Imagine watching your smoking bong sprouting Chia and becoming a hilarious creation! This is the big draw for a chia pet bong, and you can get it in any shape and size, including celebrities and Star Wars depictions. If you want a bong that blends in your nature-themed room, we have a few great options for you, but first, we need to get to the nitty-gritty.


Key Takeaways

  • A chia pet bong is a smoking item made from a chia pet.
  • Having a chia pet bong is foolproof that your life is not solely focused on smoking but also on nature and art.
  • Although Chia seeds are edible, you’re discouraged from preparing a meal from the seeds on your old Chia pet bong collecting dust on the shelves.

What is a Chia Pet Bong?

A chia pet bong is a smoking item made from a Chia pet. You’ve probably had a good time looking after a Chia pet throughout childhood. The only difference in a Chia pet bong is the additional smoking purpose. So, unlike that Mario or tortoise Chia pet, the bong must have crucial parts to enhance smoking. There must be a section for the downstem and the bowl, a base that holds the water, and a funnel to serve as the mouthpiece. Nonetheless, the Chia pet bong’s material and surface resemble any other terracotta figurine.

Why Chia Pet Bong?

The Chia pet is unique, from its origin to the “ch-ch-ch-Chia” popular advert. Interestingly, designers are incorporating depictions of the adored pets in clothing lines. So, having a Chia pet bong is foolproof that your life is not solely focused on smoking but also on nature and art. The Chia represents a symbolic relationship between you and the item. You need the oxygen to survive, while the Chia on your pet needs the carbon dioxide you exhale.

How To Grow a Chia Pet Bong?

Enjoying the full benefits of your Chia pet bong is a process, and you need to adhere to instructions for the Chia to fully cover the bong and look healthy. Don’t fret. Follow the steps below, and your bare C1hia bong will look green within no time.

  1. Completely submerge the terracotta bong into a bucket of water and soak for 24 hours.
  2. Soak Chia seeds for 24 hours. Usually, we use about 60ml of water to soak 5 grams of Chia seeds. Soaking the seeds will help them form a sticky coating which is crucial when sticking to the bong.
  3. Remove the bong from the bucket water and fill it with water.
  4. Evenly spread the Chia seeds over your Chia pet bong grooves using a spatula, knife, or your hands. If the air is dry and the seeds tend to fall off in the very first days, you can cover them with a plastic bag. Ensure that you leave a space between the pet bong and the bag, or the seeds won’t sprout. Also, remove the bag after three days because the seeds will have started to grow by then.
  5. Expose the Chia pet bong to direct sunlight.

How to Maintain the Chia Pet Bong?

In addition to soaking and placing your Chia seeds, you must observe caution during the first days to ensure that you get good results. Any mishandling or dropping of the pet would affect the Chia sprouts’ health and density. Also, it would be best to allow time before you start smoking on the Chia pet bong to avoid intoxicating the seeds. You must take the following steps to help the Chia on your pet bong flourish.

  1. Regularly check the water levels and add when you notice a drop. The refill should be meticulous to avoid direct contact with the seeds, which can easily fall off.
  2. Regularly drain excess water. Stagnant water may be unhealthy for the growing Chia, and within no time, you may start to notice a stench. The situation could exacerbate when you use the Chia pet as a bong. Used bongwater may not be healthy for the growing Chias hence the need to drain and refill with fresh water after a sesh.
  3. Maintain a uniform treatment around the Chia pet bong. You want a bong uniformly covered with Chia sprouts which can only happen if you water evenly and expose all sides to direct sunlight.
  4. Watch out for mold. While the white fuzz is normal when the Chia is sprouting, you should reduce it with a gentle misting daily. The fuzzy appearance should disappear after the first week.
  5. Consider replanting the Chia seeds when the sprouts become overgrown and unruly. The process involves scrubbing off the pet with a brush and washing it. Note that the sprouts may become harder to remove if you wait until they turn brown.

Can I Eat the Chia Sprouts on My Chia Pet Bong?

Chia seeds aren’t just for growing on your bong; they’re also edible. Recent findings have positioned these crunchy seeds as a superfood thanks to their fiber, protein, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids. Sure, you can add your remaining Chia seeds to your next meal or buy a separate meal packet.

However, if you’re thinking of preparing a meal from the seeds on your old Chia pet bong collecting dust on the shelves, that’s a bad idea. Remember, these are not pre-packaged seeds nor thoroughly cleaned like their store counterparts. Besides, we don’t yet have approval from the FDA about eating from our Chi pets.

Chia Pet Bong As a Gift

Chia pets are widely marketed as great gift options, especially for special events and seasons. Grab one for you or your loved ones at an affordable price and enjoy this holiday season in style.