Marijuana Gravity Bongs – Geeb Piece – Everything You Need To Know

Gravity bongs are one of the best ways to smoke your cannabis herb. They simply work by using gravity to pull smoke into the geeb piece in a way that will transport the smoke deep into your lungs.

You no longer have to make small puffs because with the vortex bong, all of your smoking moments will truly be memorable. At their basic level, gravity bongs work with gravity to condense smoke into the gravity bong bowl to ensure you take a “rip” that you will truly enjoy.

Types of Gravity Bongs

Available in an array of styles, gravity bongs are in the form of tornado, graffix, girly, the infinity waterfall bongs, bucket bongs, invertible gravity bong and store- bought gravity bongs. All of them offer different experiences and functionalities.

  1. Bucket bongs – These are traditional bucket bongs that comprise of two separate containers; larger open top containers as well as smaller containers. The larger containers are filled up with water and the smaller containers are placed inside the larger ones. Thereafter, the bowl is filled with the herb and immediately the pressure changes, the smoke rashes into the smaller container and water, gravity and pressure will work in unison. The bowl is then removed from the smaller container and as such, you will enjoy a long and thick powerful hit.
  2. Waterfall bongs – These bongs only comprise of a single container-but have similar results like that of the bucket bongs. Ultimately, you will enjoy a rich and powerful smoke. However, the container used in the waterfall bongs must have as bowl and tiny hole near the water drainage base. Once the water begins to flow out of the container air will be forced through the bowl and cause the weed to burn. Smoke will fill up in the container and an abundance of herb essence will take over.
  3. Store-bought gravity bongs – While many savvy stoners can easily make their own waterfall or bucket being using simple household supplies such as water bottle, store-bought gravity bongs can only be purchased. They are made from hard glass and produce thick, powerful smoke clouds. These bongs are available in different sizes to suit both beginners and advanced stoners. In addition to this, they are also made from durable components that resist easy breakage.

Well-Hidden Secrets of the Best Gravity Bongs

Gravity bongs are perfect for smoking weed that does not involve a lot of time or money. Here are a few well-hidden secrets of the aforementioned bongs:

They will get you very high without using a ton of weed

If you want to get super-high, gravity bongs are the ultimate choice. One bowl pack is more than enough to get any beginner blocked. Even seasoned takers only need two of three hits too feel stoned. The weed bowl itself is of a small amount as you do not require a lot of pot.

With the right materials, they are cheap and easy to make

Finding the right materials to make your bong is quite easy. In fact, you have everything that you need for the process at home. With a tin foil, higher, a bucket or large water container, scissors, a two-liter bottle and weed, you will take the shortest time period to construct.
If you don’t have all the time or materials to structure a DIY gravity bong you can find gravity bong for sale on amazon. Here, you are sure to buy any type of vortex gravity bong made by pros and ready for sale.

Unlike the water bottle gravity bong, the vortex pipes and bongs you find on amazon are made from unique materials that can withstand the test of temperature and time.

Besides, the cheap bongs for sale on amazon incorporate modern desigh such as the girly which is customized fo lady smokers , the graffix which has customized decorations and the invertible that makes smoking lively.

They only come with a few disadvantages

What is not to love about a gravity bongs? They are very powerful, especially for beginners. With every hit, you will be able to consume a heavy amount of concentrated smoke easily ends up in the lungs. While this may be a bit challenging for-first-time smokers, seasoned smokers will appreciate the hits. The chamber is also plastic and this may not necessarily be ideal for all smokers. Even so, there are glass options available. If you are a beginner it is advisable to start small as massive geebs such as the infinity and tornadoes might choke.

The Ultimate DIY Method to Make the Best Gravity Bongs

If you are unable to buy or find bongs on amazon, take the opportunity to make your gravity bong all by yourself. As previously discussed, you only need a couple of common household items. Here is the breakdown of the process:

Step #1

Gather the necessary supplies to get the project underway. Ensure you have the basics like a two-liter bottle, aluminum foil, a sharp knife, scissors, your stash of weed and a lighter.

Step #2

Remove the cup from the large bottle and make a hole into the cap using your Sharpe knife or alternatively, a razor blade.

Step #3

Widen the hole in the cap using the edge of the scissors. Ensure the hole can be covered with your pinky finger. Do not go any wider than this.

Step #4

Tear off a square piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around your finger to make a bowl.

Step #5

Let your pinky finger be your guide and once you have formed the bowl, wrap the remaining foil at the bottom of the cap.

Step #6

Make some holes the foil bowl using a needle. Ensure that the holes are not too big, otherwise your stash will slip into the bottle. If the hides are too few then the smoke will not enter the bottle. Too many holes and you may break the bowl. Two to five holes are enough.

Step #7

Take the smaller bottle and heat off its hidden bottle bottom. Ensure you have a sufficient amount of the bottle as this will take on the role of a chamber of smoke.

Step #8

Cut out the large bottle as you did the small one. The bottom of the larger bottle will serve as a bucket.

Step #9

Fill ¾ of the larger bottle with water

Step #10

Pack your bowl with your weed

Step #11

Carefully place the top half of the smaller bottle into the larger bottom half that is half full of water. Put the cap on as soon as it is half submerged with water. If you screw the cap before submerging, the pressure will send your weed flying everywhere.

Step #12

Light your weed slowly while lifting the top bottle as smoke fill the chamber. When smoke fills the bottle on top, unscrew the cap carefully and place your mouth at the top. Take in the smoke while pushing down the bottle. The heavy smoke will end up in your lungs.

There you go! The perfect way to make gravity bongs. Embark on this DIY-process and you will enjoy all the benefits that come with thick, strong and powerful hits. However, these bongs are not recommended for beginners. They are better suited for heavy smokers who are looking for potent highs.