You can enjoy smoking your cannabis by using a homemade gravity bong. To successfully make a gravity bong, you will need to know the exact steps to follow and the materials needed. Most of the things needed are simple, and you readily get them. You can also make a gravity bong through a more sophisticated method which requires you to purchase a few items.


Making Gravity Bongs Using Conventional Items

To make a gravity bong without purchasing any item, you will need to get a few things. Among the things you need include a small plastic bottle and a bucket or a relatively big bottle. The bigger better should be preferably a two liter plastic bottle. You should also get water, aluminum foil, and a small gravity bong bowl.

Getting Started

After getting the necessary content, you should make a hole in the bigger bottle by cutting the lower side. The hole in the bottle is for putting the smaller bottle. You should then unscrew the cap of the small hole and create a small hole on the cap.

You need the foil

For the waterfall bong to be effective, you need to put water in the big bottle through the hole at the bottom of the bottle. You should then put your cannabis on the foil and use a sharp object such as a knife to make a big enough hole or several holes on the foil to allow air to pass. The gravity bong bowl is useful because it will help you hold the cannabis in place.

Using Homemade Gravity Bongs

After putting the bong components together, the next step should be putting the cannabis folded in an aluminum foil that has holes into the bottle cap of the small hole that already has a hole. You should then light the cannabis and screw the cap into place on the small bottle. After this, you should push the small gently into the big two liter bottle that has water.

It’s a simple process

By pushing the bottle gently, you will be allowing the interior to fill with cannabis smoke. Next, you will have to unscrew the small bottle and inhale the smoke. The process gets smoke into your lungs without any wastage. This is unlike using other smoking devices such as pipes. It also allows your lungs to get pure smoke since the smoke is filtered by the water used in this method.

Using Purchased Items To Make A Gravity Bong

Making a gravity bong using purchased items is almost similar to using items that are available in homes. The only difference is that you will purchase a few things to make gravity bongs. Some of the materials you might purchase include pipes, a smart bottle or another container that can serve the same purpose, and a bowl.

The bowl will hold your weed in the chamber. You will also need a tool such as a knife to create holes that will allow air to circulate. You need to follow each step carefully to ensure you make your smoking experience enjoyable.

Do I Need Specialized Training To Make A Homemade Gravity Bong?

Making a bong is simple, and you do not need any special training. Even as a beginner, you can apply DIY technique and make a bong that will give you the joy to inhale the smoke into your lungs. It is important to check when the tutorial lessons were last updated since updated lessons are more likely to have simpler techniques.

You Relax

Every hit on a properly made bong gives your pleasure and satisfaction. In addition, your lungs will feel the relaxing effect every time you inhale the purified smoke. If you want to push your bong making skills to the next level, you can get more specific training from a person who has experience making gravity bongs.

Now You Know

You do not have to be an expert to create a gravity bong that will enable you to inhale quality smoke. Most of the components needed for the process are simple, and you can get them for free. With the right items, you will have the freedom of creating the bong of your preference. Therefore, by applying the outlines ideas, you can readily create a bong that will allow you to have a great smoking experience.