How The Plasma Bong Brings Technology in Your Smoking Experience

If you’re a bong enthusiast, we have an invention that’ll undoubtedly revolutionize your smoking experience. The plasma bong utilizes plasma technology to create a hit that will leave you yearning for more. Don’t hesitate to check out this type of bong and take your smoking a notch higher.

Key Takeaways

  • The plasma bong utilizes plasma technology to create a hit that will leave you yearning for more.
  • The plasma bong also comes with glass lights illuminating like fireworks when you take a dab.
  • Exceptional plasma bong features include two mouthpieces and USB recharging.

What is a Plasma Bong?

Sure, the plasma bong functions like any other bong, but it has distinctive looks. A person unfamiliar with bongs will think it’s a beautiful science experiment setup.

This design has taken smokers by storm, and many plasma bongs are flocking to the market, incorporating unique designs and decals. This makes it even harder to decide which plasma bong you should carry home and which one to leave.

One of the plasma bongs that you can’t afford to miss is one with a flux plasma water pipe. The bong is fun and a practical option that should appear in your smoking paraphernalia. This guide also takes you through the plasma bongs’ features and maintenance to help you make informed purchases.

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How Does a Plasma Bong Work?

The plasma bong’s functionality is an intriguing process that makes smoking a thrilling affair. Notably, all plasma bongs come with a unique main unit, unlike other bongs. This central unit has two mouthpieces, a bowl, and a water chamber to cause bubbling and filter smoke. This leaves you with only a simple task to smoke your favorite herbs; place your product on top of the water chamber and light it up.

Once the herbs start burning, the smoke will be filtered through the water. Remember that we have a main chamber in the plasma bong dedicated to the plasma process. This chamber has a special plasm, a feature that gives your products a plasma-like magical appeal. Once the smoke gets through all these processes, it heads to the mouthpiece so you can finally enjoy a smooth hit.

Features of a Plasma Bong

Below are some of plasma bongs’ essential features that make them the center of friends’ hangouts or parties.

  1. Portability

Plasma bong’s portability has been a big draw for most smokers. Most plasma bongs in the head shop today can easily fit into your house, case, or bag. This means you can carry them around while traveling or visiting a friend.

Using the plasma bong in public not only elevates the hype but also makes you feel the center of attention as everyone gazes at the captivating lights your bong produces when you take a drag.

The plasma bong’s portability also gives you freedom when using it in public or crowded party venues. If you want to change your spot or pass it to a friend, you won’t have to worry about spilling or slipping from your hand when you move around with the bong.

The USB cable used to charge the plasma bong’s lights does not take up much space, meaning that you carry it with you if you think you’ll need to charge it later.

  1. Glass Lights

The plasma bong’s light show is another way to enjoy your products. Simply turn off the light in your room and watch the lights and bubbling water.

The best part is that the bong also comes with built-in lights that brighten your environment every time you inhale. Essentially, the glass design in the plasma bong makes it look like you’re having fireworks in a bottle whenever you smoke on it. Hence, we recommend this item for a smoke sesh with friends.

  1. Mouthpieces

If you’re still not convinced of the plasma bong’s impressive design, you will be pleased to know that the plasma bong has two mouthpieces. One stands straight aligned to the bong while the other bends at a 45-degree angle.

If the curved mouthpiece becomes your thing, check out the most compatible type from the wide range of mouthpieces available.

Plasma bong’s multiple mouthpieces are a blessing, especially for people uncomfortable sharing mouthpieces for hygiene purposes. You can dedicate one mouthpiece for yourself and allow friends and family to use the other.

Benefits of a Plasma Bong

Now that you know much about plasma bong, we have highlighted features to ensure that it’s the best option for you.

  1. It’s Smoother

The plasma effect in this bong ensures that the smoke does not hit your throat, as with a joint. The smoking experience is less harsh and much smoother to give a fresh and cool effect to your throat and lungs.

  1. It’s Convenient

As a regular smoker, you know all the hassle of rolling joints with specialized rolling papers. This process takes much of your time that you could spend on other productive tasks. Buying a plasma bong prevents all these complications, keeps your inner organs healthier, and makes smoking fun.

  1. The Nostalgic Design

One benefit of acquiring a Plasma bong is its technological feeling. This smoking piece lets you incorporate a technical touch in your smoking.

  1. Exceptional Quality

Another benefit of buying a Plasma bong is that most are made of borosilicate glass, a high-quality glass type with enhanced durability. Remember that all glass objects have limitations, hence the need to handle them carefully.

You can also get Plasma bongs made from metal and silicone. The bongs are customizable, so if you want a beaker bong with technological features, a glass light, or a themed main water pipe body, you’ll find it in Plasma bongs.

  1. Plasma Design

Acquiring a Plasma bong adds beauty and uniqueness to your collectibles. The bongs are not only adored for their functionality, but they become part of your collection pieces.

The aesthetic value that the models bring outweighs the applied technology. A Plasma bong also allows you to add other matching accessories, such as the Plasma-themed stash jar or grinder.