Can I Get a Spiderman Bong?

Are you a Spiderman fan? We have fine-looking bongs incorporating spiderman and other Marvel superheroes. Now you can smoke under the guard of the supernatural spiderman squatting or hanging on your bong and let your friends know your affection for the character.

This is the best smoking item to carry when you want to catch the latest thriller with your friends or family. Besides, a good-looking spiderman bong can be a perfect conversation starter when you place it on your table.

Key Takeaways

  • Spiderman is a fictional character in Marvel films, including the popular Spiderman sequel.
  • A spiderman bong must have a clear depiction of spiderman himself or a spider web.
  • Examples of spiderman bongs include the 3D Spiderman Wrap Glass Bong and the Spiderman Hookah Bong.

Who is the Spiderman?

Spiderman is a fictional character in Marvel films, including the popular Spiderman sequel. According to Marvel, Spiderman struggled in his early life before becoming the spiderman he is today. In fact, he started as Peter Parker, a teenage orphan wandering the streets for daily living. During his struggles in the streets, Parker encountered a radioactive spider that bit him and passed some radioactive elements to him. Rather than get poisoned by the spider venom, Parker developed supernatural abilities, agility, and speed hence the ability to climb and cling to walls.

When comic writer Stan Lee illustrated Spider-Man, they intended to find a filler story for an anthology series that had stalled. By then, fans had yet to hear of a teenage lead hero and were eager to see how the introduction would perform. Surprisingly, Peter Parker was embraced powerfully, especially among young readers prompting success in the ongoing series. He ultimately found his way into the media empire, including animations, video games, live-action TV series, music, etc.

What is A Spiderman Bong?

While a Spiderman bong won’t give you the superhuman powers you see in the character, you’ll surely feel it when you smoke your herbs. The bong industry is doing everything possible to produce bongs with the best Spiderman depiction hence the wide bong variance among smokers.

As you will find from the examples highlighted below, a spiderman bong must have a clear depiction of spiderman himself. Any other addition to the design or decal must also be associated with the Spidey and incorporate relatable colors or decals. Most Spiderman glass bongs have spiderman wrapping his arms around the mouth pipe. In contrast, others only depict a drawing or PNG image of the popular superman.

Examples of Spiderman Bongs

As mentioned above, any bong depicting the Spiderman decal or design is considered a Spiderman bong. The examples provided below include Spiderman bongs with the characters drawing or images, while others have spiderman included in the bong’s design on a glass or any other material. Whatever the case, you can find a suitable bong in the list below.

  1. Spiderman Design 14″ Straight Silicone Bong

This straight tube bong comes covered in a Spidey decal from top to bottom. It is also made of durable silicone to ensure you smoke the Spidey way so long as the fictional character keeps shining. Notably, the spiderman decal on this straight tube bong includes numerous superman images of his popular flying pose on a blue background and the woosh! sound he makes when he rushes.

The 14-inch-tall straight-tube spiderman bong has a round and thick base to enhance stability as you take a drag. Besides, the downstem and the bowl are made of glass to burn your concentrates safely. With about $80, you can add the bong to your cart and receive it within days, if not hours. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest headshop for your preferred Spiderman Design Straight Silicone Bong size.

  1. Spiderman Hookah Bong

The word hookah is Arabic for water pipe. So, a hookah bong is a water pipe used to smoke any concentrate. Besides, this item allows you to add charcoal to keep the concentrates burning and flavors to keep the smoke sweet. Other common names used to refer to a hookah bong include goza, shisha, and hubble-bubble.

For a spiderman hookah bong, spiderman stands as the hookah bong stem with identical red and blue colors. Unlike standard water pipes and bongs, the spiderman hookah pipe is massive and allows more than one smoker simultaneously. The spider man section of the hookah bong connects all the other sections from the base to the hose. It also channels smoke from the bowl to the water chamber and acts as a filter. The price depends on the design, but you can find a simple spiderman hookah bong for $50.

  1. 9″ Ceramic Web Slinger Spiderman Bong

This spider bong is probably the only one applying the spiderman body as bong parts. It looks like a spiderman posing in his signature squatting pose with the left hand stretched out as if holding a wall. The head serves as the bowl while the left-hand stretches out as the mouth pipe. The two legs serve as the base with a water chamber between them, and the body connects every bong part. This spiderman bong would be a perfect addition to other comic collectibles in your room to serve as a conversation starter when you use it to smoke your herbs. The ceramic material makes it durable, while the $30 to $100 price range makes it among the most affordable smoking bongs.

  1. 3D Spiderman Wrap Glass Bong

This glass beaker bong is designed to look like a brick wall with spiderman hanging on it, waiting to pounce on a passing villain. The 3D brick wall design extends from top to bottom of the beaker bong leaving only the mouth tip and the bowl. The spiderman wrap around the 12-inch-tall glassware and the spider web on one side of the water chamber make it one of the best spiderman bongs you can acquire at about $120.