Best Heart Shaped Bongs to Warm Your Heart

If you’re looking for the best gesture of love for your special stoner bae, consider the romantic heart shaped bong. Yes, this type of bong takes the shape of a heart as a symbol of love, so you’ll think of gifts, romance, and love when you see it.

Heart shaped bongs have all the essential parts of a typical bong but come with a little extra flair. The water chamber shaped like a heart makes these bongs aesthetically uplifting without compromising on quality. You still get a wide mouthpiece, a herb slide, a lengthy down stem, and a female connection.

With the popularity of heart shaped bongs, the market is now flocked with differently-themed bongs. This makes things even more complicated when choosing the best for you or your stoner lover. Worry no more; we have compiled the best heart shaped bongs you can find regarding both performance and style.

Key Takeaways

  • Heart shaped bongs convey a love theme through heart shapes and decals in different parts.
  • Popular heart shaped bongs include the hearts lava lamp rig, pixel heart shaped bong, and pink heart shaped bong.
  • Be sure to settle for the right size and material to enjoy lovely smoking stress-free for a long time.

Pink Heart Shaped Bong

The romantic colors diffused around this bong makes it gentle and romantic. Besides, the quality borosilicate material used to make the pink heart shaped bong comes with the durability necessary for long-term smoking. The borosilicate glass also provides a sparkling crystal brilliance when put under light. Add the pink color, and you can imagine the beautiful glow.

Nonetheless, it’s the heart-shaped chamber that takes the trophy. You can clearly see the heart chamber with the fixed down stem running directly through the middle, just like the cupid’s arrow. The pink heart shaped bong also has an exquisite heart-shaped bowl to rhyme with the heart shaped bong. This makes it look simple and easy to lift but delicate.

The pink heart shaped bong’s round base makes the three-dimensional heart-shaped chamber bottle easy to hold, and the widened mouthpiece makes your lips feel good when they touch it.

Hearts Lava Lamp Rig

This smoking device perfectly combines the heart and lava lamp elements into a water bong. Notably, the lava lamp rig is dominated by the color green and features a lava lamp shape creating a groovy atmosphere.

However, the hearts lava lamp rig’s water chamber is colorless; what floats inside is not lava but beautiful hearts. This does not, in any way, affect the bong’s functionality and performance; the bong’s performance is as incredible as its design.

Notably, the hearts lava lamp rig comes with powerful cylindrical matrix perc that complements the evenly distributed vertical slits for a top-notch filtering effect.

Pink Heart Mini Joint Bubbler

You’ve probably seen this trending heart shaped bong. The cute heart shape will make you fall in love after you hold the mini bubbler. The beautiful little thing is like a heart bubble blown out to become a fun fit and comfortable on your palm.

The pink heart mini joint bubbler is specifically meant for joints, meaning you won’t need a bowl or other bong accessories. It also has a fixed down stem that leaves enough chamber space to conduct every functionality efficiently. Most importantly, the bubbler’s small size allows you to comfortably place it in your purse and carry it easily and anywhere.

Hand-Painted Heart Strawberry Themed Glass Bong

What better combination would there be other than strawberries and hearts? This hand-painted glass bong must be it.

Everyone loves a beaker bong mainly due to its simplicity, efficiency, and functionality. Therefore, it would be hard to ignore any classic beaker bong regardless of its theme. The heart strawberry-themed glass bong is made of borosilicate glass, making it resilient and long-lasting. The bong style is characterized by playful hearts and cute strawberry.

The heart strawberry-themed glass bong is the best choice if you’re looking for a high-quality, low-cost heart shaped bong. It has a slitted diffuser down stem that connects to the inside through an 18.8mm female joint. The male bowl also comes with a handle to make it easy to lift as you prepare to take a hit.

What’s more, the heart strawberry-themed glass bong has a 3-inch built-in ice catcher that holds the ice cubes to cool the smoke even further.

Pixel Heart Shaped Bong

The Pixel Bong is light brown and looks like a yummy heart made of chocolate bars. The 5 inches height and the 3 inches width give the pixel heart shaped bong a fantastic design and make it the right size for your smoking.

While the water chamber takes the shape of a heart when looked at from afar, coming closer reveals the small pixel squares that match the stable round base. Besides, the entire pixel heart shaped bong is made of a honey-like brownish glass, and you’ll surely be imagining the smoke you inhale will have a sweet chocolate taste. Whether you want to use it for room decoration, travel, or a gift, the pixel hearts bong will work perfectly.

Express Love with A Heart Shaped Bong

Choose any romantic heart shaped bongs online for your stoner honey. Spend some sweet dabbing time together with these functional and beautiful bongs, and you love will feel ecstatic. Be sure to settle for the right size and material to enjoy smoking the heart shaped bong stress-free for a long time.