How Well Can I Pose for the ‘I like a Long Haired Thick Red Bong Lyrics’ Moment?

You’ve probably heard the country version song by Jamie Ray or the quite explicit version by Lil Wayne, but do they really mean the smoking bong? Even if the lyrics clearly indicate that the artists suggest needing a thick long-haired red bone, smokers have rephrased that and replaced the bone with a bong, which seems to serve them right.

Key Takeaways

  • The ‘I Like a Long Haired Thick Red Bong’ Phrase emerged from two popular songs about a thick red bone.
  • Smokers and non-smokers have tweaked the phrase and used it as a statement on social media, smoking paraphernalia, and clothes.
  • The Thick Ass Glass bong and the cactus bong can match the “I like a Long Haired Thick Red Bong” moment.

Origin of the ‘I Like a Long-Haired Thick Red Bong’ Phrase

The ‘I Like a Long Haired Thick Red Bong’ phrase went viral after the Young Money hip hop hit name “Every Girl” was released more than ten years ago. The song features Lil Wayne, who starts with the phrase but goes on to make things pretty uncomfortable, especially for a family audience. However, Jamie Ray’s release about a year ago of a country single named “Magic City Cowboy” made the phrase even more popular.

The two artists use the phrase to express their love for a thick interracial woman with long hair. The lyrics from Jamie Ray explain the experience he had with such a woman in a bar and at home, while Lil Wayne clearly explains what he would do with such a woman. It is no surprise that smokers and bong lovers have taken up the phrase and replaced the word ‘bone’ in ‘red bone’ with the rhyming word ‘bong.’

Where Can I Get a Long-Haired Thick Red Bong?

If you want to make a TikTok video with the phrase “I Like a Long Haired Thick Red Bong,” you need to be holding or smoking from a long-haired, thick, or red bong. Besides, it would be best if you mastered the Long Haired Thick Red Bong lyrics to come out unique and funny. Below are five types of smoking bongs that can match the “I like a Long Haired Thick Red Bong” moment.

  1. The Chia-Pet Bong

A Chia pet bong is a smoking item on which you can grow chia. You’ve probably had a good time looking after a chia pet throughout childhood. The only difference in a chia pet bong is the additional smoking purpose. So, unlike Mario or the tortoise chia pet, the bong must have crucial parts to enhance smoking. It has a section for the bowl, a base, and a funnel to serve as the mouthpiece. Nonetheless, the chia pet bong’s material and surface resemble any other terracotta figurine.

The Chia-pet bong comes with groves where you stick chia seeds and wait for them to sprout within days. The rough sprouts covering the bong make it feel hairy and are a good example when suggesting a hairy bong. So, you don’t necessarily need a bong resembling every description in the I Like a Long Haired Thick Red Bong lyrics practice. Other than perfectly serving the Long-Haired Bong moment, a chia-pet bong is a statement on your consideration of our surroundings.

  1. TAG Bongs

TAG is a brand that manufactures a wide array of smoking accessories, including bongs and rigs. The company’s bongs have solid glass designed to enhance your sesh. The bong’s intricate design and thick glass make them outstanding among other brands.

The name says it all Thick Ass Glass (TAG). So, when you say you Like a Long Haired Thick Red Bong, you can put the TAG glass in the mix and see how you can add the reddish and hairy aspect to it. Using the TAG bongs, emphasize the thickness you prefer, whether in a smoking boing or the red bone.

  1. 18 Inch Bong

18-Inch Bong derives its name from its height. An 18-inch bong is an advanced smoking apparatus that diffuses the smoke with much care. This outstanding device is one of the most sought-after bongs for smoking tobacco and other dry herbs. It also comes with an ice pinch to hold the ice in place as you cool the smoke further.

18 inches is no small fit for a bong, and you can imagine the hits you’d get on a steamy sesh. Such a large size hardly goes unnoticed, especially in public places, and choosing a thick ass would make it a perfect piece for an ‘I Like a Long Haired Thick Red Bong’ moment. In fact, you’re advised to go for thick bongs when you want to go overboard on the size; the higher the center of gravity, the higher the chances of falling off. Luckily thick-ass glass bongs have a sturdy base to keep them glued on the table no matter the amount of bong water.

  1. The Cactus Bong

A cactus bong looks like a real cactus, including the trunk, the arm, and the crown. They utilize the arms and the trunks as bowls and mouthpieces, respectively. However, your bong doesn’t necessarily need the cactus design and shape to be called a cactus bong. Any bong, such as the plain glass beaker bong decorated with a cactus decal, qualifies as a cactus bong. We included the cactus in the best bongs for an ‘I Like a Long Haired Thick Red Bong’ moment because of the crown and the cactus’ thickness.

  1. Iridescent Bong

With the long hair and thickness well-catered for in the bongs discussed above, the only remaining aspect is red for the “red bong” part. Thankfully, we have iridescent bongs with a wide range of color-changing effects. You can go for a reddish illumination on a TAG cactus iridescent bong, add some long hair on the crown, and people will know that you really Like a Long Haired Thick Red Bong.