Try out the octopus bong if you’re looking for an exciting way to smoke your favorite herbs. This device is made of different materials, but glass and silicone dominate the market. Having an octopus depiction when taking your hits is a perfect conversation starter and a big draw in public places. This article sheds light on everything surrounding this type of bong, including how to get one asap.


Key Takeaways

  • An octopus bong can be a beaker bong, a 12 feet mason jar bong filled with an octopus decal, or a gigantic glass bong designed to look like a furious octopus.
  • Choose your best octopus bong online, guided by your budget, accessory availability, and material.
  • The exceptional quality of octopus bongs makes them the perfect smoking item for travel or a gift.

What is An Octopus Bong?

An octopus bong can be a beaker bong, a 12 feet mason jar bong filled with an octopus decal, or a gigantic glass bong designed to look like a furious octopus. This means you can have any material for the octopus bong, depending on your preference. Manufacturers are introducing unique octopus bongs with lights to emulate the popular glowing sucker octopus.

Typically, an octopus bong has a bowl where you put your smoking concentrates, a base to act as the water chamber, and a downstem that submerges in the water.

So, you must first fill the base with water if you want to use the octopus bong. Then place your dry herbs in the bowl and light it up. Start inhaling as you gradually release the carb, and the water will start to bubble, indicating that the smoke is undergoing filtration and cooling.

Continue to inhale until the water chamber becomes smokey. You will surely get a smooth and cool hit while making a unique personal statement about your love for octopuses. After the sesh, remember to remove the bowl piece and clean the bong to avoid resin buildup.

Benefits of an Octopus Bong

An octopus bong has many benefits, but we’ve highlighted a few that’ll persuade you to acquire one asap.

The Fun

Fun is inevitable, from octopus bong variants with sturdy silicone pieces to those with high-quality glass bong material.

Besides the prestige, an octopus bong adds spice to your smoking experience. Embrace the fun of an octopus-themed bong by packing your room with matching accessories.

Best For Gifts

If you have like-minded fantasy nerds as your peers, consider introducing the octopus bong. Whether you’re planning to do a birthday, a wedding, a party, or any other event, you have the quirky, ideal, yet valuable gift for them. No accessories, necklaces, and wrapped gifts will ever be cool as this.


One benefit of buying an octopus bong is that most are made of borosilicate glass, a high-quality glass type with enhanced durability. Remember that all glass objects have limitations, hence the need to handle them carefully.

While glass has been the undisputed king in bongs, modern bongs come in different materials than glass. You’ve likely come across bongs made from bamboo, metal, or even acrylic. But what about silicone?

In addition to resilience, silicone is adored for its ability to form into just any shape. This is a very crucial aspect when making bongs. Besides, having the octopus bong made with medical-grade silicone means your smoking experience won’t have any nasty flavors. Silicone octopus bongs are also easy to handle and clean.

Considerations When Buying an Octopus Bong Online

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro bong user, there’s a taste for you. Of course, this depends on several factors, like the frequency of use and your budget. Nonetheless, the best octopus bong for you is one that provides more satisfaction and a better experience in your smoking experience.

Your Budget

The design, material, and size determine the price of a bong. The most expensive octopus bongs are made of ceramic. However, other bongs may cost more, especially if you buy them from professional artists. Bong prices range from $5 to $300, so you can buy one and add octopus themes to it. Feel free to buy a plastic bong if you’re on a tight budget.

The Bong’s Material

Bongs come in different materials, like plastic, metal, or glass. All these materials differ in price range and, of course, durability. For instance, a ceramic octopus bong would give you a luxurious experience, but it’s pretty pricey.

Similarly, there’re materials likely to affect the taste of your smoke. A plastic bong, for example, would produce an odor when used extensively, thus exposing your lungs to toxic chemicals-not to mention the discomfort such an emission would cause in your surroundings. The safest choice for an octopus bong material is glass, especially borosilicate glass.

The Brand

It’s always advisable to buy octopus bongs from popular brands as they have better chances of being legitimate and safe. No well-known bong manufacturer would like to tarnish its reputation by making faulty bongs or not listening to customers’ concerns.

Variety in Bongs and Accessories

Buy your octopus bong from a brand that also offers a wide variety of other bubblers for sale. A company with more products associated with octopus dab rigs is probably well-established and trustworthy. Usually, these top brands have specific types of designs you may lack in other outlets.


Check what other customers say about the octopus bong or the manufacturer. The reviews serve as the most reliable source of information regarding online bong purchases.

Smoking With an Octopus Bong

An octopus bong is a great way to enjoy your favorite herb. Visit our online shop and choose your preferred color, shape, and design at affordable prices. Be sure to choose either borosilicate glass or silicone material to ensure that you remain with your octopus bong for a long time.