Comparison Of a Silicone Ooze Bong and A Silicone Dab Rig

Dab rigs and bongs have similar functionality of using water to cool and filter the smoke you inhale. Manufacturers, such as Ooze, have silicone bongs with extra chambers to hold the water and percolators to advance the filtration. So, you can convert such a bong into a dab rig, provided you have the right components. Below we break down the steps to transform a bong into a dab rig and the possible repercussions.

Key Takeaways

  • One of the conspicuous similarities between a dab rig and a bong is the use of water as the main feature in which the smoke and vapor pass through for filtration and cooling.
  • You can swap some components to turn your bong into a beautiful dab rig.
  • Although modern bongs are not designed for this conversion, you can swab your bong’s bowl with a nail to make a silicone dab rig.

Similarities Between a Dab Rig and a Bong?

Bongs and dab rigs come in different styles, materials, and sizes, regardless of the manufacturer, from silicon and glass to plastic and ceramic. Nonetheless, they share similar features, such as using water as the main feature through which the smoke and vapor pass for filtration and cooling.

Dab rigs and bongs have water chambers to smoothen your hit and percolators to break down and disperse the vapor, keeping it less harsh for your throat. Besides, you can interchange certain parts of dab rigs and bongs, but that is if the material allows it.

Smoking bongs have a simpler design than dab rigs, as most only have one water chamber. In contrast, dab rigs can have multiple water chambers and feature complex and more elongated tubes to cool the vapor further. Nevertheless, dab rigs and bongs require you to light up the concentrates as you start the smoking sesh.

Why Would a Bong Make an Exceptional Dab Rig?

The ongoing dabbing craze has increased dab rig prices as markets seek to capitalize on the trends. As a result, most smokers are forced to dig deeper into their pockets which is unwise in the current economic uncertainties. The truth is that the available dab rigs are top quality, but the prices force most smokers to look for alternatives. On the other hand, bongs are readily available, cheap, and customizable, making them the go-to product for most smokers.

Besides the pocket-friendly bong prices, they can accommodate some components from dab rigs. So, you can save money by acquiring a simple bong and converting it into a complete dab rig. Simply replace the bowl with a dab nail, and you’ll have for yourself a dab rig that will give you an enjoyable vape sesh.

However, it’s worth considering the type of material the bong is made of to ensure that it can withstand the heat from the torch and nail. One big no of material is plastic. Buying a cheap plastic bong readily available in headshops and converting it into a dab rig would be counterproductive as the material is susceptible to melting when exposed to extreme heat. However, you can save good money if you convert any bong into a dab rig.

Pros And Cons of Making a Dab Rig from A Bong

If you have the correct type of bong and other accessories, you have every reason to enjoy a smooth dab hit through a converted bong.

The main challenge of converting that beautiful Ooze bong into a silicone dab rig is removing all the resin and the smoke residue buildup. No one wants to take a hit from a dirty bong; this would result in a foul smell and health risks. The accumulation of different types of by-products will adversely affect your hit, especially the flavor. So, if you want to convert your bong into a dab rig, it’s crucial to ensure its sparkling clean.

A silicone Ooze bong would perhaps be the easiest and most versatile to clean and enjoy the dab rig and bong combo. Most silicone bongs are easy to disassemble for easy cleaning. Specifically, your dab rig nail can replace the bong’s bowl, and you have a legitimate silicone dab rig. It’s advisable to avoid using glass or plastic pieces that prove a hurdle to clean, as this will result in lousy flavor and a messed-up session.

How To Make a Silicone Dab Rig Out of An Ooze Bong

The first thing to confirm before indulging in the transformation process is to ensure you have the right type of bong material. We’ve recommended silicone for this endeavor, but a simple and resilient glass piece would be ideal, provided it’s not fixed with a nail. The other thing to confirm is whether the joint going into your downstem is male or female.

Simply take out the bowl and switch it with the nail. Ensure that you place the nail a distance from the bong so as not to create a heat shock. Heat near your Ooze bong can be an issue, especially if it’s made of plastic which may melt when exposed to extreme heat.

Glass is better than plastic, but you must ensure its sparkling clean before using it as a dab rig. Cleaning the glass bong is necessary, especially if it has been used to smoke dry herbs. The by-products and ash from these dry herbs can stick to the sides of the chamber and affect the quality of the smoke you inhale.

Convert That Ooze Bong into A Dab Rig

Converting a bong into a dab rig can be one of the best ways to enjoy your concentrates without breaking the bank. Although modern bongs are not designed for this conversion, you can find a well-built silicone bong that withstands nail heat. Besides, getting a bong with percolating features would provide an even better dab rig experience.