The Butterfly Bong Will Give You Butterflies

The butterfly is one of the perfect symbols to resonate with the feeling you get when smoking from a bong. The smooth and cool hits give you a gradual high, just like the butterfly moves from one twig to another. Depending on the concentrate you’ve placed on your bowl, the after-effect makes the environment look more attractive, and you suddenly have some enthusiasm building within.

The experience from a modern bong is hard to describe in one sentence, but you can put it all in an image on your bong. For this reason, glass blowers have come up with different bong designs with a butterfly decal to clarify your statement among peers and family members. Before you despise the impact of a butterfly on your smoking bong, review the symbolism discussed below. But first, let’s understand what makes a butterfly bong.

Key Takeaways

  • A butterfly bong is a smoking item depicting a butterfly image, PNG, or colors on the surface.
  • For most people, butterflies symbolize tranquility and convey spiritual or divine messages.
  • Best butterfly bong examples include the Butterfly 9mm Beaker Bong and Chameleon Glass Europa Series Fumed Butterfly Bong.

What is A Butterfly Bong?

As the name suggests, a butterfly bong is a smoking item depicting a butterfly image, PNG, or colors on the surface. It’s worth noting that glass blowers have found a way to incorporate the shape of a butterfly on glass bongs so you can easily spot one by looking at it. However, perfectly incorporating the sophisticated chemistry of a butterfly on a glass bong may be complex, and bong manufacturers have only used the design as attachments on the side or downstem and bowls.

A bong doesn’t necessarily have to depict an identical butterfly shape to make it a butterfly bong. Instead, the bong may only have some iconic colors associated with the butterfly to make it a butterfly bong. Similarly, bong manufacturers have resorted to attaching a few butterfly drawings around bongs to make them butterfly bongs. So, as you can see, any bong with an aspect related to the butterfly qualifies as a butterfly bong. Therefore, you don’t have to replace your plain glass bong with a top-end butterfly bong just because it lacks the butterfly theme. Instead, you can download a few butterfly drawings and attach them to your bong, which automatically converts into a butterfly bong.

What Does a Butterfly Bong Symbolize?

Butterflies are adored by everyone from toddlers to experienced adult smokers alike. These powerful little creatures are considered a crucial aesthetic of mother nature, and spotting one hovering in your compound can be heartwarming.

For most people, butterflies symbolize tranquility and convey spiritual or divine messages. For instance, the Japanese believe that butterflies represent the souls of our deceased relatives and friends, and spotting one could be interpreted as an ancestor or deceased member checking on them. The Chinese also perceive the butterfly as a sign of longevity, and attaching it to their lifestyle gives them hope that good times will last and their life is secure.

Back home, the butterfly is equally revered, but everyone seems to have their interpretation. Generally, butterflies are thought to represent massive transformation, hope, comfort, and positivity in a person’s life. Whatever you want to symbolize by smoking from a butterfly bong, you can tell anyone who asks that its presence makes you feel joyous and special.

What is The Best Butterfly Bong Material?

It’s a lot of fun to purchase a new bong, as you can customize your experience anyhow. But the best starting point is to select the suitable material for your butterfly bong. Most smokers prefer glass butterfly bongs for their appeal and hygiene level. Unlike plastic and silicone, glass is 100% nonporous and will produce 100% of your favorite herb flavor. Besides, the material delivers colder hits as it can keep the water cooler for long. On the other hand, silicon butterfly bongs are more durable and cheaper and can withhold extreme temperatures just like glass. The best thing about silicone is its durability and foldability.

Best Butterfly Bong Examples

While we can’t exhaust all the best butterfly examples in this guide, we’ll look at what you’re likely to relate with and available online or at your nearest headshop. We’ve made all the necessary considerations for a durable and sturdy bong to give you the smoothest and coolest hits.

  1. Butterfly 9mm Beaker Bong

If you wish to smoke from a bong that resembles a vintage apron, the butterfly as hell 9mm beaker bong is for you. With 9mm thickness and over 6 inches of roof for ice and percolators, you’re sure that every hit you take from this masterpiece will be smooth and cool. In addition to the beautiful butterfly decoration all over the beaker bong, this water pipe is made of resilient borosilicate glass. It also comes with a few accessories to enhance your sesh.

  1. Chameleon Glass Europa Series Fumed Butterfly Bong

This bong derives its chameleon name from the color-changing effect when you look at it at different angles or light intervals. It has a sturdy bubble base and a silver-fumed neck to enhance the iridescence. The butterfly sculpture between the neck and the bottom clarifies your statement, complimented by the dichro marble in the middle. The mouthpiece tip also has a flowery or pollen-like decal to attract the butterfly beneath or chase the smoke upwards.

  1. Rainbow Foil Frosted Glass Bong

The 9-inch-tall masterpiece combines elegance with pleasant smoke filtration. Every part of the Rainbow Foil Frosted Glass Bong, including the downstem, features frosted glass with flowers and a butterfly design. The colorful rainbow foil gives this bong a sweet aura that doubles up as a rainbow bong.

Look Beautiful When Smoking

Any item depicting butterflies is associated with prosperity, beauty, divinity, etc. For that reason, a butterfly bong would be the perfect match if you want to make a positive statement to your friends or family. What about gifting such a masterpiece on special occasions or placing the stunning glass piece among your collectibles?