Gravity Bong: A Better Cannabis Consumption Method

A gravity bong is a special way of consuming cannabis. It uses two empty plastic bottles which funnel smokes through water pushing through the lungs of the consumer. Gravity bongs work by putting a bowl of cannabis on a submerging small bottle on top of a bucket or water or larger bottle. You light the cannabis and slowly draw the bottle out of the water to fill with smoke from your burning cannabis.

Unscrew the lid then put your mouth over the opening of the bottle. Push the bottle down and let gravity propel the cannabis smoke into your lungs.

Does gravity bongs get you high?

Of course. Gravity bongs force is heavily concentrated and will fill your lungs with cannabis smoke to capacity. This is the average hit you get from smoking a joint or a pipe. When you inhale the bottle contents of the smoke into your lungs, you are breathing in all the smoke from the bowl of cannabis at a go.

This is why gravity bongs are considered as a preserve of the strong-willed and not the faint heart. This is a tried and proven method of the old school way of consuming cannabis. The method delivers a powerful hit of THC and can be too much if you are inexperienced or a cannabis beginner.

It is the perfect way to smoke cannabis if you are looking for a bit of nostalgia or you are feeling like getting crafty with your cannabis intake. You can also create your gravity bong using some of the everyday household objects and start enjoying the most liberating cannabis consumption at your convenience.

Find the right materials

Finding the best materials is easy, and you can make your gravity bong. You find everything you need right in your home kitchen. All you need is scissors, tin foil, bucket or water, 2-liter bottle, a lighter and the cannabis weed.

It only takes three minutes, and you are done with the construction. However, you need a helpful guide. You need a little ingenuity and creative efforts with a little of determination to fulfill your goal.

  • Use the scissors to cut off the bottom of your small bottle. Ensure more of the bottle remains as it helps you get a larger hit. Therefore, do not trim it off too much.
  • Cut off the bottom of your other larger bottle ( the 2-liter bottle). Fill it with water. If you are using a bucket, just fill the bucket with water.
  • Unscrew the cap of the small bottle and use the scissors to make a hole in your bottle cap. The hole should be big enough for it to draw enough air through. Do not make the hole too big that the foil can fall in or your cannabis can fall through into the water.
  • Wrap your bottle cap in aluminum foil. Shape the foil to create a small divot for the cannabis. You can shape the bowl to make it asleep as you prefer. The role of the foil is to keep the cannabis from falling into the water. You may also need to cut off any excess foil and shape it well to avoid spilling your cannabis.
  • Use a sharp poking tool to create a hole in the aluminum foil. Take care not to rip off the foil. You need about four holes for proper ventilation.
  • Load cannabis strains of your choice into your foil-wrapped bottle cap. However, do not screw the cap.
  • This is the tricky part. Submerge the small bottle in your half-filled large bottle or your bucket until you can see only the cap above the water. Carefully screw your foil-wrapped bottle cap back on your bottle.
  • Light your cannabis and slowly pull the small bottle upwards out of the larger bottle with water as the bottle fills with smoke. In case your bottle does not fill with smoke, check your cap to make sure it is screwed properly and there are no gaps or holes on the side of your bottle.Leaks can compromise your gravity bong. Use trial and errors method to test whether it works well until you get a successful or functional device.
  • Once the bottle is filled with cannabis smoke, carefully unscrew the bottle cap and put your mouth over its opening.
  • Gently push your small bottle back into the water. As water enters the small bottle, smoke is pushed into your lungs. The cannabis smoke is cooler after undergoing filtration through the water. The cannabis smoke will deliver a powerful hit with an amazing effect. Do not force yourself, just prepare yourself to inhale too much smoke.

The gravity bong has the potential to make you feel like a veteran of cannabis consumers. You can get some cough if you inhale too much at once. Therefore, proceed with caution.

You can buy gravity bongs

If you do not want to build yours, simply buy it from a shop. Shops have the glass version of gravity bongs made by reputable companies. The gravity bongs are durable and affordable. They come in extra large sizes and large sizes.

The gravity bongs sell out fast. Therefore, you can place your order and get yours while stocks last. Smoking cannabis using a traditional method is truly liberating and gives you an awesome experience. Many cannabis consumers are fast shifting to using gravity bongs because of the numerous fun experiences that you get from indulging in cannabis consumption using this method.


There are few disadvantages of using the gravity bongs. You inhale a large amount of smoke into your lungs which can lead to a lot of coughs if you are not ready. However, you can hit it nice and smooth to get a good consumption experience.

Plastic chambers are not ideal for some cannabis smokers because of preference issues. In this case, you can go for the glass option available in many stores.

Gravity bongs is a great way to have fun with cannabis consumption. You can invite some of your colleagues for a great time. You can prepare yours or simply purchase it from a local or online store. Enjoy the best cannabis consumption experience.