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* Pre-orders are now closed.. Sorry, but you missed out!

Pre-order your unit now and pay only a fraction of the price. We are in the final stages of re-establishing all our suppliers after the COVID meltdown.

30 days prior to full production capacity the stand price will increase to our standard unit price.

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The pandemic was hard. We all know the challenges we all faced on a personal level, for those with businesses it was extra difficult. For us, we lost a number suppliers and our ability to produce new batches.

HOWEVER, that is about to change. We are now negotiating and soon to be partnering with a number of new suppliers and manufacturers. Soon we will be up and running again.

If you’re patient, then you’ll be able to save huge with our pre-order price.

Buy a gravity bong complete list.

After you’ve place your order, you’ll receive an email from the owner with a confirmation number and a phone number. Just incase you have questions or concerns about your pre-order.

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Color (Standard)

Blue, Green

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