How To Handle Glycerin Beaker Bongs and Nectar Collectors

Like bongs, nectar collectors are among the trending items for smoking concentrates. Many smokers consider them one of the easiest and most convenient for taking a drag.

In 2011, a prominent artist, Kristian Merwin, invented these items resembling small dab rigs designed to get the best from your oils and waxes. The collector resembles a tube design, and taking a hit will look like using a straw.

Some of the nectar collector’s main components include the tip, which touches the concentrate. It can be made of quartz and titanium, and you can change one for the other based on your preference. There’s also the neck which also serves as the mouthpiece.

Key Takeaways

  • Glycerin beaker bongs and nectar collectors are an ultimate alternative to percolators and ice catchers.
  • Unlike regular bongs, glycerin nectar collectors come with a coil to enhance cooling.
  • A glycerin coil will keep your smoke cool for longer than ice cubes and does not affect the bong water.

How Does a Nectar Collector Work?

A nectar collector dab functions just like traditional dabs. However, you place your heated collector’s tip on your herbs rather than using a dabber to pack your quartz nail.

Another important feature of a nectar collector is that it comes with a glycerin coil. If you wonder what I’m talking about, glycerin is not just an ingredient for body wash and lotions. You can also use it to revitalize your smoking sesh. Below is a detailed overview of how to use glycerin beaker bongs and nectar collectors to enhance your smoking experience.

What is Glycerin?

Glycerin also has “glycerol” as its scientific name, and it’s a naturally occurring liquid used in many products. Glycerin is mainly adored for its anti-freezing properties that prevent the accumulation of ice molecules. The compound is also a vape liquid component that helps form thick clouds.

Use of Glycerin in Beaker Bongs and Nectar Collectors

If you’ve used a smoking bong, you understand the importance of cooling and filtering your smoke before inhalation. The smoothly-flowing smoke leads to a less harsh and more satisfying draw. While standard bongs use only water, others come with percolators and ice catchers to enhance filtration and cooling.

What you might not know, though, is that glycerin comes with a better way to cool the smoke without having to worry about the ice cubes or bong water. This is a certified method to keep your smoking sesh “chill” out of all other ways you might think of.

Using glycerin as a coolant in your bong is enticing and easy to master. There are two options to use the compound in your bong or nectar collector. The first method involves a smoking bong, such as the Glycerin Coil Bong, which already has a glycerin coil. The second one requires you to add a glycerin adapter to your nectar collector or beaker bong.

You must cool the glycerin coil in your freezer before attaching it to your bong for a nice and chilly hit. Please remember that you shouldn’t place the entire bong in your freezer for the glycerin coil cooling step. Instead, detach the coil from the bong and put it alone in the freezer. Glass is susceptible to shocks and breakages when exposed to freezing temperatures. Even if your freezer is big enough to hold all your beaker bongs, leaving them there is not recommended.

Go ahead and place the glycerin bong until it’s chilly enough. Then add it to the bong or nectar collector, place your concentrates and inhale. The smoke that hits your throat should be free of any harshness common in burning dry herbs.

Most smokers used to ice catcher bongs find it easy to add ice throughout the smoking sesh, but glycerin still has the upper hand regarding smoke cooling. One thing is that the glycerin remains chilly cold for longer than the ice cubes and second, you won’t end up with excess water formed after the ice melts due to your prolonged hot inhales.

How Do I Clean Glycerin Coils?

Not only are glycerin coils simple, but they are also easy to clean and maintain. In fact, you can treat them like other glass pipes in your room. Find a container such as a Ziploc bag or a Tupperware tab, add isopropyl alcohol, salt, and water, and shake well, and the coil should be sparkling clean after a few shakes.

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Bong?

We cleanup for sanitary reasons. Tar and resin build up in your bong during a smoking session, and with time, all parts of your bong, including the glycerin coil, will get clogged, and you’ll probably struggle to make a smooth and effortless puff; no fun at all.

Using efficient chemicals like hydrogen peroxide will remove the residue, letting you enjoy every bit of your smoking. Besides, a clean bong looks nice and appealing every time.

Besides the appealing look and residue clogging up, cleaning also helps eradicate the odor of the resin and tar. Overstayed residue in your bong attracts bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses, and more.

Letting the bong sit around without regular cleanup can expose your lungs to severe infections and respiratory illnesses. Therefore, cleanup should become a routine.

Steps to Clean Your Bong with Hydrogen Peroxide

  1. Drain the bong water and dismember all the bong’s loose parts, such as the glycerin coil.
  2. Wear rubber gloves to avoid burns from hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Pour hydrogen peroxide carefully into the bong: the amount will depend on the item size.
  4. Cover all the bong’s openings with your protected hands and shake to reach every corner. If the hydrogen peroxide looks overwhelmed by the resin buildup, consider adding coarse or Epsom salt and keep shaking.
  5. After a few minutes, drain the hydrogen peroxide from the bong into a sink.
  6. Check whether the nectar collector/bong is sleek. If it still seems to need some work, fill the bong again with the chemical compound and leave it there for at least 12 hours.
  7. Return after the time is depleted and shake, as in step 4 above.
  8. Now drain the hydrogen peroxide and rinse the bong with warm water.
  9. Allow it time to dry and remove excess moisture with a Q-tip.

Final Thought

There are many ways to smoke your herbs, but some can ruin your experience. A glycerin beaker bong or nectar collector is perhaps the best way to take a drag. Besides, you can get these items in the coveted glass and silicone materials that enhance your sesh.