Small Pink Bongs – Everything You Need to Know

If you’re looking for a small smoking bong, your search ends here. We’ve broken down everything you need to know about mini bongs.

Sometimes, having a big bong deprives you of happiness in all your adventures as the heavyweight may be too much to carry or hold for long. Imagine relaxing at a beach or taking a long hike and missing that perfect smoking vibe just because your bong was too big to carry.

With a small pink bong, you don’t have to leave anything behind due to space constraints. This is one of the reasons small bongs exist, and we’re going to look at other factors like cost, and pros and cons. But let’s first understand what a small bong entail.

Key Takeaways

  • A small bong is any bong not exceeding 10 inches in height.
  • Major advantages of buying a small bong include portability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Small bong price will depend on advanced features, material grade, and size.

What is A Small Pink Bong?

A small pink bong is a smoking device not exceeding 10 inches in height. Like other bongs, a small pink bong uses water to filter and cool the smoke before it hits your throat. While the 10 inches seem to be the widely accepted limit for small bongs, you’ll find people referring to their 18-inches bong as mini, which is purely in contrast to a majority of opinions. We’d set it around 12 inches maximum if we were to exceed the limit.

Away from the height, others use portability to determine whether a bong is small. So, for argument’s sake, we’ll describe a small bong as any bong that can comfortably and discreetly fit into a pocket or purse.

Is a Bubbler a Small Bong?

The dimensions we gave regarding a small bong make it sound like we’re describing a bubbler, right? Well, this depends on how you use the two. A bong has a water chamber and a removable downstem that directs the smoke from the bowl to the water. Contrastingly, a bubbler is smaller than a bong and usually resembles a handheld spoon pipe with a water chamber extension. What makes the bong unique is the removable downstem and a larger water chamber which results in a bigger rip. On the other hand, bubblers’ non-removable downstem/bowl makes them easier to clean than bongs.

Pros and Cons of Small Bongs

The soaring popularity of small pink bongs begs the question-is size a factor? Will I have a better rip in a smaller bong? The answers to these questions all depend on your preferences and purpose.

Obviously, big bongs come with big rips and more filtration and cooling. However, bigger bongs have shortcomings, and we have occasions where a mini bong will be right up your alley.

Small Bong Pros

In addition to the lovely pink color on a small pink bong, there are numerous benefits you can rip when you go for a mini bong.

  1. Concentrated Flavor

When smoking flavored products on a small bong, you’re sure to appreciate the characteristics and flavor fully. On the contrary, big bongs allow a lot of air to compensate for the space, eventually diluting the flavor.

  1. Portability

This is one of the biggest advantages of going small on your bongs. A small bong can fit into your squeezy pockets or purse, meaning you can take them wherever you go. The small sizes also mean that you can easily conceal the item when you’re in a formal meeting or the presence of sweet moppets.

  1. Best For Beginners

Small bongs are highly recommended for smokers who want to test their bong experience. With the small size comes smaller hits suitable for beginners. Big bongs are discouraged as they provide a big and stronger hit which could affect your smoking experience and discourage your interest in bongs.

  1. Great Option for Parties

The small size bong lets you enhance your grip, meaning it’s highly unlikely to drop it when you’re high. Besides, the small item is easy to pass to friends, and the smaller hits delay your friends’ rate of getting high, allowing you more time to enjoy the moment.

  1. Cost Effectiveness

Big bongs are more expensive than small bongs, so going for the latter will give you better value for your money. However, you’ll still come across high-end small bongs retailing at higher prices than some big bongs.

Small Bongs Cons

While smokers have praised small bongs for their numerous benefits, some aspects will not be as top-notch as in big bongs.

  1. Small Rips

The small pink bong’s size deprives you of the huge smoke you’d get in giant bongs. This could be disappointing, especially for veteran bong users used to strong hits and heavy smoking items.

  1. Cooling and Filtration

The small bong has no room for additional filtration parts like percolators or ice catchers. Besides, the available water chamber is so small that you may not get the ultimate filtration and cooling as you would in a bigger bong.

How much Does a Small Bong Cost?

One of the main determinants of bong prices is the material. Most readily available small bongs come in borosilicate glass or acrylic. Small borosilicate glass bongs’ prices range between $35 and $200. However, if you want a limited edition or a glass art bong, you can spend from $350 to $700. Nonetheless, a simple acrylic item that fits your pocket can cost as little as $6. In other words, a bong’s price will depend on advanced features, material grade, and size.

Small Bongs Are Worth it

Small bongs are ideal for travel, decorations, and parties. Even if you already own a giant bong, you may need to buy a small bong for a more convenient smoking experience. Just consider the factors we’ve addressed here, and you’ll find something fit for you.