As Mario Gets High from Mushrooms, You Too Can Get High with Mario Bong

If you’re a Nintendo lover, you wouldn’t need a better companion than the Super Mario bong. It’s a perfect piece to have at home and share with friends as you battle for a win on your favorite console game. Read on to discover different Mario bong designs and materials to demonstrate your love for the popular plumber.

Key Takeaways

  • Mario is a mascot of Nintendo, the Japanese video game company.
  • Mario bong resembles Mario himself from the contrasting colors to the M-labeled cap.
  • Common Mario Bong designs include glass, silicone, and ceramic.

Who is Mario?

Mario is a mascot of Nintendo, the Japanese video game company. The character’s popularity comes from his more than 200 appearances in various games. In the games, Mario is seen as a short plumber living in the fictional Mushroom kingdom. He first appears in the early 80s with the name Jumpman working as a carpenter in the famous Donkey Kong game.

However, it was not long until Nintendo of America gave the carpenter the “Mario” name and immediately made him the hero in the first “Mario Bros” game. By then, available technology only clearly depicted his baseball cap and mustache. Over the years, Mario has undergone drastic transformations, including becoming a doctor, referee, and painter. Today, the Mario game remains the most-sold video game ever.

How Did Mario Get into Substance Use

It’s no surprise that we now have different designs and sizes of Mario bongs online and in your nearest headshop. In fact, many Mario game lovers joke that the character is undoubtedly a drug addict due to the number of mushrooms we see him consume. While Mario’s heavy use of mushrooms is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, it also serves as an allegory of drug use and smoking. It’s weird how Mario relies on the mushrooms to accomplish his missions despite the hallucinations that come along. So, we can comfortably connect recreational drug use and Mario.

What Is the Mario Bong?

Mario bong resembles Mario himself from the contrasting colors to the M-labeled cap. The signature look and the pudgy body allow for the accommodation of all the necessary bong parts, including the water chamber and the percolators. Notably, the bong’s mouthpiece protrudes from behind the head while the bowl and the stem are an extension of what seems like Mario’s hand.

Common Mario Bong Materials

Who would have thought that a smoking tool shaped like a Mario would be this interesting? Now, these bongs have become popular at parties and are used as birthday gifts. Others have turned the Mario bongs into preferable conversation pieces for their coffee table.

While we have different types of bongs available, we’ve highlighted five common materials that have proven to withstand most experiences. Understanding these materials will help you make quick decisions when you want to visit a head shop.

Silicone Mario bongs

Silicone is the result of combining Oxygen and Silicon. It’s worth noting that most bongs labeled as made of silicone are really not pure silicone but tainted with foreign material. The impure silicone affects the bong’s durability, and using it could harm your health and the environment.

Silicone bongs may also melt or produce harmful gases when used extensively. The material’s melting point is 500°F, and your XL Mario bong can reach five times the temperature when it holds the flame for hours. This should not be a concern if you only want a small Mario bong for occasional personal use.

The biggest advantage of using a silicone Mario bong is its durability. You’d be sure to smoke a bowl out of your Mario bong even if you dropped it from the tallest building. That is, if you didn’t have the glass attachments in place.

Ceramic Bongs

Buying a ceramic bong remains wise as they are functional, reliable, and heavy-duty. While ceramic Mario bongs may break from a fall, they are not as fragile as glass.

The ceramic bong’s fewer working parts, and lesser intricate designs make it fairly priced. Adding it to your collection would provide that vintage feel and comfortably complement your antique setting.

Glass Mario bongs

Glass bongs achieve better diffusion, cooling, air flow, filtration, and, of course, a better smoking experience. They have the best performance due to their standardization, evolvability, and malleability.

When it comes to glass bongs, durability is relative. The size, design, and brand are crucial factors to consider if you want your glass bong to last. You want that sparkle from a clean bong placed on the table for a long time.

Common Mario Bong Features

You need to understand essential features to suck smoke from a Mario bong expertly. Utilizing these features will give you the best smoking experience and help you best manage the bong.

Mario bongs Are Customizable

We also have big, small, thick, slim, curved, and straight Mario bongs. A giant Mario bong would be ideal for partygoers or people adding to their indoor theme. The small ones are easy to fix in your purse and conceal in public if you’re an outdoor person. With a carb hole and a removable bowl, cleaning Mario bongs should be hassle-free.


Unlike complex-shaped bongs that are hard to understand, just seeing the Mario bong is enough to give you an idea. You can relate and quickly locate the base and the neck. Notably, Mario bongs have sturdy bottoms, with most of them sturdy to stand erect when packing the bowl or taking a drag. You can also use the carb hole to control the entire process.

Acquire A Stylish Mario bong

There are plenty Mario bongs that you can get for yourself or gift a close friend. Choose the best Mario bong design online and rest assured of timely packaging and shipping.