How To Maintain a Mason Jar Bong

Bong’s popularity is spiking as days go by, and perhaps many of your friends have experienced delirium associated with its cool hits. Besides, bongs have been around since ancient times, and it’s now agreeable that smoking through a bong doesn’t bring serious problems like other smoking methods.

Today, you can access evolved bong designs and materials from the comfort of your couch. The primary price determinants are the purpose of the bong, the size, and the material.

One of the recent interesting purchases recorded in high numbers is the mason jar bong. This item stands out among the many options available today. Read on to find out why.

Key Takeaways

  • The mason jar bong derives its name from the popular mason jars.
  • The mason jar has the mouthpiece and the bowl on the lid with the water in the jar.
  • Only hand wash your mason jar, as a dishwasher could break the fragile lime glass used to make it.

What is a Mason Jar Bong?

Today mason jars are not only for strawberry jam anymore! You can make a few adjustments and turn them into a bong. As with other bongs, you can use the mason jar bong with tobacco, dry herbs, or any flower. You’ll also come across percolator mason jar bongs to cool and filter your herbs and give you smooth hits.

However, you can’t use a mason jar bong like a dab rig; the dabs, oils, or wax may affect your smoking experience with a bong. Using only dry herbs on the mason jar bong bowl is always advisable.

Mason Jar Bongs Are Made of Glass

Since most mason jar bongs are made of glass, you need to understand a glass bong better. Glass bongs are the most widely used type of bongs, mainly due to their visual appeal, ease of use, and maintenance. So, you can say the same for a mason jar bong.

Surprisingly, the use of any glass material to make bongs started at the dawn of time, and it has traces to the ancient Chinese dynasties. With advanced glass-blowing technology and readily available glass material like the mason jar, we can easily create a handy bubbler and make the smoking experience more thrilling.

Besides, these jars are wide and long enough to give you the perfect space for an excellent hit. Having a few strong puffs will ease all your worries, and more importantly, the mason jar’s ample space makes it easy to clean regularly.

The mason jar bongs are the best choice when you want a small-size glass bong to carry around. Besides, they come with the most adored material in a bong.

Glass bongs achieve better diffusion, cooling, air flow, filtration, and, of course, a better smoking experience. They have the best performance due to their standardization, evolvability, and malleability.

When it comes to glass bongs, durability is relative. Notably, the soda-lime glass used to make the mason jar is susceptible to shock and heat. So, it would be best if you were extra careful when you handle it to enjoy that sparkle from a clean bong placed on the table for a long time.

Can I Use a Dishwasher to Clean My Mason Jar Bong?

If you have a dishwasher at home, you may think of using it to clean your dirty bong. But you’ll surely be hesitant to carry on, especially if you’ve previously had a big bong rip. When put under the dishwasher’s pressure, your mason jar bong could break into pieces.

Also, you don’t want to spoil your dishwasher if the bong breaks. What about the foul smell from the dirty bong water remaining in the dishwasher? You won’t enjoy any bit of getting rid of the stains and the odor.

You’ve probably seen a “Hand wash only” label on your luxury clothing discouraging you from using a washing machine. Nothing big would happen to your clothes if you insisted on using the washing machine but rest assured, they would wear and tear pretty quickly.

The same is true for your bongs; it’s strongly advisable to hand wash your bong to keep the glass material in pristine condition.

Handwashing Your Bong is Highly Recommended

If you use a standard dishwasher with enough space to accommodate the entire bong, the next concern should be whether the bong will be 100% clean. Sticky terpenes are stubborn to clean, especially if they’ve been there for a while. Besides, it would help if you had more than the typical dishwashing liquid to remove the nasty resin in a dirty bong thoroughly.

Besides, the bong market is growing, bringing plenty of bong-washing solutions. Brands like Formula420 are some excellent cleaning solutions that have proven highly effective and efficient.

These bong cleaning solutions only require popping into the dirty bong, soaking, shaking, and rinsing with warm water. Mixing them with alcohol enhances the cleanup process without leaving any stench.

Instead of relying on a dishwasher to clean your bong, upgrade the cleaning solution to a professionally formulated one, and the cleanup process will be a breeze. Remember to handle some cleaning products carefully and wear gloves to avoid injuries or burns.

Get a Mason Jar Bong Today

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