

Chemdawg cannabis strain has proven effective in offering extreme potency and psychoactivity. Its parentage and descendant are evidence of the recreational and therapeutic experience you’re likely to have in a sesh involving Chemdog.

However, this information is neither intended to be medical advice nor an endorsement of any product. You should always consult a doctor before using cannabis for any purpose.