3 Cat Bong Designs to Buy This Season

If you’re a darling for the feline family, the cat is one pet you’ll surely keep as a companion at home and away. By looking at the cat, you develop positive aspects like healing, richness, fertility, and spiritual instinct. Every smoker wants these feelings before, during, and after a smoking sesh. One sure way to achieve this is to acquire a cat bong, and your smoking life will change for the better.

Key Takeaways

  • Any smoking bong designed to look like a cat or decorated with cat drawings and images is a cat bong.
  • Note that exposing your cat to bong smoke, water, or experience could land you in trouble.
  • The best cat bong designs include the Beach Bum “Cat” Water Beaker Bong and the Black Cat bong.

What is a Cat Bong?

Your guess is right. Any smoking bong designed to look like a cat or decorated with cat drawings and images is a cat bong. You’ll come across various cat bongs online or at your nearest headshop. Some resemble a real cat, while others are the standard bongs with a few touches of cat legs, face, and tail decals.

Contrary to minority beliefs, a cat bong does not mean involving your cat in the steamy smoking sesh. Remember the smoker fined for putting a cat inside his bong to cool it down? He probably misunderstood what it really meant to smoke on a cat bong. We’ve highlighted several examples of cat bongs below to help you smoke your dry herbs with the meowing mood all over.

Is ‘Bong Bong the Cat’ A Smoking Bong?

Before we indulge in the best cat bongs, let’s debunk the myth connecting the popular ‘Bong Bong the Cat’ with smoking. Like other popular animals online like ‘Doug the Pug’ and the ‘Grumpy Cat,’ a cat in Thailand let an aww online for the cute costumes she wore while selling food on the streets.

The cat first appeared on a Facebook page, and her mini grocery “truck” and hawking tricks make her more than just another smartly dressed cat on the streets. The cat’s story and adorable pictures quickly gained her more than 30,000 followers within days of starting a Facebook page. Today, the cat has become a bona fide internet star and claimed the famous name Bong Bong. However, there’s nothing in her costume, items, or looks related to our lovely smoking bongs, but smokers find the name synonymous with smoking bongs. Choose from the list below if you’re looking for a bong that incorporates a cat theme.

Best Cat Bong Designs

  1. Alpha All-In-One Cat Bong

The Alpha cat bong meets all your smoking needs at no extra cost. This bong is fully equipped with a cleaning tool, portable water pipe, and storage space for every smoking paraphernalia and product. Besides, the Alpha cat bong has a torch, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting accessories when carrying the bong with you.

The Alpha cat bong resembles a wide tube, with only the top being hollow. The opening allows you to add a knockout-like enclosure which serves as the bowl and the mouthpiece. The cool blue hue all over the Alpha bong is probably the easiest thing to notice when you buy online or at your nearest store. This bong currently retails at $70, but that may change if you choose a larger size or more complex design.

  1. Beach Bum “Cat” Water Beaker Bong

You will likely relate to this unique smoking item if you’ve watched the Beach Bum movie. The great-looking 12-inch clear glass beaker bong features an identical face to the cat cast in the film. You’ll notice the movie’s logo in yellow on the mouthpiece and the white kitty on the base.

Moreover, the Beach Bum bong decal adds a “this shit has no seatbelt” statement, which is a perfect conversation starter in your house or at a party. To make the bong stand out, manufacturers have added a rimmed mouthpiece and black accents on the downstem.

The high-quality borosilicate glass used to make the Beach Bum bong is durable and heat resistant, meaning it can take what you dish out. The broader beaker-shaped base also gives you crucial stability when you light it up, take a drag, or hand wash it. It also has enough space to add percolators and ice cubes for the best filtration and cooling. You can order your Beach Bum ice beaker bong today for about $90.

  1. Black Cat Bong

Unlike the other bongs we’ve discussed here, the Black cat bong is something you might struggle to understand just by looking at it. The majestic bong is shaped exactly like a black cat standing in its popular upright pose with front legs straight covering the belly and the rear legs squatting.

The Black Cat bong is made of durable ceramic material and has a mouthpiece behind the head. The tail extends to the front to serve as the bowl, while the feet provide utmost stability. While the Black cat bong is intended for tobacco use, you can smoke any other herb and get high. Besides, the beautiful black cat bong only retails at $40, meaning you can have as many of these to give your cat an imaginary companion when you’re away.

Smoke and Meow!

Having a cat bong in your house, purse, or car is one way to ward off boredom and show love for the feline family. Whether it’s a Hello Kitty bong or a simple beaker bong with cat decals, you can enjoy your smoking sesh with a cat. Check out your best preference from our wide selection of cat bongs online.