How to Fix a Broken Bong

Glass bongs are championed as the best for smoking your dry herbs. However, if you opt for cheap bongs with thin and weak material, expect what would probably be every stoner’s nightmare: bong breakage.

Glass bong breakage is something most smokers have experienced at one point, and you’re probably in such a crisis as you read this. Count yourself lucky if only parts of the bong, like the downstem or bowl, broke. Otherwise, you may have to replace the entire bong.

Check the tips below to repair your broken bong and carry on with the sesh.

Key Takeaways

  • Glass bongs are susceptible to breakages, especially if they’re made of weak and thin material.
  • The extent of the damage and the affected part determine the possibility of fixing a broken bong.
  • Cracks on the mouthpiece and downstem are easy to repair but a broken base may prove a hassle.

Common Causes of Broken Bongs

Bong breakage can occur in many ways, but the most common is falls. We’ve all been there- you take a deep drag and feel a bit high. Suddenly, your hands treble, and boom! The bong slips from your hands, leaving you with a lot of mess to clean.

Bong breakage can also happen when you bump it into a hard surface, such as the sink, when trying to wash it.

And while bong glasses can also break from excessive pressure, the most devastating and dramatic is the shatter on the floor. A slight mishandling can spoil your smoking plans and leave your room or car in a mess. Before you head to your online store for a replacement, read on to find out whether you can fix your broken bong and how best to do it.

When buying a bong for ultimate durability, one crucial thing to consider is the glass material and thickness

Regardless of how the bong breaks, you’re here to find ways to fix it. However, we need to know what damage is repairable and which is not. Let’s delve.

Can I Fix a Broken Bong?

Unfortunately, the answer to whether you can fix a broken bong isn’t always in black and white: it all depends on the extent of the damage and the affected parts.

For example, the base of a glass bong may be the hardest to repair, and, in this case, replacing the entire bong would be the most convenient option. However, if it’s the mouthpiece, downstem, or bowl, you can easily find a replacement that fits well. Other cases may only require re-attachments through superglue, but this should be the last resort since it’s always ineffective and may adversely affect the smoking sesh.

Tips For Fixing Broken Bong Parts

Whether it’s the downstem, bowl, mouthpiece, or base that needs fixing, we have tips you can try out.

A bong bowl is probably the easiest part to replace when broken, but you don’t need to spend money on a tiny crack. See if you can perform some first aid and make the downstem useful in future smoking sessions.

Epoxy and superglue are common solutions for repairing a cracked bowl, but this depends on the affected part. Just make sure the place you apply the glues is not near your lips or concentrates. You don’t want to inhale toxic chemicals from glues applied all over the bowl. Only use the solutions in places far from the smoke, herbs, or your lips.

While you can still use your bong even when the mouthpiece breaks, you may not like how the entire thing looks. If it’s cracked, you can repair with epoxy or superglue, provided they don’t come into contact with your lips or smoke. It’s worth noting that we’re not encouraging using a broken mouthpiece as the sharp edges can cause injury. Instead, decide what breakage is okay to fix and what needs replacement.

Regarding the downstem, repair may be easier than other parts discussed here. Assess the damage and see if the breakage is something you can fix with epoxy or superglue. However, it’s wise to replace the downstem if it’s completely broken. Be sure to buy a downstem compatible with the joint size.

If your bong base is broken, the best advice would be to look for a replacement quickly. However, you can still use the bong over the sink if it’s just a tiny crack. You don’t want bong water to spill and leave a pungent stench in your car or room. Also, avoid handling the bong in a way that would make the crack worse. If the crack is at the bottom, consider using the minimum necessary water or tilt it to one side.

You’ll come across unique ideas for fixing a broken base, most of which may work out for you. The most common idea is using a torch which can prove a hassle, especially for beginners. A better idea would be to superglue which works fine if the crack is tiny. The best solution to a broken bong base is replacing it with a new one, and you’ll no longer have to worry about future leakages.

Fix a Broken Bong

With these bong repair insights you can easily decide whether to start the repair or go shopping for a new bong. Whether a broken bowl, mouthpiece, downstem, or base, we have solutions to keep your bong appealing and enjoyable.