If you’re a Star Wars fan, who likes to party, check out the list of bongs highlighted below. The cute Star Wars themes and resilient materials make the bongs the fun and talk of any party. This smoking bong features a wide array of adorable, powerful, and wise Star Wars characters.


Key Takeaways

  • A Star Wars bong covers different characters and themes in any Star Wars series, from Pokemon to Hello Kitty.
  • Star Wars bongs include the Pokemon, Hemper Snail XL Bong, and the Yoda bong.
  • Buy Star Wars bongs and any other bong at com online shop.

What is a Star Wars Bong?

A Star Wars bong covers different characters and themes in any Star Wars series, from Pokemon to Hello Kitty. However, you don’t have to break the bank to acquire a top-design Star Wars bong. Instead, you can stick a few Star Wars themes on your pocket-friendly beaker bong, and you’ll qualify for this alien-world smoking experience.

Examples of Star Wars Bongs

The number of available Star Wars bongs online is endless, and we’ve highlighted a few that will surely blow your mind.

The Yoda Bong

Art and luxury are part of the smoking culture, and the bongs have been at the forefront of artistic expression. From Stash Jars to the Boba Fett Helmet Bong, the bong industry seeks to make every popular Star Wars character feel represented.

Therefore, the Yoga bong is named after the Jedi Order’s enigmatic leader, popular in the entire Star Wars universe. The character first appeared as a knowledgeable teacher with a unique understanding of the Force. “The Empire Strikes Back” described Yoda as the most powerful master and the top of the Jedi Order. All these descriptions appear ironic, given that Yoda looks old and frail.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, smoking accessories such as the Yoda bong will make you emulate the Yoda taking a bong. No matter how old the franchise gets, new films bring a new generation that expands the backstory keeping fans thrilled and anticipating a new chapter of the Jedi Order. Grab the Yoda bong and watch your favorite Jedi series again. You’ll see Yoda’s humor and power differently when smoking.

Rick and Morty Bong

A Rick and Morty Bong is any bong featuring the series’ theme. This includes that simple beaker bong with Summer Smith decals and the massive glass bongs with carvings resembling Rick’s head.

Sure, we have Rick and Morty bongs shaped exactly like the characters, but a bong doesn’t necessarily need a Rick and Morty design to be considered a Rick and Morty bong. You can buy a plain bong, stick a few Rick and Morty themes and images, and you’ll be smoking the Rick and Morty way.

Hemper Snail XL Bong

Do you remember Gary, the sarcastic snail who lives under the sea? Well, there’s a bong dedicated to it. The cute snail XL bong is inspired by this pet, Gary, who lives in the pineapple house and is SpongeBob’s close friend.

The snail XL bong comes with a very thoughtful and innovative design. Its water bong is colored green, while the mouthpiece and neck are designed as two pipes with red eyeballs to represent the stalks. The bong’s water chamber represents the shell, completing the popular pet snail depiction.

Standard hemper snail XL bongs are 6 inches wide and 6 inches wide. They also have a large showerhead percolator to ensure you get the smoothest and most relaxed hit. Currently, you can take home a Gary bong at around $130.

Pokemon Bong

If you’re familiar with the Pokemon world, imagine bringing the colorful and cute monsters’ thrill into your smoking experience. Combine this with a bong’s artistic and straightforward concept and get a Pokemon bong.

The Pokemon bong is nothing more than your run-of-the-mill smoking device but themed with this popular franchise. The actual design of your Pokemon bong can differ, depending on your preference.

Having a Pokemon bong is itself a benefit. Honestly, being able to show a Pokemon bong is jaw-dropping. Most of us have grown with the franchise, and the first thing we think of when we hear the word “grass” is emerging Pokemon; of course, smoking follows closely.

Hello Kitty Bong?

Hello Kitty is one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in the world. She’s a pop culture icon like Super Mario and Mickey Mouse. The character emerged from Japan in the 70s and debuted on a coin purse for young girls. It was until the character landed in the U.S that she became stratospherically popular.

Hello Kitty’s uniqueness and perceived humility have made her ubiquitous. She emerged as a pre-adolescent girl but has now become an adult, as portrayed across a range of high-end goods. Today, you can find Hello Kitty’s face in thousands of products worldwide, including bongs and wines.

While countless factors are credited to Hello Kitty’s enduring appeal, simplicity beats them all, starting from the design; her oversized head and clean lines make her easily recognizable. Most importantly, Hello Kitty has no mouth, so she can’t speak unless from the heart.

Now that Hello Kitty doesn’t use language to communicate, it becomes easier to identify with her no matter your background. It also allows you to project your feelings onto her; whether sad or happy, it’s up to you. This personalization is the reason you’ll find Hello Kitty bongs.

While we have Hello Kitty bongs shaped exactly like the character, a bong doesn’t necessarily need a Hello Kitty design to be considered a Hello Kitty bong. You can buy a plain bong, stick a few Hello Kitty themes and images, and you’ll be smoking the Hello Kitty way.

Where Can I Buy Star Wars Bongs?

Search for your favorite Star Wars bong online and buy your preferred material and size. It’s worth noting that you need to be of legal age to receive your item asap. The vortexgravitybong.com site offers a wide range of Star Wars and other bongs at affordable rates.