Which Bee Bong Design Is Best for Me?

If you like bee-related activities and themes, from ripe fruits to sucking nectar, nothing will serve you better in your smoking sesh than a bee bong. Innovation and advanced technology have made it possible to add a bong that looks exactly like a bee to your collectibles. Besides, the availability of honey-like bong water makes even your run-on-the-mill beaker bong look and taste like a real bee hive.

The wide variety of designs, shapes, themes and bong materials is the only hurdle to finding the best bee bong for you. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down the search and explored some common bee bong designs that you should consider in your next bong purchase.

Key Takeaways

  • A bee bong is any smoking bong with a bee-like design or theme.
  • Most bee bong themes include bees, honeycombs, and flowers.
  • Common bee bong designs include the bee decal beaker bong and the walking bumblebee bong.

What is Bee Bong?

As the name suggests, a bee bong is any smoking bong with a bee-like design. This may include a round-base bong depicting yellow flowers or a few bee drawings. A bee bong should have something to make you think of a bee, honey, or anything associated with bees.

While we have different depictions of a bee bong, you can go for something other than the high-end bee-like bong, which requires digging deeper into the pocket. Instead, you can buy a plain beaker bong online or in your nearest headshop, stick a few bees on it, and you’ll surely be sucking the bee way.

Common Bee Bong Designs and Themes

If you conduct a simple search online or visit your nearest headshop for available bee bongs, you’ll be amazed by the level of creativity we already have. Some of the available bee bongs look sophisticated, while others look simple and affordable. Below we look at five designs that you can add to your room and enhance your smoking experience.

  1. Bee Decal Beaker Bong

We start with what most smokers consider the most affordable and easy-to-maintain bong; the beaker bong. However, this is decorated with a few bee and flower decals to liaise with smokers obsessed with bees. A beaker bong features a beaker-shaped base that acts as the water chamber and a protruding pipe on top as the mouthpiece. Most beaker bongs are made of glass and lack additional cooling items like percolators and ice catchers. However, if you wish, the mouthpiece has enough space to add these coolants.

The main difference between a plain bong and a bee beaker bong is the bee decal all over the smoking item. Essentially the decal includes several bee drawings, pollen flowers, and a few honeycomb depictions. If you add honey bong water in the water chamber, you turn a typical smoking sesh into a bee-themed smoking experience and a decoration in your room.

  1. Nesting Honey Bee Shower Head Bong

The 10-inch straight-body bong design is a bit more complicated than the beaker bong. Although the entire bong looks straight and solid, it incorporates additional techniques to make it look like a honeycomb or bee hive.

The first thing you’ll notice on the honey bee bong is the bee hive neck and the honeycomb pattern decal. Besides, the bong comes in assorted colors from blue, green, and yellow, depending on your preferences. What’s more? The honey bong comes with an outer stem and bowl at a right angle with what looks like honey droppings hanging beneath it.

  1. Upright Bee Bong

Away from the simple-looking bongs only decorated with a bee decal, we have glass bongs looking like an upright bee standing on its feet, ready to give you the best of hits. It’s one of the high-end bongs that would need a higher budget than other bongs.

The upright bee bong has all the parts of a typical smoking bong and additional features to make your sesh visually appealing. The bee’s head has a narrow opening at the very top where you’ll be inhaling. Besides, the head is percolated, meaning that your hits from the water chamber, which appears as the thorax, will feel cooler and smoother.

Additionally, the upright bee bong has two hands protruding from the thorax, one serving as the bowl and the other as an additional percolator. Finally, the bee bong replaces the abdomen with two legs curved inwards, resting on a solid base to support the bong as you take your hit. Notably, the bong is coated with a goldish color and a few black stripes to make it look like a real bee.

  1. Honey Droppings Bee Bong

The Honey droppings bee bong is another sophisticated smoking bong that requires care when smoking or washing. Unlike other straightforward bongs discussed here, the honey droppings bee bong may be hard to carry or pass, but the theme compensates for all that.

Most of the bong’s parts are plain glass, with only a few parts colored goldish to look like sweet honey hanging from the walls. Moreover, the bong comes with a honeycomb-like percolator, exactly looking like fresh honey comb and several bee decals to clarify the statement. The bowl is also shaped and colored like a bee hive, while the base has honey dropping extending outward to provide more stability to this gigantic item.

  1. The Walking Bumblebee Bong

Sure, this artwork looks like a massive walking bumblebee, but when you see someone smoke from it, you’ll quickly tell it’s a stylish bong. The entire body is black with four yellow stripes, just like a bumble bee. The bumblebee bong’s abdomen acts as the water chamber, while the head serves as the mouthpiece. Notably, the long legs in a bumblebee bong are wide at the feet to ensure it doesn’t fall in the smoking sesh and mess up your room or carpet.

Smoke From a Bee

The types and designs of bee bongs are endless, and it’s up to you to find one that’s right up your alley. Whatever option you make, you’ll incorporate a honey-like or sweet feeling in your smoking sesh. Besides, such an attractive item would be suitable for parties or gifts in the upcoming holiday season.