Best Materials for Cartoon Bongs

Lately, the world has experienced a bong craze like never before. Smokers have even coined uncountable names for it – the list is endless: bubbler, straight shooter, calabash, hookah, hubble-bubble, and corn cob. The list of bong ideas is also longer than an arm. Designers can customize your favorite cartoon character in the form of a cartoon bong as opposed to just stickers.

Key Takeaways

  • Cartoon bongs depict different cartoon animations to incorporate the fantasy into your smoking sesh.
  • Silicon is a more versatile and flexible material for making cartoon bongs
  • While silicon bongs are more durable than glass bongs, they suffer under direct sunlight

The Smoking Bongs

This brilliant smoking bong has been used for hundreds of years in Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world. Today, the apparatus and technology used are far much advanced though the principle is the same. Stoners have discovered that smoking from bongs is healthier than from traditional pipes and papers. The hit from bongs is cleaner, smoother, and more refreshing. This is why bongs have become stoners’ best companion.

Bongs are available in different materials, including glass, ceramic, plastic, bamboo, and silicone. Glass and silicon bongs sell more than those made from other materials because they possess unique features than the rest.

Glass Cartoon Bongs

Glass bongs are intricately crafted artworks in different styles, colors, and textures. Some glass cartoon bongs are simple, while others, are complex and elegant smoking tools. Glass cartoon bongs can be displayed as centerpieces even when one is not a smoker. Here are more reasons why glass is preferred for bongs.

Super Ergonomics

Like other products, bongs are everyday products among stoners. Glass is super ergonomic, meaning users can use it daily and safely. The tempered glass material used to make bongs is easy to handle, lightweight, and durable. Besides, glass bongs offer a cleaner hit than bongs made of other materials.

Glass Is Sturdy

Glass is considered one of the most fragile materials, but the type used to make bongs is not, as it has undergone annealing or glass strengthening. The glass is then easily molded into art bongs you’d love. Most companies manufacturing these smoking units prefer glass over other materials. Besides, the smooth surface of the glass is easy to handle and clean. It is non-porous, preventing bacteria development, and making glass safer.

Flavorful Hits

If you are an experienced smoker, who has smoked from glass, silicone, or plastic bongs, you realize the latter two produce a harsh taste with each hit. The taste can give you a poor smoking experience. The case is different for glass which is non-combustible and non-porous. So, it does not add anything to the smoke; you get 100% quality smoke from your favorite herbs.


It is easy to form bongs of different colors, sizes, and shapes from glass because it is versatile. Artisans are creative and can use glass to produce exceptional bong designs and easily customize your cartoon bong to your favorite cartoon character.

For the glass cartoon bong to serve you for a long time, you must clean it regularly, store it safely in a drawer or on the lower shelf, and always use the right cleaning products. The right products will help keep it clean and prevent future resin accumulation.

Silicone Cartoon Bongs

Experts in this industry refer to silicon as the king of bongs. It is because, unlike glass, plastic, wood, or bamboo bongs, silicon bongs do not warp, not break, crack, mold up or become brittle with time. Manufacturers believe this is a suitable material for bongs and, ultimately, safer for use and cost-effective on your side. Here are other features that make silicon the best material for making cartoon bongs.

Grips On Hard Surfaces

Avoid placing your favorite glass cartoon bong on a slippery table because it can roll, fall, and break. The case is different for silicone. This explains why some glass bongs are insulated using silicon. Silicone makes glass bongs last longer, even after frequent falls or external pressure.


Silicon bongs are hard to break. They can take a hit to the ground and still serve you for months. The most you can experience with a silicon bong is the spilling of stinky water. Nonetheless, it will remain functional even if it falls from a great height.

Unlimited Designs

Silicon is more versatile and flexible than glass. There is no limit to the designs you can achieve with this material. It can be molded into your desired size and shape.

When compared with silicone, glass bongs are expensive. A good piece of cartoon bong can cost way too much than one made of silicone. Though you may get a cheaper one, its lifespan cannot be guaranteed. This is where silicone bongs come in, to offer quality smoking bongs at a friendlier cost.

If you misplace your silicone cartoon bong, replacing it won’t hurt your pocket. You are also guaranteed better service for longer, no matter the cost.

For your silicon cartoon bong to serve you more, ensure you clean it regularly and keep it out of direct sunlight. While this material is excellent at withstanding freezing temperatures, it is the direct opposite of direct heat. Plastic bongs can get brittle with temperature fluctuation, and glass will crack when subjected to temperature change. Store your silicon cartoon bong at room temperature, and it will serve you for a long.

Smoke Like Your Favorite Cartoon

So, what cartoon character would you like to smoke with? Any theme you think of is available online, and hopefully, you will get what you like. Alternatively, you can stick a few cartoon themes on your basic bong and turn it into a cartoon bong. Only remember that different materials for making bongs have their equal share of pros and cons. Select one that will meet your needs.