How To Get Rid of Dirty Bong Water Smell on Surfaces

No one wants a bed, car, or carpet stinking from spilled dirty bong water. Besides having to refill it with fresh herbs and water, you need to find a way to clear the mess asap, or you’ll be dealing with a horrendous odor that the mess will leave behind.

But with the pungent stench emanating from bong water, is there something you can do to clean your bedding, car seats, and carpet? Luckily, yes. Read on to find ways to get rid of the dirty bong water smell on any surface or material.

First, we address the common question new bong users keep asking. Is dirty bong water stinky?

Key Takeaways

  • Bong water is likely to stink, especially if it stays for long.
  • It’s crucial to frequently drain the used water and regularly wash the bong to avoid odor.
  • If your bong water spills on surfaces, use cleaning products asap to avoid a long-lasting stench.

Does Bong Water Stink?

Bongs use water to filter the smoke from your dry herbs before it heads to the mouthpiece. In addition to filtration, bong water cools down the hot smoke, and if you use flavored water like pineapple and strawberry, your hits will feel like a fruit experience. While most smokers fall in love with the handy bong water, the affection may start getting lousy when it stinks your carpet or room.

If you’re not yet familiar with bong water odor, count yourself lucky. It means you haven’t had a first-hand experience of how smelly bong water can get. Don’t worry. You won’t have to deal with the foul smell if you change the water and clean the bong frequently.

Dirty bong water has all the residue, chemicals, and droppings from your smoke; to make the matter worse, it’s stagnant. Typically, the dirty water smells musky, earthy, and simply unpleasant. So, you’re likely to be taken aback by the potent smell if you’re a first-time bong user. Some smokers have even compared the lousy smell with that of a public restroom. Whatever comes to you when you smell dirty bong water, it can’t be further from unpleasant. Below we explain the source of that smell.

Why is Bong Water So Smelly?

The answer to the odor is pretty straightforward. Bong water is used to filter smoke, so it collects all the unwanted chemicals, resin, and tar from your dry herbs. Besides, being stagnant is another reason to encourage the growth of fungi and bacteria.

The longer you let your dirty bong water sit inside the item, the stronger the stench will become. That’s why those who frequently drain the bong water and wash their bongs won’t have to struggle with the bad smell. Removing odors from bong water is more straightforward than from your bed, carpet, or any other surface.

How To Get Rid of Bong Water Smell on Surfaces

If your bong accidentally slips from your hand and the water splits into your clean carpets, bed sheets, or car, you must act swiftly. The tips below will help you eliminate the potent odor on any surface.

Clean The Mess As Soon As Possible

The first thing you want to do when dirty bong water gets to your carpets or clothes is to clean it up fast! The longer that water sits on the material, the harder it will become to clean and make it smell fresh again. Besides, letting the water dry will make the cleanup process worse. So, be quick.

Unfortunately, cleaning a bong-water mess entails more than just throwing a towel down. You need to use additional cleaning products.

Use Cleaning Products

Getting rid of the dirty bong water smell requires more than drying up with a towel or washing with plenty of clean water. It would help if you had a more intense chemical mixture with odor-killing capabilities. Below we have a few options that you should consider to eliminate the stench. Please note that you may need to wear protective gear and gloves when using some of these chemicals.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Use this compound when removing the foul smell from clothes and carpets. Just pour the mixture on the affected surface and allow some minutes before blotting.

Vinegar: Vinegar is known to neutralize odors and works perfectly in dealing with the bong water smell on your carpets or bed sheets.

Rubbing Alcohol: Rubbing alcohol’s primary component is isopropyl alcohol, common in disinfectants, hand sanitizers, and cleaners. Therefore, it can kill bacteria and get rid of the bong water odor. Rub the product on the affected surface for some minutes before washing thoroughly.

Baking Soda: Baking soda can also help eliminate most stench, including one from dirty bong water. Use three parts of the product and one part of water to scrub and wash the affected area. Alternatively, you can sprinkle the cleaning product on the surface and allow for some minutes before vacuuming it.

If you conduct a thorough cleaning on the carpets, clothes, sheets, and beyond but still smell the odor in the air, we have a solution.

How to Neutralize Bong Water Smell in the Air

While spilled bong water is most likely to leave a foul smell in your room, it may affect air freshness even if it hasn’t spilled on the floor. This mostly happens if it’s been a while since you drained the water or washed the bong. Dealing with this problem is quite simpler than dealing with spilled bong water.

The first option is essential oils which are great masking solutions for all smells. A few drops on the diffuser will bring a pleasant scent across the room. You can also use candles which, by lighting, will send a lovely scent to all corners of your room. Lastly, consider air fresheners designed to neutralize odors.

Enjoy An Odor-Free Smoking Experience

There you have it! The tips above will help you eliminate bad smells associated with dirty bong water. Try these and other tips to enhance your smoking experience without worrying about any pesky smell from your spilled bong water. Also, always keep your bong clean to avoid the hassle of maintaining fresh air in your room.