Can You Put a Bong In the Dishwater

The question of how well to clean a bong has always been up for debate; should we adopt the new-age bong cleaners or maintain the old-school iso+salts combination? Whatever becomes your cleaning preference should leave a sparkling clean bong for a smooth hit whenever you wake and bake.

In addition to doing your lungs a huge favor, a clean bong lets you appreciate the product’s full terpene profile. You also want to keep your bong presentable at all times, especially if you invested a fair bit in it.

The last thing you’d want to see is a bong filled with murky water being passed to you at a party.

Key Takeaways

  • Bong cleaning is essential to your hygiene, smoking experience, and health.
  • A dishwasher has proven to clean simple and resilient bongs.
  • However, using a dishwasher is riskier than the traditional method and may degrade the bong’s material.

Quick Bong Cleaning Solution

Advanced technology has made many mundane tasks easier to accomplish. We already have things like automated cars that drive themselves and even robots that do most of your house chores.

Efficiency is now becoming the key in the modern world, and we’re constantly looking for ways to get things done in the shortest time possible.

So, if you’re a smoker, finding a solution to clean your bong faster and more efficiently should be intriguing.

Admittedly, bong cleaning is no fun for most of us, and imagining the task itself results to procrastination. Luckily, the dishwasher has proven to be one quick way to clean our bongs, but you need to read the guidelines below before putting the bong into your dishwasher.

Will My Dishwasher Clean My Bong?

If you have a dishwasher at home, you’ve probably thought of using it to clean your dirty bong. But you’ll surely be hesitant to carry on, especially if you’ve previously had a big bong rip. Your bong could break into pieces when put under the dishwasher’s pressure.

Also, you don’t want to spoil your dishwasher if the bong breaks. What about the foul smell from the dirty bong water remaining in the dishwasher? You won’t enjoy any bit of getting rid of the stains and the odor.

Is The Dishwasher Safe for My Bong?

Popping your bong into a dishwasher should be straightforward, just like dishwashing. Strong bongs like the ones made from top-notch quality borosilicate glass have meager chances of shattering in the dishwasher.

However, the size of your dishwasher may differ from that of your bong. While most dishwashers come in standard sizes, bongs sizes vary widely, and you have to consider if yours will fit at once. This should not be a concern, though, if you have an industrial dishwasher or your bong is modular.

Dishwasher Expedites Bong’s Wear and Tear Process

You’ve probably seen a “Hand wash only” label on your luxury clothing discouraging you from using a washing machine. Nothing big would happen to your clothes if you insisted on using the washing machine but rest assured, they would wear and tear pretty quickly.

The same is true for your bongs; it’s strongly advisable to hand wash your bong to keep the glass material in pristine condition.

If you use a standard dishwasher with enough space to accommodate the entire bong, the next concern should be whether the bong will be 100% clean. Sticky terpenes are stubborn to clean, especially if they’ve been there for a while. Besides, you need more than the typical dishwashing liquid to thoroughly remove the nasty resin in a dirty bong.

Using your dishwasher to clean intricate bongs with built-in functional designs may be a hassle. Unlike the typical bongs with just a neck and a base, design bongs come with nooks and crannies that become a hurdle while dishwashing. Therefore, you’ll need to pack various brushes to reach the trapped particles in the bong’s corners.

Besides, the bong market is growing, bringing plenty of bong-washing solutions. Brands like Resolution and Formula420 are some excellent cleaning solutions that have proven highly effective and efficient.

These bong cleaning solutions only require popping into the dirty bong, soaking, shaking, and rinsing with warm water. Mixing them with alcohol enhances the cleanup process without leaving any stench.

Washing A Bong with A Dishwasher Could Be Risky

Dishwashers can perfectly wash your bong and save you much time and energy. However, you should only consider using the dishwasher if your bong is of simple but high-quality design. Even if you had a strong bong, we wouldn’t recommend using the dishwasher every time.

It’s worth noting that a dishwasher is only effective in cleaning a beaker bong/straight tube. Anything other than that will look clean on the outside, but the interior will look wanting.

Instead of relying on a dishwasher to clean your bong, upgrade the cleaning solution to a professionally formulated one, and the cleanup process will be a breeze. Remember to handle some cleaning products carefully and wear gloves to avoid injuries or burns.

How To Wash Your Bong in The Dishwasher

Regularly washing your bong with a dishwasher might erode its pristine look and material quality. However, you can use it once in a while for a quick cleanup. Also, let the bong be the only piece you’re washing in the dishwater, as other kitchenware increases risks. So, if you ever need to use a dishwasher, follow the steps below.

  1. Dismember any removable parts like the bowl.
  2. Secure the parts in the silverware section.
  3. Invert the bong.
  4. Add cleaning solutions
  5. Start the dishwasher and let it complete the cycle.
  6. Once the cycle is complete, remove the bong and check if it’s clean.
  7. If not, consider cleaning it with traditional methods.

Use A Clean Bong

Using a dishwasher to clean your bong can work, but we don’t recommend it. A good cleaning solution and a brush would be safer and much more effective, but hey, it’s up to you if you want to run the risk and save time cleaning your bong.