Popular Badass Bong Names You Should Know

Smoking all sorts of products has been our thing since time immemorial. Rolling a joint may be fun, but people are increasingly embracing smoking bongs. Today, we have some rocking badass bong names, which are only a click away.

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Key Takeaways

  • Badass bongs have taken the bong industry by storm and encouraged smokers to switch to bongs.
  • They have proven to provide a soothing, cleaner, and more excellent effect than joints or other smoking methods.
  • Common Badass bong names include percolator bongs, ice bongs, and recyclers.

What Are the Common Badass Bong Names?

Before you look for that badass bong, you really need to know the items in general. Bongs are also called water pipes and offer a great alternative to joint smoking. You only need to be of age to use this fantastic item. Using a bong is an effective method to smoke your herbs while enhancing filtration and cooling.

Bongs have evolved with time, and the market is now flocked with items of different designs and shapes. From a simple bong made of bamboo to modern bongs of more resilient materials, here are some common badass bong names.

A Standard Bong

A standard bong is a simple bong with a base, a neck, and connectors. This type of bong uses the simple bong mechanism of passing the smoke through water in the base to filter any residue or chemicals. Besides, the water helps cool the smoke and give you a smooth hit.

Most standard bongs have no exceptional designs, but you can add any themes and decals to make a statement or establish a personality. They are some of the cheapest, easy-to-handle, and simple bongs you’ll come around when you visit a headshop. A good example of a standard bong is a beaker bong or a vortex gravity bong.

Percolator Bongs

A percolator bong is enhanced to ensure that the smoke you inhale is extremely cool. So, while some bongs only have water for the cooling effect, a percolator bong has an additional feature to cool the smoke further.

So, if you have been smoking your herbs without a percolator bong, you’re really missing out on the smooth hits from the cool smoke.

Moreover, we now have percolator bongs with several percolators in them for those who prefer an ice-cold smoke hit. For instance, a double percolator bong provides dual cooling and filtration. The percolator is one functional and practical option among all the smoking accessories. Besides, you can attach an additional percolator to your percolator smoking bong.

How To Use a Percolator Bong

The entire process of lighting up your products in a percolator bong to cleaning is straightforward. However, it’s worth noting that you can only fill them from the top.

Simply drain water in your percolator bong, and it’ll eventually reach the lower chamber. Most smokers find it a hassle to exceed the water chamber beyond half full, but don’t worry; we have a hack for that too.

Drain the water slowly into the percolator bong to avoid creating high pressure and affecting water levels. Nonetheless, you don’t necessarily have to fill the water chamber. So long as the downstem is wholly submerged in water, you can take your hit comfortably.

The main reason we want a lot of water in the chamber is to have a cooling sensation like no other. Even with the percolators, you still need the water to start the cooling and the much-needed filtration. So, pour the water slowly if you want more water in your percolator bong.

Ice Bongs

As the name suggests, badass ice bongs use ice for a smooth hit. It’s worth noting that the ice complements the cooling by the water in the chamber. Most ice bongs have ice holders above the water chamber for additional filtration and cooling immediately after the smoke leaves the chamber and before it reaches the mouthpiece.


The word recycler in the recycler bong means that the bong recycles the water in the chamber as you smoke to provide the best experience.

Essentially, this type of bong has several chambers, but the common recycler bongs have two. These chambers enhance filtering as the smoke passes through them-not to mention the enhanced cooling effect. So, unlike other bongs you’ll come across in our headshop, the recycler bong has additional layers of filtration, ensuring that no debris reaches the mouthpiece.

Simply put, a recycler bong has two chambers, with the first serving as the reservoir. When you smoke, the water drains into the second chamber and returns to the first one hence the word recycler. Below is a step-by-step overview of the bong’s functionality.

How A Recycler Bong Works

As mentioned above, a recycler bong has two chambers to provide the best smoking experience. These chambers are connected through tiny tubes that act as water passages.

Usually, the bottom chamber is bigger and holds the water to remove any substance that comes with the smoke through the downstem.

  1. The first thing when you want to use a recycler bong is filling it with water.
  2. Place your herbs in the bowl and light it up. Be sure to inhale gently through the mouthpiece to bring the smoke to the water chamber.
  3. It’s in the water chamber where smoke mixes with water and filtration kick-off.

At the same time, the water drains into the second chamber, where the smoke is recycled and refiltered.

This continuous loop of filtering ensures that the smoke you inhale is wholly filtered and easy to inhale.

The three common recycler bongs include the internal, external, and Klein recycler bongs.

Improve on Your Smoking

If you want to transform into using a bong for smoking, you’re in for a thrilling experience. You don’t need to look further, as badass bongs have everything you need.