If You Haven’t Tried the Swiss Perc Bong, You’re Missing a Lot in Your Sesh

The Swiss perc bong gets its name from its cheese-like look. The numerous holes dividing the water chamber into a super filter deliver the smoothest hits. The perc is one of the most adored smoking collectibles for concentrate and flower smokers.

Essentially, the numerous holes in a Swiss perc bong act as a barrier forcing the water and smoke to circle the water chamber. The entire process is thrilling to watch, not to mention the extreme cooling felt at the mouthpiece. Moreover, you can add percolators if you want an even silky-smooth smoking sesh.

Key Takeaways

  • The Swiss Bong was a Nate Dizzle’s invention characterized by a compressed water chamber through which the water-smoke mixture circulates.
  • The water chamber’s functionality as a percolator makes the Swiss perc bong different from other percolator bongs.
  • Popular Swiss perc bongs include the Swiss Tony Perc Glass Bong and Swiss Perc Ash Catcher.

Swiss Perc Bong Invention

When the popular glassblower Nate Dizzle did his magic in the early aughts, smokers ditched their run-on-the-mill bongs for the Swiss perc bong. Nate sought to develop a percolator with enhanced appeal and flavor when smoking. He started with a compressed water chamber divided through a few holes through which the water-smoke mixture would circulate. The compression and subsequent high-paced circulation resulted in a low-drag smoke cooler than in regular bongs but looked spectacular.

Other glass blowers have joined Nate in creating this fantastic smoking item. Unlike other bongs and percolators, the Swiss perc glass-blowing process involves various lampworking methods. Blowers start with cutting through a powerful laser or high-powered saw to make two glass plates. They then join them and use a torch to melt holes through the conjoined plates and divide the water chamber into sections. At first, the percs may appear fragile, but the thick glass in this process comes with solid welds.

The Best Water Level for a Swiss Perc Bong

The water level is crucial if you want to get the best from your Swiss perc bong. Remember, these bongs are percolators converted into tubes, so you need a good water level for the best functionality.

If you’re a beginner smoker or bong user, start filling the Swiss perc bong to about a third of the water chamber. Suck through the mouthpiece to test whether the water reaches all corners of the chamber. Also, check whether there’s any sign of getting a splashback.

If everything’s checked, your water level is superb! However, if you notice that the water is not getting in all the Swiss perc bong holes, you may need to add more and test again. Be sure to reduce the level if you get a splashback.

The water-level-determination process is tedious, but you must work hard to get the best hit. The time you take to find the correct water level allows for the proper functionality for which the item is intended.

How Does the Swiss Perc Bong Function?

Swiss perc bong’s biggest draw is the exceptional filtration. A smoothly filtered smoke gives you a low drag, requiring little lung output to clear. Unlike percolator bongs with perc fixed into the pipe, the Swiss perc bong has percs built into the water chamber. Therefore, they deliver a massive chug like no other bong of the same size. It also allows additional percolators on the mouthpiece when you want to break the bubbles even further. Every percolator combination you incorporate in the Swiss perc bong will create a different smoking experience.

Usually, the smoking experience depends on the number and position of your percs. So, you can alter the smoke intensity and temperature by a few perc or water adjustments.

How Do I Clean the Swiss Perc Bong?

Cleaning such a fragile and adored piece is not something to take lightly. It would help if you regularly washed your smoking paraphernalia to avoid foul smells, fungi, and bacteria. Besides, everyone wants a glass-made bong looking pristine whenever they take a drag. Failure to regularly wash your Swiss perc bong means you’ll need to use strong cleaning chemicals and shake it aggressively the next time you wash it. Most smokers fill the bongs with cleaners and let them soak overnight.

Once you let the soaker stay for some hours, drain it on the sink and rinse the bong with hot water. Also check for any spots or sticky dirt after the cleanup process.

Popular Examples of Swiss Perc Bongs

If you want to upgrade to the finest Swiss perc bongs currently taking the market by storm, we have five options that you can easily find online or at your nearest headshop.

  1. Swiss Tony Perc Glass Bong

This perc bong made by Chongz is a super-sized bong standing around 45cms tall and decorated with a percolator maze. The item also comes with an 18 mm joint size and a 14mm bowl, not to mention additional ice catchers for those seeking a more intense hit.

  1. Swiss Pyramid Water Pipe

This water pipe has two percolators to make your smoking sesh more fun. In addition to the Swiss percolator, there’s a showerhead perc made of borosilicate glass for top-notch filtration and diffusion.

  1. Pulsar Swiss Perc Ash Catcher

Pulsar’s unique bong has a water chamber beside the mouthpiece. This means that the filtered and cooled smoke connects with the mouthpiece at a right angle which is perfect for straight tube pipes.

  1. Swiss Opal Perc Rig

Pulsar also has this 10-inch Swiss perc bong designed in its arsenal to provide massive blasts of smoke. Its accent colors stand out nicely against the pristine boro glass.

  1. “The Swiss Bottle” Fab Egg Style Baby Bottle Rig

If you’re a smoker concerned with form and function, this baby bottle will leave you in tears for its milky and heavy rips. The polished joints make it easy to clean the item, while the two-part egg style makes it perfect for display or a party.