How to Choose the Best Cheapest Bongs Online

As cannabis grows in popularity, a lot of ways to smoke weed have emerged, the most common being the use of bongs. Choosing the right bong for you is an essential part of the process. After all, nothing beats that great, old-fashioned bong that is easier to fill than blunt paper and nothing also beats the feeling of pulling out your favorite pipe to pack and pass around amongst your group of friends.

But why go for the most expensive options when you can buy the cheapest bongs online? However, with so many options that are available on the online market, choosing the best bong for you may be a daunting task. Looking for the right budget-friendly option for you? Here is the ultimate guide on how to choose the cheapest bongs online.

The shape or style

Bongs come in an array of shapes and styles. While breakers and straight tubes are the most common shapes, the main difference lies in how their base is designed. Breaker bongs have a wider base while straight tube bongs are completely straight all the way. On the other hand, breaker bongs allow for the addition of more water that will cool down your smoke while straight tune bongs only accommodate a minimal amount of water for faster and larger hits. The shape and style will affect your bong’s function. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely.

Dry herb or concentrates?

Do you want to use your bong for dry herds or oil and concretes? By adding the correct attachment any bong can be used for dry herb or concentrates. In fact, if you want to use your bong for dry herbs, you simply need a dry herb bowl. As such, these two factors should not limit you when selecting your bong of choice. You can certainly use the same bong for dry herbs as well as oil concentrates. All you need is dedicated piece that will allow you to have the best smoking experience and flavor that emanates from your marijuana.

Quality and thickness

The cheapest bongs online range in quality and thickness in comparison to their higher end counterparts. These are the two most common factors that influence the price of bongs. The main types of glass that are used for making bongs include “hard glass” and “soft glass”. Hard glass bongs are thicker, dense and are higher in quality. In comparison to this, soft glass bongs come in solid colors and are cheaper in quality. The most common type of glass that is used for making bongs is the borosilicate glass. It is both high quality and durable. Bongs that are made of borosilicate glass are more expensive because of their high production costs. When it comes to thickness, a thicker glass is often better because of its increased strength and sturdiness.

The type of percolator

Percolators are useful for diffusing and filtering smoke. Generally, they offer a more pleasant smoking experience. There are bongs that contain glass tubes that go all the way to the base to diffuse smoke (down-stem) but many newly developed do not require a down-stem as this is replaced by a percolator. When choosing the cheapest bongs online, consider the type of percolator. They are all different in how they function and have different abilities to diffuse smoke. The most popular percolators include tornado, showerhead and honey comb.

The bong accessories

Bongs can be customized and modified with various accessories and attachments. Ash catchers are a highly popular bong accessory. They are a removable glass attachments that can be added to any bong and are meant to prevent debris from entering your water pipe. As such, an ash catcher makes it easy to keep your pipe clean and equally add an extra layer of filtration. Consider to function of the ash catcher on your bong of choice. It should properly fit into your water pipe joint. Also, ensure that your bong can support the weight of the ash catcher. Other accessories include pre-coolers and concentrate attachments.

Joint sizes

Bongs came in two joint sizes which are 14mm and 18mm. As such, you should purchase the cheapest bongs online that contain the same size joints. As the joint is found by the water reservoir that holds the bowl, it needs to be of the perfect size to complement your bong. For instance, if your bong has a 14mm female joint, you should be looking to buy a 14.4mm male glass joint.

Ease of use

Is the bong easy to clean? Eventually, it will get dirty and be filled with smoke and tar. It is quite simple to clean a bong with no percolators. Bongs that come with percolators are more challenging to clean. It is also much easier to clean an ash catcher. Opt for low-maintained and easy to use bongs that will still be efficient by allowing you to “get in there” for a good rubdown.


Even cheap bongs should be durable. When accidentally dropped on the floor, it should still break. Not all cheap bongs are fragile and of the lowest quality. There are those that can withstand wear and tear. To maximize durability, choose bongs with reinforced joints and wide-stable bases. This way, they will be useful for a long time despite their price tag.

Reputability of the online shop as well as the brand of bong

Investing in a quality bong is as important as buying from a reputable online seller. The last thing you want is to purchase you bong from a seller who will dupe you of your money. The fact that you are purchasing cheap bongs online does not mean that you should disregard the brand or reputation of the seller. Go for household names because they are known for their construction quality and style also, research on the online seller to ensure that you will get the most out of your buying experience.

It is important to purchase a bong that will all of your needs. Ensure that it is durable, flawless in construction and will no waste your dry herbs on smoke that slips through the seams. Now you are armed with the knowledge you need to purchase the right bong for your needs. Do not let it go to waste!