Why Use a Gleeb Bong

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably tried to put together a gravity bong (geeb). The process is quite simple thanks to the plenty of goods supplied in plastic bottles of all sizes. Whatever material of the home-made gravity bong, it’s admittedly not something you want to expose everywhere you go-not to mention its fragility.

The thin plastic material on these bottles is meant to hold juices, detergents, etc., but not for sustaining a steamy and smokey arena. At many parties, a bong will pass across a crowd for a longer period, and the heat levels could reach new heights- this is not to mean that the same can’t happen when smoking alone.

Obviously, the plastic will react to the hot smoke, which results in toxic emissions, of which you should steer clear. Instead, consider a glass gravity bong. Luckily, we have a new model that makes smoking look simple and modern-The Gleeb.

Key Takeaways

  • A Gleeb bong is a type of gravity bong made of glass and packed in a cup-like package for convenient, discreet, and clean smoking all the time.
  • A gravity bong uses gravity to inhale the smoke and give you the best of hits.
  • Gleeb bong’s benefits include less herb wastage, big hits, and convenience.

What is a Gleeb Bong

A Gleeb bong is a type of gravity bong made of glass and packed in a cup-like package for convenient, discreet, and clean smoking all the time. The glass bottle saves you from inhaling plastic compounds when the sesh heats up. The Gleeb also changes our bong perception from that calabash-looking smoking engine to a thermal-like cup that is easy to hold with one hand or keep in a pocket with and without water. The easiest way to identify these unique bongs is the Gleeb logo resembling a fired red rocket emitting a green spark. You can get a Gleeb bong for as low as $30, but this may vary with design, size, and other costs.

What is A Gravity Bong?

As the name suggests, a gravity bong uses gravity to inhale the smoke and give you the best of hits. How, you ask? Let’s get to the nitty-gritty. Typically, a gravity bong, a.k.a waterfall bong, works in two parts; the part holding the water, also known as the bucket, and the part serving as the mouthpiece. It’s worth noting that the bucket must be larger than the upper bottle part to cover it, make the process easier, and give the best bangs! With the Gleeb, the upper part is a smaller glass bottle with an open bottom to allow-in water.

How Does a Gleeb Work?

Typical bongs use water to cool and filter the smoke from the bowl to the mouthpiece. In a gravity bong, though, water acts as smoke-control. Using the bong may be tricky if you’re a beginner, but the steps are easy to master. Read below for the few steps to take a drag on a Gleeb like a pro.

How To Smoke a Gleeb

If you’re new to the gravity bong, the first few trials may be challenging, but this is short-lived. The simple steps below explain how to prepare your Gleeb and expertly take several hits.

  1. Hold your closed Gleeb in an upright posture and open it carefully to access all the parts.
  2. Start by opening the cup and removing the glass bottle and other items to allow space for water.
  3. Add water to a safe level where it will not spill off when you dip your glass bottle in step 5 below.
  4. Place the packed bowl on the glass bottle’s cap and ensure it sits tight.
  5. Dip the bottle in the water and ensure its fully covered in water.
  6. Light-up your bowl with a torch while lifting the glass gradually.
  7. The gradual lifting lowers the water level, thus creating a vacuum that, simply put, sucks the smoke into the bottle.
  8. Once the glass bottle is filled with smoke, remove the bowl and place the bottle’s bottom on water and take a hit through the bottle top.

Why Use a Gravity Bong?

There are many reasons to use a Gleeb, but the topmost is what every smoker wants in a bong; getting the most bang for your money from your concentrates. Enclosing the smoke in the bottle and only letting it out effortlessly on a narrow opening comes with the greatest hits you can have. Such a high concentration means that wastage in a Gleeb is very little than other smoking methods. This saves you substantial cash while providing powerful hits every time you smoke.

The presentable and unsuspicious cup-like look of a Gleeb is another reason you want to carry it on your trip than the old home-made plastic bong. The cup is packed with everything you need for your smoking sesh, from the bowl to the grinder. The discreet design makes the Gleeb perfect for family gatherings or places where you don’t want to expose your good times. With the resilient borosilicate glass material, the Gleeb helps you keep off the toxic chemicals in your home-made plastic bong.

If you are okay with digging deeper into your pockets to get that one-of-a-kind bong, think of a Gleeb. With the varying prices, you can get a Gleeb retailing north of $150, but you bet this isn’t your run-on-the-mill bong.

Moreover, a Gleeb is an ideal gift for a birthday, a wedding, a party, or other events. No accessories, necklaces, and wrapped gifts will ever be fantastic as this.

The design is inspired by a cruising rocket taking you the highest you can. Besides, the cup cover is resilient against extreme temperature, pressure, and high impact. It also has a rigid handle that provides an excellent grip to avoid slipping. The unique rocket design, which also separates into two parts is a perfect simulation of the Gleeb.

So, what are you waiting for? Order for a Gleeb now